Background on Ange negotiations, Brendan, what’s needed


Celtic were aware Ange was interested in the Tottenham job for at least two weeks.  The writing was on the wall before his agent travelled to Glasgow for the final league game of the season.  A rear-guard action continued to no avail.

What’s more, attempts to sign him up on a long-term contract were rebuffed for a year.  Ange was always ‘happy’ with the way things were.  With a manager rejects more pay on the basis that he is happy, it is a bit like your significant other telling you they are ‘fine’.  You might not know what’s coming your way, but when it does, it will not be a surprise.

Despite knowing he preferred to reject more money on the basis it would inhibit his exit options, Celtic hoped to resolve the situation.  This was on the basis on Ange’ age and profile.  At 57, he was on the circuit for a long time without troubling clubs with bigger budgets.

English clubs often have a snobbery for achievements in Scotland, especially when they are not replicated in Europe, where over two years, Ange bettered only Ferencvaros, Midtjylland, Alkmaar, Jablonec.  The negative column has Leverkusen, Real Betis, Real Madrid, Leipzig, Shakhtar Donetsk and most painfully, a preseason Bodo/Glimt.

Until he was able to move the dial in Europe, Celtic hoped Ange would sail below the radar of most in England, and definitely thought that a ‘big six’ club out his reach.  All that changed when Tottenham recruited Scott Munn as chief football officer.  Australian Munn goes way back with Ange and was his backstage pass to the top tier.

Despite that European record, I cherished our former manager.  He was personable, understood and shared our club’s values and played attractive, successful football. In London, he replaces a permanent manager who was on £15m a year, I expect he’ll be on a salary of around £10m – for half that, I’d knock out Tottenham Quick News.

This is the football business, we did not miss a beat when he left Yokohama midseason.  If you take umbridge at a manager who left one club to come here, then left us at a more appropriate moment, football is not a sport for you to follow.

The Third Season Problem

What do Jose Mourinho and Ange Postecoglou have in common?  All their successes come in the first two seasons in the job.  Neither has won a league title in a third or later season.  This glass ceiling is echoed in Ange’s four-year tenure as Australia manager, where he won the Asian Cup in his second year but did little to trouble his memoirs afterwards.

Ange and Jose are both impact managers.  Both will transform your club, but equally struggle to reinvent themselves in the Alex Ferguson manner.  A friend (And CQN’er) has long expressed a concern that this is because opponents eventually figure Ange out, and that he is unable or unwilling to pivot.

It is moot now.  No matter who follows, our expectations of another treble next season under Ange are forever fixed, but let’s be clear, we have lost Ange Postecoglou (57), not the reincarnation of Jock Stein.  He is replaceable and although there are huge risks with any appointment, there are reasons to be hopeful.


Let’s say the obvious.  If he gets the job, we get behind the manager and move on, bigger picture, and all that.  For now, he’s not for me.  I am troubled by his recruitment record (Dembele was on the slate before he arrived and Sinclair had already played for him) and by his credentials as a team player (I have just deleted a lengthy explanation of this as it might make backing him near impossible).  The manner of his exit is of less consequence.

Who next?

Celtic thought they had the managerial recruitment game mastered when Brendan Rogers arrived in 2016.  When they returned to the market in 2019, the rules had changed, there were no candidates of Rogers’ quality, indeed, there were no new candidates who inspired confidence they could succeed in bossing Glasgow’s unique challenges, a scenario Neil Lennon coped with.

Ange Postecoglou was plucked from obscurity because Celtic were determined never again to be left without options they could get behind.  He was a Mark Lawwell nominee, even before Mark joined to become head of recruitment and scouting.  We will explore what’s needed in the position in more detail in the days to come, but for now, I am happy to find another manager with a low profile in the UK, on the ground experience in a value market and a desire for a crack at the Champions League.

We move on.

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  1. Romano saying several Clubs interested in MoR. We’ve been down this road before.

  2. Yes, AN DUN, so it begins:



    Fabrizio Romano




    Celtic midfielder Matt O’Riley attracting interest from England and Germany — with Brighton being one of the clubs considering him for the summer. 🟢🇩🇰



    Decision time in the next days/weeks, waiting for concrete proposals.



    por cierto

  3. The most worrying comment Ange made over the weekend was that thee were players IN THAT DRESSING ROOM who will not be here next season.

  4. According to the MSM we are under siege, players and back room staff are being hunted, forces are swooping down on us, raids are under way. They do love to wind us up!

  5. Stan Collymore




    Celtic fans. Knutsen precis from as good a source as is possible, trust me. HH 🍀



    “Hi Stan. He’s determined, energetic and very clear on his philosophy. Very demanding in terms of intensity and quality in training. He’s also incredibly dependent on his no. 2, who’s the real mastermind. Not sure if he has the cojones to take on a big club with big names, higher expectations from club and fans. Offensively strong . Possession orientated. Weakness is same as his strength, there is only plan A. If it doesn’t work he won’t be flexible ”



    por cierto

  6. McPhail Bhoy on

    D9COMEDY on 7TH JUNE 2023 8:33 AM


    According to the MSM we are under siege, players and back room staff are being hunted, forces are swooping down on us, raids are under way. They do love to wind us up!






    Yes and no Celtic player is under contract so Celtic will receive nothing in transfer fees, IF any of the players leave this summer.. oh, wait

  7. Knutsen is a no for me. Mid 50s and never been out of Norway. Moyes is a definite no, completely unsuited to taking over this group of players. Maresca is a huge risk given his lack of experience.



    McKenna is worth a further look.



    Potter and Rodgers are obviously the stand outs but probably beyond us.

  8. You’d never gues it was The Sun!!!



    Scottish Sun Sport








    Ange Postecoglou to trigger £20million transfer battle for Celtic’s Kyogo as clubs from all FIVE top Euro leagues keen



    por cierto

  9. Scullybhoy



    It will always be so Scullybhoy….and not only 1.



    We will find out soon enough especially here on’ lazy journalism quoted quick news’ where every booki name and meeja suggest,is treated as fact when it’s non sensical pish….but the urge to be correct in this media age means they like the shite journalists they quote will be right one time.(think we are up to 6 names now bout who is the next Willie Maley.



    Hope you had a grand weekend here with your good lady but events transpired I couldn’t cross your paths but hopefully in future sometime.


    I hope you enjoyed the cup win which appears hidden in there somewhere








    Re your Mrs and the selfie at Breaki,You should have engaged,had a chat you would have had maybe your thoughts/vibe confirmed but hey-ho Ange is away now.


    Ps my secret indulgence is Giovanna’s food,passion and skills taken from her father and mother.been eating their food for 30 years.







    Love each time BR leaving tale comes up,it just gets recaliberateed and jigged in a new way.always interesting.







    Thank you for your contribution to my club,and I wish you success in your next engagement.You will always be welcome to Celtic for your investment in time and endeavour by me.i understand the complexity of the last month for you and your drive.That drive saw Celtic surge to a level of playing,intensity,togetherness and style that meant visiting Celtic Park fortnightly showed the fruits of all hard work.


    Thank You and Hail Hail





  10. AN DUN



    Knutsen came out of Norway and pumped us like I’ve never seen before, power, pace and stamina with great possession and passing.



    Our team and manager got a lesson.



    Maresca please god no, and no to Mckenna for me …



    Ange leaving has given the blog a boost lol.



    Bring on the “White smoke”.

  11. Por Cierto.


    Thinking of starting a list of names.please,like me keep your strip and boots on just in case you get suggested as a signing,(shrugs shoulders what you frowning for :-)) Hope you enjoyed Saturday



    Fabrizio Mediadumpbot


    Matt O Riley





    Hail Hail

  12. Seems to me to be something of a dichotomy to talk of how ridiculous the MSSM is whilst reporting what they are reporting :-)))



    Cheerio for now.

  13. None of the options coming in will be perfect.



    We do need some movement pretty fast.



    I believe there was 5 on a short list a month ago as and so the process should not be too onerous and fairly timeous.



    As always there are variables. As always it is a moving feast and changing environment



    A month ago although there was a list I don’t think Ange leaving was expected.



    We are better placed than ever to make this move. It is still a tough one with huge shoes to fill.



    Following Sinatra might not appeal to everyone.

  14. Without sounding negative, nobody with an unblemished record who is also “proven” will be coming to the SPFL. I don’t think we should be turning our nose up at people like Knutsen.

  15. I’m not sure the prospect of Celtic taking in tens of millions in fees is really the bad news the likes of McCoist think it is.

  16. geebee1978 on 7th June 2023 10:01 am



    Without sounding negative, nobody with an unblemished record who is also “proven” will be coming to the SPFL. I don’t think we should be turning our nose up at people like Knutsen.






    I totally agree. Just the sad reality of it all.

  17. cigalasporfavor on

    Can we have two coaches please, similar to rugby. Knutson for the forwards and attacking midfielders, and Maldini for holding midfielders and defence. Or would mssm say that was cheating?.

  18. AN DÚN on 7TH JUNE 2023 10:13 AM



    Agree within reason. A couple of players out and tens of millions will be fine but not sure we’d get away with another rebuild.

  19. Tom McLaughlin on



    As soon as Peter Lawell ‘re-emerged’ some cynics on here predicted the end of the Ange era, oh how I laughed. I’m not laughing now – a dead hand.


    Brilliant. Do you know if PL will be paying Ange’s Spurs wages out of his own pocket? Will he need to pay their compensation as well? The guy must be the richest man in the world as well as a genius.

  20. Solely based on your gut feeling regarding the next manager, do you expect to be:



    a) underwhelmed/disappointed


    b) Lukewarm/about as expected


    c) Surprisingly positive/overwhelmed



    As a seasoned cynic but one who appreciates the board has got it right more often than not, I will go for (b).

  21. An Tearmann on 7th June 2023 9:28 am










    It will always be so Scullybhoy….and not only 1.



    Hope you had a grand weekend here with your good lady but events transpired I couldn’t cross your paths but hopefully in future sometime.



    I hope you enjoyed the cup win which appears hidden in there somewhere








    We had a lovely weekend and were very happy with the Maldron Hotel. Had a couple of really nice meals out, although at one place I had to go back to the hotel and get a different top as the Hoops were not allowed.



    I am sorry we did not get a chance to say hello. I did call at the Ship Bank on the Saturday morning, but the lady at the door said it was full (as most of the customers were) and I just said to tell Big Jimmy that I called.



    Rather bravely, I tagged on to the Bhoys walking to the stadium – it was crazy. For the game I was in the South Stand Upper with ICT fans but felt quite safe. Luckily there were two brothers who were Tims and we teamed up.



    The reality is that Celtic are trapped by being in the SPL and are always punching above their weight outside of that. I will miss Ange, but I remember the pain of Lou Macrari leaving and how as a 12-year-old I tore his pictures down from my bedroom walls. Busy now on photos of Ange. Football fans are kids that never grow up.




  22. vinniethedog on

    Kieran mckenna in to 6/1 ….very interesting choice …obviously a good coach …very good job at Ipswich…young ambitious at 37 ( maybe too young?)


    Certainly worth an interview……a negative for me would be our hard nosed board might break him !…if not our support

  23. SMSM having a field day spouting any old shite, since Ange got off at Redfern, mate. Players and managers come and go. We are very well positioned to recruit a new manager and strengthen the team.

  24. Report sheds new light on Spurs approach for Postecoglou; respect for Celtic



    By Hamish Carton


    1 hour ago



    A report has shed new light on how and when Tottenham Hotspur approached Celtic for permission to speak to Ange Postecoglou.



    The Australian departed for pastures new yesterday, ending a glorious two-year stint in Glasgow.



    Discussion about Postecoglou‘s future had dominated headlines for the previous week and now we have found out some more information in an article from The Athletic.



    The outlet have produced a long-read detailing Spurs’ recruitment process following Antonio Conte’s departure in March.



    There are some interesting findings. Firstly, that Postecoglou was on the Spurs radar from the very early days. They felt he could give them a “cultural reset” as the article puts it.



    It seems like there were many other names on the London side’s agenda. Mauricio Pochettino, Vincent Kompany, Roberto De Zerbi and Arne Slot are all named — but didn’t happen for differing reasons.



    By the time Spurs’ season ended, only Postecoglou and former Barcelona boss Luis Enrique were left.



    They opted for our former boss, with the decision finalised around a week ago.



    The report says that nobody as Spurs wanted to say anything before our Scottish Cup final “out of respect for Celtic and their fans”.



    Once the celebrations were over, Tottenham “accelerated” the move.



    Talks between the clubs took place on Sunday and the finer details were agreed on Monday, with Postecoglou announced a day later.






    Total crap. If Spurs didn’t leak the news, who did? If anything, it showed total disrespect not just for Celtic, but even for Ange himself.

  25. Maresca’s odds shortening. We know of his poor stint at Parma but with 15 players coming in and and sacked after only 14 games and 3 points off the play-offs, could it be he was slightly hard done by?



    Any Italian football fans able to provide context?

  26. It’s no a selfie if ye can’t take it yersel.



    Knutsen? Yes please. Pissed all over Ange with such ease.

  27. Wouldn’t going for Maresca be kind of like going for Maloney. No number 2s for me, although I don’t think he even is a number 2 now (too much number two shite:)).

  28. ZIGGYDOC1 on 7TH JUNE 2023 11:37 AM



    Arteta didn’t do too badly coming from City’s coaching staff.

  29. Tom McLaughlin on

    Kieran McKenna has a good coaching background.



    Age 37



    Born London of Northern Irish parents.



    Played for a couple of clubs in NI before signing for Spurs.



    Played fir NI at U19 & U21



    Retired aged 22 due to a serious hip injury.



    Coaching badges.



    Coached Spurs U18.



    Coached Man Utd U18.



    Man Utd assistant manager 2018-2021.



    Ipswich manager from 2021.



    Took Ipswich up to Championship.