Angry, bitter and ugly consequences for us all


No one has directly suggested Newco should have had a penalty when the ball struck Alistair Johnston’s hand moments before halftime on Saturday.  Abdallah Sima was offside, the attacking move effectively ended when he tried to win possession.  This fact is being overlooked by the losing club and instead, it is being implied they were denied a penalty by a malicious actor.  Many news outlets have also reported Newco were (rightly or wrongly) denied a penalty, a tad inflammatory, but worse has happened.

What’s more, during the halftime interval, the BBC had received enough information to report “Regardless [of the offside], the officials apparently deemed the movement of [Johnston’s] hand to be natural.”  So we knew then the VAR did not deem the incident sufficient to merit examination of the earlier offside decision.

You are free to dispute the handball incident, just as the decision by the same VAR when Connor Goldson put two hands to a Carl Starfelt shot when the same teams met a year earlier.  We are football fans, we disagree and dispute decisions.  But, there is a line even fans do not cross.

For full disclosure, here is my take on the Goldson/Starfelt incident a year ago, I thought Celtic should have had a penalty, and called for consistency from SFA officials (SFA Head of Refereeing, Crawford Allan) who chose to comment when he believed Celtic were advantaged by a decision, not the other way around.

Yesterday, Newco directors James Bisgrove and Craig Robertson met Crawford Allan and afterwards issued an incendiary statement claiming, “From the meeting, there was an overriding consensus the VAR decision of no handball was incorrect.”  This implies Allan told them he believed the VAR got the decision wrong.

It’s been reported they have requested that the VAR in question, Willie Collum, does not officiate at any of their games in future.  This comes two years after the same club went after referee Kevin Clancy, for red carding Ryan Kent at Pittodrie.  Two Newco ‘fans’ were subsequently charged in connection with threats made to Clancy.

The SFA have yet to issue a statement but let media outlets know they dispute Newco’s version of events.  Crawford Allan looks increasingly out his depth.  Carelessly shooting the breeze about a decision can be weaponised by nefarious actors.  If there is a good explanation, we must hear it, if not, he should consider his position.

No one lied to their manager.  No one changed a match report after it became clear a conspiracy would not hold.  This was a simple handball dispute for a move that was confirmed as offside.

I wish I could tell you the widespread reaction to an offside incident was a smokescreen to cover up for a defeat, or a lack of funds to spend appropriately this month, or an attempt to build some siege mentality at a club which is living on the edge.  It’s not.  Collum and Clancy have ethnic heritage in common, a triggering matter to some.

What will happen next?  RC referees will experience increased pressure at Newco games.  They know they will make mistakes, they know that if they officiate Newco they will make mistakes against that club.  And they know what will follow.

I don’t think this behaviour works for clubs.  Referees can also adopt a siege mentality, wagons will circle.  The Halo Effect of not conceding a penalty kick for 75 games disappeared with their initial reaction to Saturday’s defeat.  Human nature is almost impossible to calculate.

Once you permit outrage at a perceived injustice, it is very difficult to deescalate.  The perception of being an angry, bitter and ugly outfit is difficult to shift.  Anger released endorphins can be addictive.  Sensible people find it impossible to work in these environments, the organisation decays.  So it’s not all bad.

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  1. The Battered Bunnet on

    The SFA need to be very careful in all of this because the ‘heritage’ Paul refers to is a protected characteristic at law, as Crawford Allan’s predecessor found out.

  2. Soddin new article just as I pressed the button to post so I’m copying it over, so there!





    LUCKY CODY on 4TH JANUARY 2024 11:03 AM






    FRITZSONG on 4TH JANUARY 2024 11:54 AM




    Two excellent posts, restoring my faith in CQN






    LUCKY CODE – they’re def at it, and doing a good job with their siege mentality agenda to deflect from their plodders on the field and skint, clueless board.




    FRITZSONG – Can’t understand why no one has called out Netanyahu for withdrawing troops and leaving the border vulnerable especially after the warnings he had.



    Clearly deliberately done (in my view) to give the excuse for their right wing cabal to plough in.




  3. The ‘heritage’ of these 2 (3? Walsh) referees come from doesn’t make one iota of a difference to how badly they perform. Is there is a single Celtic supporter out there when they hear that any of these 3 are lined up to officiate our next match thinks, ‘great one of our own, we’ll get a few favours here’? That is a question we can all answer the standard of refereeing in Scotland is appalling and is made worse by either they are ‘Huns with whistles’ which a lot of them are and if from a certain ‘heritage’ know their place, which is at all costs do not stand out by making a decision against the Tribute Act, even if it is the correct one. I’d imagine a decision like Saturday’s although correct won’t go against Anger FC again this season.

  4. What will happen next? RC referees will experience increased pressure at Newco games. They know they will make mistakes, they know that if they officiate Newco they will make mistakes against that club. And they know what will follow…




    and the pattern of assistance towards Sevco will continue with gusto. Meanwhile we say nothing (in public anyway). We will lose points, trophies and share price due to this. Why doesn’t Peter finally do something to ingratiate himself to the Celtic support?

  5. Have the refereeing ‘fraternity ‘ called for a strike in support of Willie Collum yet?

  6. Guys not disputing the GB and the bhoys get up to a lot of s#%t.



    Only asking if a group of celtic supporters have ever been banned by our board?



    A question that no one can seem to answer.



    D. :)

  7. DAVID66 on 4TH JANUARY 2024 12:41 PM


    “Only asking if a group of celtic supporters have ever been banned by our board?


    A question that no one can seem to answer.”



    With respect, I did answer then you have changed the question?



    Also, whilst you are starting from a false narrative “no celtic board should ever ban celtic fans. Especially for showing concerns for fellow human beings.” then others may prefer not to engage at all.




  8. Note to board …Aquire some testicular fortitude and stand up to the schoolyard bullies …they are not the people !…You have all the EVIDENCE of pattern of assistance and now they are attempting to cherrypic officials !…FFS do something …as a minimum insist on professional officials…and involve other clubs …they will thank you for the opportunity…remember Evil prospers when good men ( no laughing at back of room ) do NOTHING 🤔🍀

  9. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    This is why I despise them and their culture. They don’t try to win by playing fair. They deny reality, twist the truth, lie, cheat, bully and intimidate. They think rules are for mugs, for the little people. They represent those ‘values’ I most despise in this world, on the same spectrum as authoritarianism.



    Ultimately they will destroy themselves (again) if Celtic stays strong. Because their cognitive dissonance can’t survive the reality – as we’re seeing this week.



    They are an evil force in our society.

  10. Their whole organisation …top to bottom is the very definition of the word NEFARIOUS 🤔

  11. See Shankland is now stating he wants to run his contract down …Aye right …clearly they don’t have the cash presently and want him for 500k in the summer…not that Hearts/Rangers have ever done that before ( Soutar mark 2 ) 🤔🤣..FORGET him Celts ..

  12. Latchfordsbelly 12.50



    I find myself agreeing with you again.






    I think this time they will damage themselves but their board are weak and pandering to the masses and to a manager who seems to fit them to a tee.

  13. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    It will get worse.



    If they are unable to appease their klanbase on the pitch with results they need to deflect and intimidate lest their klanbase turns on them.



    It’s a matter of self preservation for their manager and board.



    I wonder what the didi teams are thinking. This is a perfect opportunity to outsource refereeing and VAR to non-Scots.

  14. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I think Paul makes a good point re. the response of the referees. Was the penalty award against them on Tuesday just a coincidence?



    Most of us will have heard the saying “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”.



    The huns are doing precisely that.

  15. Excellent stuff today Mr Paul67



    There’s certainly some playing to the gallery going on in newcos official reaction, but the way the officials of the club are conducting themselves is beyond amateur (while also being very amateur)



    Serious people, reflecting on the facts, would have reached the opening of office hours and concluded they were on a hiding to nothing.



    It’s indicative of the unionist/loyalist sub culture they draw much support from. Looking for and fighting with pretend enemies. Unfortunately individuals get caught up in it while the windmills being tilted at remain entirely unaffected. Because they are actually windmills and not the enemies forged in fevered imaginations of those whose glory days and supremacy have long faded.



    Schadenfreude to be had but its kinda pathetic too.

  16. It is likely that The Darnel will win their games in hand .


    We will be left with a perilous 2 point lead .


    They have collected more points against the other SPFL teams,this season ,than we have .



    With 2 derbies in the league to play .


    The need to win at Ayebrokes and draw at Paradise.



    They have brought in a striker that cost an EPL club £35m.


    They are paying all of his considerable wages .


    Their board is backing their manager .


    The loanee may flop ,he maybe a roaring success against SPFL defences.


    But they will do all they can to beat us to the circa £55m guaranteed riches of next seasons CL.


    That includes pressure ganging Scottish referees ,even more.



    When the difficult decisions were needed to be made.


    The Darnel board made them .


    Sacking The Mole and replacing him with a more experienced manager was the correct decision .


    Think back to the obfuscation that we suffered from when Lenny eventually imploded.



    Celtic must not be complacent .



    This league championship is being very tightly fought .



    We need to strengthen in key areas .


    Power and experience are required .



    Men for a man’s job .



    Our board and management team must not lack ambition or focus .



    Bill Struth made sure in his Oldco era that “ Cometh the hour,cometh the man .”



    We must be “Ready”.



    Sun Tzu said ,”Know the enemy and know yourself in a hundred battles,,and you will never be in peril .”



    It is time for our leaders to make the right decisions.



    Getting player recruitment right in this window is vital .




  17. MARSPAPA and AN TEARMAN, thanks for your replies to my wee request for some information.



    MARSPAPA, Mrs Emeraldbee fairly chuckled at your suggestion, especially as we live about 10 minutes walk from Hairmyers Hospital.😊



    AN TEARMAN, Our Lady of Lourdes is our local so might have a wee word this weekend.



    Thanks again bhoys.



    Ave Ave

  18. on the celtic penalty claim involving Turnbull what was the result of the VAR APP phase of play. Why don’t the SFA release that still as it would show it was onside ?



    The reality is Celtic had an onside penalty claim turned down, whilst their penalty claim was offside, yet they are going tonto. Seriously deranged people running that club. Media equally responsible for any unsavoury outcome including BBC Scotlands Kenny McIntyre for his innuendo about sacking Collum.



    SFA from the SFA shows them to be cowards or accomplices—- possibly both.




    Glad you took it in good spirit.


    50 years is some landmark, well done the both of you….



    A piece of useless info, I worked at the hairmyres station and the new flats (at that time) 2003/4.



    A company called Keane construction…..



    Big Tim’s, great to work for….



    Anyhoo, take care 🤗

  20. We have two scotsman in boardrooms of the ECA and the EL and they’re trusted to act in the best interests of their clubs…….



    And here we have a club whom habitaully lies, cheats and very little or no sanctions brought against them….. Am I missing something.

  21. Acoiple of previous instances…. of which there were many




    2008 Walter (NoSurname) fumed about an offside flag ruling out a goal , in one of their games at Fir Park


    In the BBC Radio interview he referred to the linesman as having an “Irish surname”.






    Later at the press conference


    ‘When we did get the ball in the net, it was a poor decision by the linesman.



    ‘I think it has been shown quite clearly that Boyd was onside.



    ‘Mr Murphy was quick enough to allow a Scott McDonald goal against us at Celtic Park last season and he was quick enough to disallow this one.



    The SFA had to act on that one… but it was Rangers so they didnt wantvto go too far.


    I think it was resolved by Smith writing a letter of apology to Tom Murphy.!!!


    ( apologise to your sister or you’re not getting an ice cream)

  22. Bring in referees and var from Scandinavia, that will solve this problem, they can’t be any more expensive than Beaton and Co. Then watch as sevco drop points on a weekly basis.


    Collum is the fall guy, carry on chaps

  23. Great article Paul


    On clout and seniority in Scottish football, from the bottom up is as follows..


    The fans


    The players












    Rainjurz , who everyone is afraid of. School bully no-one will challenge







  24. If this mean Crawford Allan resigning then that’s fine for me.



    Personally I don’t think anyone will be for backing down in the SFA.



    It is a ridiculous pantomime.

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