Celtic are lucky regarding central def injuries


48 hours ago, Celtic fans were in relative equilibrium.  Defeat in the League Cup and an injury crisis in central defence put paid to that.  Maik Nawrocki injured his hamstring at Rugby Park.  He played until the end of the game, doubtlessly conflicted by the team’s predicament, but as Oh did earlier this month, almost certainly exacerbated the damage.

We are four weeks from our fist Champions League game, with only new signing Gustaf Lagerbielke and Liam Scales fit and able to play in central defence.  Neither have been tested at that level, or played together, and they need to navigate another month without injury before being considered for action.

Cameron Carter-Vickers has a chance of returning for then but is by no means certain, and as you and I both know, rushing a player back from a hamstring is never a good idea.  Yuki Kobayashi should be ready, in the fitness sense, however, reruns of his Ibrox performance from last season will give Brendan Rodgers plenty to consider.  Stephen Welsh will be out until the turn of the year.

Reframe this fortune for what it is.  Celtic are lucky; this happened during the transfer window when the club are in funds.  It is no more than a normal football problem to be addressed.  Brendan will have an idea on when Cameron and Maik can be expected return, he will sign others if necessary.

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  1. These days anything other than a defeat in a derby for the away team is a very good result

  2. glendalystonsils on

    I would consider a draw at Ibrox an excellent result in the circumstances . I am hopeful rather than confident of getting that though . Still …… football wouldn’t be a funny old game if it wasn’t a funny old game .

  3. Hot Smoked…



    I guess it’s just as plausible as they thought he was another Jota…👍

  4. Before most clubs buy a player there is a play reel they watch I’m sure. Did Jota’s apart from the usual game time video also include Celtic’s Christmas video with Jota playing George Michael, is that where the idea came from on his sexual orientation?


    N.B. I’m not trying to make light of the supposed reason that Jota seems to have been freed by the Saudi club but that’s what happens when you get involved with a country and regime like Saudi Arabia. You really can’t be surprised.

  5. Hot Smoked



    Re Jota



    That seems to be the popular narrative. No idea if it is true. Nor do I care unless it helps us get him back cheaper.

  6. Prestonpans bhoys on

    HOT SMOKED on 23RD AUGUST 2023 9:55



    Seen that on another website, if true he’ll not be loaned to another Saudi club since they are under the same medieval authority….

  7. glendalystonsils on




    I thought the idea when Brendan came back was to try to improve last seasons starting 11?

  8. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Ralston can’t play possession based football, mainly out from the back. Iwata can do it.



    Same goes for Joe Hart, he can’t play effectively under Rodgers possession based game. Hence why Kilmarnock were sticking 3 forwards in our box on Sunday when Hart tried to play out from the back from goal kicks.



    So after 3-4 short passes between Hart and our defenders, Hart almost always goes long and Killie win the 1st or 2nd ball from there.



    Expect more of this on Saturday via St. Johnstone.



    Celtic players need to be braver to play through the high press as all domestic teams will press our defence high up while Ralston & Hart have the jerseys.

  9. I know they were more than a bit flakey defensively last night but I really like the PSV manager. His post match assessment was excellent.



    He even said they were looking to sign a good centre back. They have been for some time but can’t get anyone good enough in their budget. Thry have to be patient.



    I hope he doesn’t look at CQN for inspiration or help. Loads of experts on here can tell him what’s wrong. Few seem to have a clue as to any solutions though.



    Not a single suggestion anywhere on here as to who we should sign from all the gurus who have of course spotted that our new signings are duds after less than 90 minutes meaningful game time on grass.

  10. spikeysauldman on

    Hot Smoked



    the huns have been rumouring (and even more mental rumours)



    yep, shouldnt have posted it

  11. garygillespieshamstring on

    Sounds like malicious hunnery to me.



    Surely the Saudi club would have done background checks if that was a possible issue.



    If there is a hint of truth, I hope Jota takes them to the cleaners over it.

  12. Burnley 11.36



    It would appear that the PSV MANAGER is unable to suggest a centre half for his team ,when he is aware of the budget and briefed by experts on who is available .



    It doesn’t make sense that you expect fans to make sensible suggestions without that information.



    This is a fans blog .



    Not a management team meeting of club employees .


    Hired as full time experts ,and paid as such ,to come up with the solutions to our problems .



    I had a Lettings manager called Phil Gilfeather .


    When I employed him he was a seasoned pro.



    Whenever staff went to him ,to advise me of problems .


    Phil would quote me to them .



    “ I don’t mind you coming to me with a problem ,but before you do .


    Please think of some potential solutions .


    Then I can consider them before I make a decision .”



    I read your comment about your dad the other day ,and smiled.



    I have employed the same mantra for decades .


    It was passed to me by my boss and mentor Donald McLellan .



    So I understand your frustrations,at fans complaining ,with no solution in mind .



    But this is a blog where fans are able to do that .


    Not a management meeting of so called expert employees .




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