Celtic are lucky regarding central def injuries


48 hours ago, Celtic fans were in relative equilibrium.  Defeat in the League Cup and an injury crisis in central defence put paid to that.  Maik Nawrocki injured his hamstring at Rugby Park.  He played until the end of the game, doubtlessly conflicted by the team’s predicament, but as Oh did earlier this month, almost certainly exacerbated the damage.

We are four weeks from our fist Champions League game, with only new signing Gustaf Lagerbielke and Liam Scales fit and able to play in central defence.  Neither have been tested at that level, or played together, and they need to navigate another month without injury before being considered for action.

Cameron Carter-Vickers has a chance of returning for then but is by no means certain, and as you and I both know, rushing a player back from a hamstring is never a good idea.  Yuki Kobayashi should be ready, in the fitness sense, however, reruns of his Ibrox performance from last season will give Brendan Rodgers plenty to consider.  Stephen Welsh will be out until the turn of the year.

Reframe this fortune for what it is.  Celtic are lucky; this happened during the transfer window when the club are in funds.  It is no more than a normal football problem to be addressed.  Brendan will have an idea on when Cameron and Maik can be expected return, he will sign others if necessary.

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  1. Snake Plissken on

    Sevco can close down football teams and stop them playing if they are powderpuff.



    Look at our team for reference.

  2. glendalystonsils on

    PSV have been all over the huns but clown CB gets cought in posession in his own box . Good finish by Sima ,who has otherwise been gash . Fully expect PSV to get at least a draw though .

  3. Hun match has looked like an away game for them. PSV dominant but not made a lot of chances. They’re big, quick and pass the ball well. Slack moment in defence and a great finish and somehow the huns are one up. Stops the boos that were coming at halftime

  4. Every fkg time….what is it with these huns …where does it come from ….its way beyond me ..

  5. PSV look like they spend their life for bring elaborate ways of knocking the door but never opening it – carbon copy of Sevco success over recent seasons ( apart from the actual Champins league of course)

  6. Can’t stomach the thought they are closing in on CL money. Pact with Beelzebub for sure 🔥

  7. RC on 22ND AUGUST 2023 8:56 PM


    thems play as they normally do in Europe , 10 behind ball then score from a defensive mistake




    I couldn’t believe how deep the huns were sitting. Must be murder to watch, as a fan. I guess it’s worked for them. This tie will go to the last minutes in Netherlands next week.

  8. PSV aren’t getting enough players in the hun box. They’ve created nothing for all their ball work. Huns are well in this tie.



    It’s effectively a repeat of last year so far.

  9. PhilBhoy – even after losing half a team they don’t look half as bad as we’d like them to be.


    Fingers crossed PSV come out with a bit more of a ruthless streak to them.

  10. bbc sports live commentary



    “Todd Cantwell kinda leaves one late on Oliver Boscagli and the Rangers man is the one that ends up rolling around on the deck.”



    kinda leaves one????



    As in kicks the boy?



    Some reporting,



    Glad they are still banned

  11. Mint toffee treats on

    Hiv lost a few shackles backing embdy who comes up against the bin divers fc sitting here in a total trance first half around 74% possession ripping the currants apart and bam ma heart gets ripped oot and stamped pan how the do they manage to do it time efter time an dae yeh no whit auld toad face Beale will tell us that Psv played right in tae his master plan makes yeh vomit and they ur daen it without the help fae the Scottish refs who ur mare bent than a chocolate fiver am cracking up here a need a doctor an a new telly cause av put ma fit and though my room wan lol

  12. the long wait is over on

    WHAT IS THE STARZ on 22ND AUGUST 2023 9:01 PM


    Rangers are never as bad as we think/hope they are..






    Gives me no pleasure to say so but that’s the truth.



    Hope our management and players don’t think like we do.

  13. fourstonecoppi on

    MODERATOR1888 on 22ND AUGUST 2023 9:19 PM




    Sorry, backed myself into a corner after previous…..