Appetite, Callum, Gerrard sounding like Gloria Gaynor


Ahead of the Scottish Cup quarter-final against Hibs we discussed our exit at the same stage in 2014 and how that despite the procession towards the league title, it hollowed out the remainder of the season.  Match day lost its edge and even a record 29-point winning margin could not compensate.

With a secure-looking 8-point lead in the league, the champions have a Scottish Cup semi-final to look forward to.  Only a point separates Aberdeen and Kilmarnock, while Hearts are just three adrift of Killie.  It is Newco who look abandoned, out of the Cup and with an 8-point gap above and below them.

You know a manager is struggling when he beings to sound like Gloria Gaynor, “I will improve”, was what Steven Gerrard told reporters after facing up to the prospect of a season which promises no more than a second place finish.   Of course he will improve, it is hardly credible to suggest his managerial knowledge and experience will diminish from this point.

Maybe he will get £20m to spend in the summer and be able to beat Aberdeen comfortably in the cups.

Celtic visit Dundee on Sunday, a team with more motivation than any side from Glasgow.  They are in the play-off spot, one point above automatic relegation and three from catching Hamilton and safety.  Celtic are vastly better than Dundee in every department, but we will have to match them in appetite or suffer the consequences.

Neil Lennon suggested Callum McGregor may feature on Sunday.  Our creative resources have been severely depleted with the absence of Callum, Ryan Christie and Tom Rogic.  The latter two may be back for the semi-final, but we will need Callum fit and ready for games before then.


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  1. Good evening Bhoys from Puerto Del Carmen any other CQN’RS here fir Paddy’s Day ? HH ! ☘🍀

  2. Having been in Rome I can confirm that it wasn’t built in a day. In fact, the Colosseum isny even finished yet!



    BTW overheard on the Big Red Bus tour of Rome as it pulled up at the next port of call.



    Elderly US wife to her husband:


    Wow, look at that! What building is that dear?


    Elderly US husband:


    I believe that is the Rome Town Hall.



    As the tannoy announces….welcome to The Vatican!

  3. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    priced for a day though, reputable consultants and contractors can make a meal of a days work

  4. Hi patk road


    Is the Celtic pub still there in the old town I tho it was called the halfpenny bridge or something like that

  5. Tobago Street on

    OGLACH on 15TH MARCH 2019 8:29 PM


    An Australian call to pray







    I listened to the whole thing.


    Some of the glottal stops and nasal intonations made me think of a solo bagpiper.


    And the gorgeous scenery didn’t hurt.



    ( it’s our differences that bind us )




  6. SFtBs @ 3:14 PM,



    Well if you can’t see the Board Aficionados on CQN… perhaps your not seeing the wood for the trees.



    I’ve praised and defended the Board on many an occasion – from posters that seemed better informed and smarter than I.



    The fact is going back when the the Celtic Board said they could not spend money to speculate on future successes their argument had merit.



    The fact that the Celtic Board didn’t speak out and stop the fraud of Sevco Rangers also had merit. There were on going legal matters and the SMSM would have loved to make this a polarized Old Firm argument.



    Of course we are now in a situation where…



    …the Celtic Board have had money to invest to improve the first team.



    …all the legal matters regarding Oldco Rangers have materially been completed.



    However as the Board have continued to behave


    In a parsimonious manner and have still not seeked redress for Rangers wrongdoing, allowing Sevco to continue to bend the rules and financially dope.



    So as a wiser man than I once said “when the facts change, I change my mind”.



    Here’s my feelings on the Brendan Rodgers era…



    Lenny and Ronny both managed Celtic at a time when our main opponents were is disarray…



    Rangers had gone bust, Hibs and Hearts got demoted… Aberdeen stood firm but they had a mountain of debt to clear…



    Neither got a treble…



    The new Rangers came to the top tier with a revigorated Hibs and Hearts. Aberdern had put themselves on a more secure footing. The bar was raised in Scottish Football. Yet Brendan Rodgers never lost a domestic trophy, that’s a phenomen – it will never be equalled.



    Brendan and his team weren’t backed and let’s be fair neither was Lenny or Ronny… the difference is, after two very poor transfer windows where Celtic’s so called head of football, had his strategy and requests ignored… he left a month after Celtic’s Chairmen gloated about the £30M +++ we had in the Bank.



    This means that the Board’s parsimonious actions towards the team and their failure to act against Rangers was everything to do with the Board’s culture and not the situation at the time.



    Hail Hail

  7. Anyone notice the hundreds of thousands of second level students around the world protesting against government inaction on climate change?



    Great to see them agitating on (probably) the most most significant issue they face in their future.



    There is no planet B.

  8. Almore


    I signed a Change .org petiton today on that very matter. The petition was organised by four, fifteen year old girl pupils,Well done to them.



  9. Can’t believe that if Congerton goes


    Celtic looking at John Park return


    Dearie dearie me


    How much dross did we go through in his years, to find 2 or 3 gems


    Strange he’s been out of work since leaving us 3 years ago ???

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Norrie- Park wouldn’t know a striker if Henrik Larsson chapped his front door,the Lawwell/Park axis is coming back.HH

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Tactful gentle correction.




  12. NORRIEM @ 9:32 PM,



    Isn’t it strange… The SMSM that supposedly “hate” Celtic, are running with the Park story and the four great signings he brought in…



    Forgetting that every Celtic Supporter could name forty that bombed…



    Interesting that Lee Congerton, who was getting pelters for the Celtic Boards failed recruitment policy…



    Is wanted by Celtic but wants to go…



    Has half a dozen top offers for consideration…



    And as you say, Mr Parks, who blocked most of the development from our Academy by bringing in a plethora of “projects” has not had a viable offer since he left Celtic.



    Hail Hail

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Want a laugh?



    Open a browser and search in Google for “English football stadium capacities”.



    Then open another session and replace “English” with “Scottish”.



    These people are so pathetic with their desperate oneupmanship they’ve even hijacked Wikipedia.

  14. John Park didn’t ” discover ” Virgil, nor did he ” discover ” big Vic, he was head of the scouting dept that discovered them so he got the kudos, the bloke who did ” discover ” them worked in the IT dept then got a job in the scouting dept, all he did was watch videos all day long, this is how they were discovered, the bloke who ” Discovered ” them was called Neil McGuinness, he left the club a while back.


    Park was Pedro’s man, first thing BR did was get shot of him, friction from the off.




    What Chairbhoy said, he said it so much better than I ever could :-)



  15. Has anyone got a link to a (non BBC) video clip of Morelos diving v Aberdeen? I have been trying to find one but no success.



    I found the story on Sutton’s response to the failed appeal…. had to laugh at the description that Sevco had slapped a 20million price tag on him to ‘deter suitors’. Erm…. No… I think you are missing the point there. In fact the price tag is a farcical attempt to flog the player off for as high a price as they can get.

  16. Chairbhoy



    “Well if you can’t see the Board Aficionados on CQN… perhaps your not seeing the wood for the trees.”



    You then go on to provide a list of occasions when you have praised the Board and others where you have criticised them. This shows evidence that YOU have a balanced view towards evaluation of the Board’s performance but it has the square root of sod all to do with the point under discussion. No-one, as far as I can see, had accused you of being an unbalanced Board critic, and I know I certainly had not. Yet your original accusation was that there were Board Adulators on here ( ia ssume that must mean adulators unlike yourself though you did not explicitly clarify that when I asked the question of you.









    What Chairbhoy said, he said it so much better than I ever could :-)”







    For the 3rd time now- the assertion has been repeated by both of you that there are Board adulators and many of them. You have said it is for me to spot them and recognise them, even though I state that I cannot and do not see this.



    Yet, despite 3 attempts now to ask you guys to cite evidence for YOUR assertion- you have not provided one single piece or named one single post or poster, from the plethora (over 50%) that you claim to have discerned.



    Why is this task so hard?



    Why claim it is self evident?

  17. mike in toronto on

    Nacho Novo posts bat shit crazy twitter rant about the Morelos appeal … he is obviously playing to the zombie army, trying to position himself for Gerrard’s Job … wonder if he knows something ….



    I would be shocked if Nacho knew anything.


    Like most he is just a twittering hun with no concept of truth or reality.

  19. MIT


    I’d just lurrve it if Novo was involved in running anything at the “big hoose.” Maybe take over from Jimmy Bell. He is hunnish, and ugly, enough.

  20. setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox




    No chance you’ll get an answer (cos they don’t have one), but good on you for trying

  21. Watching this BBC4 Irish night



    Early U2 stuff – I know they are now worth billions each but how on earth did that happen, they were awful early on, stunning that they ended up where they are now.

  22. nnovo10


    Right how I’m gone star here …..


    3 guys on a panel if they see that was a dive listen time stop drinking how a said before all of yous Sfa need to stop that yous killing the game also how that PETER Celtic director can put his wee friends on that is a disgrace we no ask for any favours but this is getting out of control I’m a rangers fan yeah and I’m proud to be but fuck me wake up yous destroy the game