Background on Ange negotiations, Brendan, what’s needed


Celtic were aware Ange was interested in the Tottenham job for at least two weeks.  The writing was on the wall before his agent travelled to Glasgow for the final league game of the season.  A rear-guard action continued to no avail.

What’s more, attempts to sign him up on a long-term contract were rebuffed for a year.  Ange was always ‘happy’ with the way things were.  With a manager rejects more pay on the basis that he is happy, it is a bit like your significant other telling you they are ‘fine’.  You might not know what’s coming your way, but when it does, it will not be a surprise.

Despite knowing he preferred to reject more money on the basis it would inhibit his exit options, Celtic hoped to resolve the situation.  This was on the basis on Ange’ age and profile.  At 57, he was on the circuit for a long time without troubling clubs with bigger budgets.

English clubs often have a snobbery for achievements in Scotland, especially when they are not replicated in Europe, where over two years, Ange bettered only Ferencvaros, Midtjylland, Alkmaar, Jablonec.  The negative column has Leverkusen, Real Betis, Real Madrid, Leipzig, Shakhtar Donetsk and most painfully, a preseason Bodo/Glimt.

Until he was able to move the dial in Europe, Celtic hoped Ange would sail below the radar of most in England, and definitely thought that a ‘big six’ club out his reach.  All that changed when Tottenham recruited Scott Munn as chief football officer.  Australian Munn goes way back with Ange and was his backstage pass to the top tier.

Despite that European record, I cherished our former manager.  He was personable, understood and shared our club’s values and played attractive, successful football. In London, he replaces a permanent manager who was on £15m a year, I expect he’ll be on a salary of around £10m – for half that, I’d knock out Tottenham Quick News.

This is the football business, we did not miss a beat when he left Yokohama midseason.  If you take umbridge at a manager who left one club to come here, then left us at a more appropriate moment, football is not a sport for you to follow.

The Third Season Problem

What do Jose Mourinho and Ange Postecoglou have in common?  All their successes come in the first two seasons in the job.  Neither has won a league title in a third or later season.  This glass ceiling is echoed in Ange’s four-year tenure as Australia manager, where he won the Asian Cup in his second year but did little to trouble his memoirs afterwards.

Ange and Jose are both impact managers.  Both will transform your club, but equally struggle to reinvent themselves in the Alex Ferguson manner.  A friend (And CQN’er) has long expressed a concern that this is because opponents eventually figure Ange out, and that he is unable or unwilling to pivot.

It is moot now.  No matter who follows, our expectations of another treble next season under Ange are forever fixed, but let’s be clear, we have lost Ange Postecoglou (57), not the reincarnation of Jock Stein.  He is replaceable and although there are huge risks with any appointment, there are reasons to be hopeful.


Let’s say the obvious.  If he gets the job, we get behind the manager and move on, bigger picture, and all that.  For now, he’s not for me.  I am troubled by his recruitment record (Dembele was on the slate before he arrived and Sinclair had already played for him) and by his credentials as a team player (I have just deleted a lengthy explanation of this as it might make backing him near impossible).  The manner of his exit is of less consequence.

Who next?

Celtic thought they had the managerial recruitment game mastered when Brendan Rogers arrived in 2016.  When they returned to the market in 2019, the rules had changed, there were no candidates of Rogers’ quality, indeed, there were no new candidates who inspired confidence they could succeed in bossing Glasgow’s unique challenges, a scenario Neil Lennon coped with.

Ange Postecoglou was plucked from obscurity because Celtic were determined never again to be left without options they could get behind.  He was a Mark Lawwell nominee, even before Mark joined to become head of recruitment and scouting.  We will explore what’s needed in the position in more detail in the days to come, but for now, I am happy to find another manager with a low profile in the UK, on the ground experience in a value market and a desire for a crack at the Champions League.

We move on.

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  1. BIG WAVY @ 2:48 PM,



    Well lots of indications Angelos was for the off, some little things like when Ryotaro Ito, was linked with us he rejected it out of hand and said we weren’t looking at anyone.



    Then a total lack of commitment to anything after the Scottish Cup Final.



    Yet remember this, Slot was red hot favourite for the Spurs job and only the fact Spurs wouldn’t pay the requested compensation to PSV was the reason he didn’t go, that was on the 25 May.



    So maybe he was aware of interest from Spurs and other clubs but it seems to me he decided to go before he got a solid offer.



    JnP made a similar observation to you on Phil’s piece on SC, this was my reply to him…




    Well, definitely a fan of Phil’s site but he has previous on this.



    In his article after Brendan Rodgers left he was scathing and went with the Board propaganda



    Brendan was secretly approaching all the backroom staff and that big Pedro had, by chance, found out that Brendan Rodgers had been surreptitiously approached by the Chinese and wanted to secret players away, notably Dembele, and Big Pedro told DD of the dastardly plan



    Of course we later found out that Celtic were negotiating compensation with Leicester City for all the staff who were leaving so were well aware of who was going and who was staying, we also heard straight from the horses mouth in an interview with The Athletic that it was Brendan Rodgers, not PL that had told DD of the Chinese approach.



    Also Brendan Rodgers couldn’t spirit Dembele away as he was on contract with Celtic, Celtic sold him a year later for €20mn, which is probably a lot less than the Chinese would have paid.



    This “story” has the same feel…



    We are told that Angelos was offered a longer term contract a year ago



    Believable – sure



    We are told Dermot and Ross Dermot flew in to put a deal to Angelos in May



    Believable – Sure, we even saw the photos.



    Yet here’s my issue with Phil, CQN and others narrative in this respect.



    If Angelos had rejected a offer a year ago and made it clear he wanted to stay at Celtic but on a rolling contract



    Why would the Desmonds jet in to make him an offer once they knew he was favourite for the Spurs job?



    Doesn’t make sense does it?



    What does make sense was that Angelos wanted more money, facility upgrades and certain guarantees a year ago that the Board wouldn’t agree to, so Angelos rejected the contract



    When they heard of the Spurs approach the thought oh, crap and made Angelos the offer he had asked for a year previous, of course with the Spurs offer on the table he said no.



    Hail Hail

  2. I’ve told this story before but here goes again, when I was a wee bhoy and Saturday morning was part of the work week, my da came rushing in the door breathless and told us tae go and look out the windae at this big American car out there, seemingly he had been standing at the bus stop close to Denny’s shipyard when this motor as he called it stopped and the driver waved him over, it was the then Tottenham Hotspur captain up on a trip to visit family in the holy village of the Renton.



    My mother’s brother had ran a juvenile side which he had played for before joining Duntocher Hibs and my dad used to help him with my mum handing out the oranges at half time, it was really a family affair so since that Saturday morning I have followed Spurs, incidentally the first British club to win a major European Trophy the comically now named Lavvy Cup.



    John was injured and relaced by big Maurice Noman in the centre half position and also by Danny Blanchflower as captain and never recovered both roles in the first team again as new manager Bill Nicholson favoured the other two and so was transferred to Watford, but no matter what being a crowd favourite he was listed as one of the top 12 Scots to wear the legendary cockerel Spurs shirt.



    So since then I have favoured Spurs and I will not wish them any harm even if we lose some of our players to them just because our “hero” manager did a runner on us 48 hours after we won a record breaking treble, I also won’t wish him any ill will but wont wish him much success either, even though he and his scabby agent played us for several months now like a didgeridoo



    Oh, and btw there support also sing their own version of “it’s a grand old team”!

  3. Ajeti got 1 game in a whole season with Sturm Graz. if they were paying his wages, that is mad.



    He is way too high a wage so a pay off will hurt but who is going to buy him on those wages?


    I’d say we will try to free transfer him and he stays on similar pay elsewhere

  4. Garngad to Croy on

    “I am happy to find another manager with a low profile in the UK ” Paul67 are you hinting at Bodo Glimt man Knutsen ? (what do you know Paul ?)

  5. Tom McLaughlin on




    Give it a rest eh?



    You’re coming across like a jilted lover.



    It’s not the end of the world.

  6. Garngad to Croy on

    Just saw the news PGA agrees to merge with LIV Golf , professional sport is corrupt !

  7. Great article and some great contributions on here in the wake of Ange.



    There may be some truth in Paul’s description of Ange, along with Mourinho, as an impact manager and I can see Brendan Rodgers in the same vein. Mourinho is of course a bit special and his achievements dwarf the other two, but what do the three of them have in common? None of them played football at the very highest level and they are all obsessed with football in their preparation and total dedication. When a club is in disarray a manager of this type coming in can generate a “leading by example” mentality and performance levels shoot up to match the manager´s work efforts. However at the CL/Europa League/ Conference League level when quality is required, it is a great asset to have had the European experience as a player, to be able to deal with the pressure and come out on top.



    Zidane is maybe the opposite example to those three, as he was able to instill the correct mentality and the players who idolised him as a kid would also die for him on the park. And ex Real Madrid star Zidane never had a coach´s badge!! It wasn´t just their European success he was responsible for, Real also won the CL and the Spanish League in the same season under him, something which historically the ” Merengues”, albeit the most successful club in the world, rarely achieve. I think Ancelloti achieved it as well…..and he was another top player. So it´s Zidane for me…didn´t he score his best ever goal in Glasgow? Martin O´Neill is also an example here as he had instant success with us in Europe and took us back to levels last seen under Billy McNeill, because MON had been there with Forest and played in world cup finals with Northern Ireland



    I agree with Texastim that Paul´s TQN quip was a classic, however with our current board of directors, in their search for a replacement, it´s sure to be Celtic Slow News over the next few days until we finally get some white smoke.

  8. has Benitez been mentioned yet? Everyone wanted him in 2019 but it turns out he never showers; basin anf flannel post match😎



    Think he went to China

  9. Tom McLaughlin on




    One big flaw in your story — you forgot to name him.



    Was it Dave Mackay?

  10. meanwhile, just in the real world.



    I to am 57. I told my boss I would be ok to be let go now and take early retirement, he said no chance.



    Have you no ambitions left , your still relatively young to just stop working he said.



    I replied I have been working now for 41 years of my life and well all my mates are retired (and following celtic much ore than i can) and there are places i want to go without having to work when i see them.



    My puzzlement, and I suppose it is what makes us all different, why do some football managers want to work for ever ? why go to a new job at 57 ?



    self belief ? ambition ? greed, what is the motivation ? is it just the job title ?

  11. Tom McLaughlin



    Everyone’s favourite bogey man is back in play.



    To suggest folk should ‘grow up’ or even go get some therapy.



    We have one guy who normally appears each day to pick fault with Paul’s position and posts once only. Surprise surprise even he has posted twice today.



    Ange leaves us in at least as good a position as we could have expected 2 years ago. Much better than I personally did. He has delivered some of the most exciting football many of us have enjoyed for many years, if ever ?



    Somehow it all seems to be the fault of our chairman or indeed the clubs leadership.



    We sell 2 players who were on crap contracts negotiated by the previous CEO and the manager who would not sign a new deal despite being approached to do so a year or more ago and yet we have posters asking about players leaving and manager leaving since January etc etc.



    Bogey men doesn’t come close. I am not over the guy leaving. I wanted / hoped he might stay.



    Some on here wanted the backroom staff swept away 2 years ago. Most actually seemed to want that. The whinging and questioning of Ange after we secured the league on here was entitled beyond belief. Yet now he is going everyone wants to call him out on loyalty. It cuts both ways.



    Re St Pauli at Dunfermline I will be going. Maybe grab a beer with you before if you are coming over. The commercial arms is a great wee pub 10 mins from the park.

  12. Tom,



    you maybe missed it, your experiences on the aikenhead road on saturday, after the game, did you not think that was a really over the top police precense in the vicinity ?



    and what is it with the different coloured baseball hats, is it a rank think , blue and orange caps, dearie me.

  13. Now your talking…..


    Rayo Vallecano’s highly-rated Spanish coach Andoni Iraola will also throw his hat into the ring after rejecting a new contract.

  14. In 2019 Graham Potter was manager of Swansea.


    We could have went for him then.


    But we went for a “safe pair of hands” allegedly.

  15. Tom McLaughlin on




    Can’t say I noticed the different coloured caps. I did notice the extra police presence but assumed that was the overflow from the dozens of cops who escorted the march from Glasgiw Green.

  16. FIELDOFDRAMS on 6TH JUNE 2023 2:21 PM


    Paul 67, it’s ‘umbrage’, not ‘umbridge’.




    The Archers live in Ambridge, I think Umbridge is just down the road from there :)




    I think Paul 67 was referring to Professor Umbridge in connecton with that Potter chappie.


    Look what happened to her when she tried to take the mag8c away.

  17. the safe pair of hands delivered titles 8 and 9, and the 3rd and 4th trebles.

  18. Tom McLaughlin on




    I’d be delighted to have a pint with you before the St Pauli game.

  19. Potter has been recognised for his “progressive” and “unconventional” coaching methods.[83][84] At Östersund, he encouraged his players and staff to engage in community activities, such as performing in theatre and music productions designed to take them out of their comfort zone.[84]



    coming to the playhouse edinburgh during the festival, see callum mcgregors dancing feet in singing in the rain

  20. Maresca is creeping up the betting. Pep has tipped him to be a “fantastic coach” and if he’s learnt half as much as Arteta, he might be onto something.



    I’m aware it didn’t go well at Parma but looked slightly hard done by. 15 new players and sacked after 14 games. Any Italian footie fans able to shed light on where it went wrong?

  21. THE EXILED TIM on 6TH JUNE 2023 3:41 PM


    Now your talking…..


    Rayo Vallecano’s highly-rated Spanish coach Andoni Iraola will also throw his hat into the ring after rejecting a new contract.




    Iraola? Heard he was a bit of a tit…………..

  22. Baseball caps :



    I was wondering about that too. I thought why is that baseball getting bigger.


    Then it hit me.



    Baseball Cap Function / Role


    Cap Baseball Hard Shell Blue Police Staff Police Staff Investigator


    Cap Baseball Blue Public Order


    Cap Baseball High Visibility Plain Clothes Officers


    Folding camera Cap Specialist Officers


    Public Order Baseball Cap Red Public Order


    Public Order Baseball Cap White Public Order


    Public Order Baseball Cap Yellow Public Order

  23. Have to say all the talk about Ange’s move to Spurs made little impact with me , I just could not see it happening mainly due to his poor record in Europe and in particular the Bodo Glint shambles when we were torn apart by the Norwegian minnows. However in the midst of all the World record treble celebrations last Saturday on the Hampden pitch the Tv cameras picked out Peter Lawell and Dermot Desmond in the stands and the grim look on their faces said it all for me – Ange must be for the off.



    All the talk from Ange about the next phase and ultimate progress in Europe was horseshit when the best league in the universe beckoned. Disappointed but shouldn’t be surprised, that’s how professional football works, just thought he would be with us for another season at least to see his plan through.



    No denying Ange has done a terrific job at Celtic and hope he succeeds in the glamour London club who haven’t won a Championshit since 1961. Not as big a club as Celtic it has to be said.



    Will it be a case of Ange no more, Kennedy no more, Strachan no more, Kyogo no more, A.J. no more, Hatate no more , CCV no more as the Proclaimers might say in song.

  24. GREENPINATA on 6TH JUNE 2023 3:55 PM


    Baseball caps :


    I was wondering about that too. I thought why is that baseball getting bigger.


    Then it hit me.





  25. Hankray



    Fair points. Celtic fans are disappointed but after having Conte and being linked with Nagelsmann I can see why Spurs fans would be underwhelmed.




  26. EKBHOY on 6TH JUNE 2023 3:02 PM



    Try signing a 3rd choice keeper who has actually played for a 1st team , to suggest that the Board foisted Bain on Ange is laughable , a more plausible theory is that Bain has some 1st team experience and is Scottish and counts towards the home quota … sods law kicked in when he tossed a goal in against Hibs






    We have an army of keepers, Hazard included that could have met that criteria and to be honest young scottish guy on the books at no. 3 is the coherent thing to do. When you look at the club’s briefing on Bain’s extension, not a peep from Ange. Unheard of.



    Walks like a duck, talks like a duck….



    Just sayin….




  27. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 6TH JUNE 2023 3:26 PM



    Just scroll by old man if that’s the height of your contribution.







  28. Tom McLaughlin



    Let’s make that happen. I will connect nearer the time. 👍