CELTIC supporters around the world should be banned from wearing the famous green and white Hoops to golf tournaments, believes the Scotsman’s Martin Dempster.


Writing in today’s paper, the golf correspondent reckons that football shirts has no place in a game which is known for its colourful attire.

Dempster was clearly watching the drama unfold at The Players Championship at Sawgrass when up popped a few Bhoys in the famous green and white hooped Celtic jersey.

It all was too much for Dempster.

“People seeming to be obsessed with wearing football strips at non-football events,” he wrote after seeing this at the weekend…

OBSESSED, we’re obsessed!

Where have we seen that word used before?


“The Players Championship at Sawgrass was the latest such occasion and there’s no need to even identify the two matching strips in question spotted in the crowd close to the 17th tee as that is irrelevant,” he wrote.

Go on say it, it’s CELTIC you are moaning about isn’t it Martin.

“What really bugs me is why on earth do people heading to a golf tournament think it is either necessary or acceptable to be donning football colours in the first place?

Because they love their team, it’s something they are rightly proud of, maybe because it will get under Zombie skins? Dunno…


“They are not permitted at golf clubs in this country and rightly so.

“They should also be banned at every single tournament around the world,” he ranted.

There you have it. The Scotsman are imposing a worldwide ban of Celtic shirts at the golf.

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But don’t tell Martin. He liked football at one stage, but his club, we think, died.



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