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  1. Yeah and Maribor are a pub team, yet Chelsea managed the same result as us last night.



    Tonight was not a bad night….it could have been better…but we did well enough.

  2. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    20:13 on 6 November, 2014



    We need to up the tempo / fitness

  3. I’m right aren’t I? Ronnie is our best league format manager(think I covered all the caveats)



    I love the Hoops and my boss’s disgust that I left to watch the game has been mitigated by my drunk phone call ,hasn’t it

  4. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    I have also had enough of the Scott Brown leading by example pish. If somebody is continually effing up, or not pulling their weight or making bad decisions they need their arses chewed up and put right continually. I dont think he has it.




  5. Thought we played very well for 60 mins but slackness & giving the ball way needlessly put us under unnecessary pressure. Virgil’s clearance to touch which ultimately led to equaliser was totally stupid. Griffiths had 3 chances in the short while he was on and was very unlucky on all 3. I can see why Ref disallowed goal but it could just as easily have been given. Must say I’m really down after that, we should have won that game.

  6. WeefratheTim


    Yes was a happy Clapper yesterday, pity we could’nt get the result tonight, however, onwards and upwards, need to improve regarding the basics.


    Awerabest PJ

  7. LG on the time he was on the park was unlucky not score on his first chance, good goalkeeping denied him.



    The one he put in the onion bag looked fine to me, then again I might be biased….surely he deserved to start instead of mcgregor.

  8. Larsson and McStay on

    I think we will need to win next game, home to Salzburg, to qualify. Should be achievable , even if they are probably the best team in the group, as they are not a Barca or even Benfica. However, if we don’t win I fear we’ll end up 3rd as Zagreb will likely win last 2 games

  9. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Goodnight Timland.



    Still very much in the hunt,so stay POSITIVE ffs, and be


    nice too one another.



    Great to see a couple of ole cage rattling cqners back


    on here the night,

  10. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    Broonie’s replacement….?!!



    He couldn’t be anymore different from him if he tried….Broonie is a hard tackling, energetic all action player …none of which applies to McGregor



    On present form McGregor is lower SPL class at best

  11. 100% in agreement with awe_naw


    And now firmly in WITS camp, Ronny has had us playing competively since July, I see no sign of improvement, and think his tactics (whatever they are) are poor


    Astra were a poor team, and I’m delighted with point against them


    How much poorer can we get ?



    : : : : :






    20:01 on 6 November, 2014


    Satisfied that we took four points from a team that we are only slightly better than. We still have tactical personnel and mental frailties. We are still very much a work in progress but that is another away draw, which is good to see. I do not think we have qualified yet and believe that Zagreb could take all 6 points if we do not start showing a bit more belief in what we are trying to accomplish. I still believe that is missing. Our passing , ball retention, decision making is atrocious STILL. We are not street wise. We can´t see a game out. The building of relationships is not happening. John Guidetti has helped soothe things over but the same old problems are there for all to see. It has been too long for us still to be getting the basics wrong. You cannot build relationships with loan players and players looking to leave and chopping and changing the team setup not just due to injuries but our poor recruitment over the last window. Broonie seems to play the same game every game.

  12. That was one dull game of football with only the goals as highlights. Salzburg are a better team than us but we will qualify in 2nd place, I expect.



    We still have not won in Romania. We have not won away in the Europa League Groip stage but I expect we will break new ground by qualifying.



    We need a good performance in Aberdeen to get us back on track as that was a bit of a backward step tonight.

  13. Ray Singh-Carr on




    “surely he deserved to start instead of McGregor”



    I think his granny deserved to start instead of McGregor!!

  14. 2 home wins, 2 away draws.. You’d think that was good enough.. But I think that was a must win game tonight… We now have to beat Salzburg, or avoid defeat in Zagreb, as I don’t think Astra will take anything off them.

  15. glendalystonsils on

    Fuming that we blew it tonight. Two points chucked away against a team more limited than we are.


    Have to say though, I thought the ref was poor. Griffiths goal should have stood.

  16. Don’t think I’ve ever been so disappointed with an away draw in Europe. If we started with Griffiths I think we win that game. Scepovic isn’t worth his place on the team. He’s a fourth choice striker for me.



    It’s certainly not beyond Celtic to lose the last two games and go out. If that transpires, the match tonight will be looked at as a game we should have won and got the job done.

  17. Celtic controlled most of this game, created some great chances and should be now on ten points and into the next phase. Scepovic a huge disappointment and Griffith’s at last gave us a threat up front when he came on but not soon enough. Agree with the comments about young McGregor, poor. Mubarak continues to improve. Another night of tension awaits when Salzburg come calling.

  18. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Salzburg have the ability to give us a hiding at CP.. we had to win tonight



    I don’t fancy going to Croatia needing to get something

  19. The fog looked worse on tv than it would have on the pitch.



    22 fouls conceded by Celtic. Doesn’t help matters when trying to build momentum.

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    This looks healthy to me.



    Moving up1 FC Red Bull Salzburg 4 7 10


    Moving down2 Celtic 4 2 8


    No Movement3 Dinamo Zagreb 4 -3 3


    No Movement4 Astra Giurgiu 4 -6 1

  21. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    McGregor, Mulgrew, Brown and Scepovic, all players not on form all have shown they can play, I had hoped the new manager would be brave enough to drop and replace players not performing well, it’s not try to get rid of players or having a dig at players it’s simply trying to get the best team performance, no one should be undroppable. It also keeps the players on their toes and trying their best every game.

  22. ….PFAyr, but the first half?


    How were you feeling then.




    I was, decent movement, decent chances, passing and movement.


    Two steps forward and one back.


    I see that being a pattern we will see for a while yet.


    What we are witnessing is root and branch upheaval and change.


    Will it be worth it.


    Time will tell of course, but I think so.


    Progress is not going to be smooth, nor all at once.




    8 points from 4, undefeated.


    If someone predicted that in August would that have surprised you? Would you have laughed at foolish optimism?


    Frankly in August I would have wanted a pint of what they were drinking!

  23. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    above should read Zagreb and Salzburg. We will not get a full crowd imho for Salzburg but I think we can beat them at home

  24. Two years ago tonight the Barcelona team, feted as the greatest club side EVER, filed into St Mary’s in the Calton to give thanks to The Lord for the birth of Celtic. 24 hours later we slaughtered them…..er….2-1.



    Seems a lot longer that two years ago ….after watching that tonight.



    I would have started with Griffiths instead of McGregor. At 60 mins I was screaming for the change. When he eventually brought LG on he could have had a hat trick inside 10 mins.



    If he’s the best finisher Delia has ever seen WHY CAN’T HE GET ANY BLOODY GAME TIME!!!!



    Sorry, I’m tempted to side with WITS. I can see us losing the next two games. If he blows this now it’s time to go.

  25. macjay1 for neil lennon



    20:14 on 6 November, 2014


    McGregor has a marvellous scoring record for us in Europe.



    McGregor was a very different player a few months ago, he’s a passenger at the moment and thankfully JF is near to a comeback. McGregor needs a rest …..



    Not sure what Scepovic brings to the team, can’t hold the ball up, offers virtually nothing in the air, keeps drifting wide but can’t beat a player and looks very lightweight, Griffiths all day long for me and would bet my house we’d have won the game tonight if he’d started.

  26. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Kayal and Biton should have been on after 70 mins.


    By that time Mulgrew was blowing bubbles and Mc. Gregor was still struggling to get his track suit off.



    I agree with the earlier poster, that the only excuse in playing Callum is to develop a team shape and swap him for Forrest.



    Perhaps Red Bull will play their Lite team against us, having already qualified.






  27. Cowiebhoy @ 20-20



    your siding with wits !! Haha ;)



    i think you’ve just blackballed yourself from CQN corner wae that wan mucker teehee .


    see you on the 22nd bud ;)

  28. While I’m disappointed we didn’t win having seen the game, i would have taken a draw beforehand and thought we played well for most of the game. McGregor has gone backwards after a promising start and is adding nothing and is poor defensively. Wakaso would not be in my team either. He works hard but every time I see him the same failings appear – he is basically poor in possession and makes too many wrong decisions. Thought Brown and Stefan and Izzy were strong tonight. I’d find a place for Biton, esp. away from home as he does something a lot of our guys struggle to do – keep the ball! The ease with which we give the ball away is awful at times. All of that said, I thought we played well and were unlucky not to win. That was a shocker of a tackle on CM.


    lot to take heard from tho. Hail hail.