Celtic are lucky regarding central def injuries


48 hours ago, Celtic fans were in relative equilibrium.  Defeat in the League Cup and an injury crisis in central defence put paid to that.  Maik Nawrocki injured his hamstring at Rugby Park.  He played until the end of the game, doubtlessly conflicted by the team’s predicament, but as Oh did earlier this month, almost certainly exacerbated the damage.

We are four weeks from our fist Champions League game, with only new signing Gustaf Lagerbielke and Liam Scales fit and able to play in central defence.  Neither have been tested at that level, or played together, and they need to navigate another month without injury before being considered for action.

Cameron Carter-Vickers has a chance of returning for then but is by no means certain, and as you and I both know, rushing a player back from a hamstring is never a good idea.  Yuki Kobayashi should be ready, in the fitness sense, however, reruns of his Ibrox performance from last season will give Brendan Rodgers plenty to consider.  Stephen Welsh will be out until the turn of the year.

Reframe this fortune for what it is.  Celtic are lucky; this happened during the transfer window when the club are in funds.  It is no more than a normal football problem to be addressed.  Brendan will have an idea on when Cameron and Maik can be expected return, he will sign others if necessary.

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  1. the long wait is over on




    I certainly hope so but they couldn’t last year when faced with exactly the same scoreline / scenario.

  2. Will be close next week. PSV dominant but a bit careless at the back at times. The stats in terms of passing were incredible. At one point PSV were 360+ and the huns were 80+. Still the way they play, they have a chance.

  3. Off to my kip then Scotland bound in the morning. Shorts and T-shirts packed ☀️😎


    Said to my boy I’d take him to swim in the Gourock outdoor heated pool. If, as advertised, it’s 29 degrees then it’s as warm as our pool here in August.

  4. PSV goalscorer Sangure. 6ft 3in, great engine. Ivory Coast DM.



    Bought for €7m from Toulouse. About to go to England or Munich for €38m.



    That’s what good looks like….




  5. There is no question that “Rangers” getting to 2 Uefa finals is better than our record in getting to only one.




  6. Big Wavy



    Bought cheaply and scored goals v rangers and sold or potentially sold on for a big profit.

  7. David66 – in August? Surely not, thought it would be taps aff and last one in the sea’s a sissy.


    Tell Judith to get it sorted. Everywhere else in the world is melting 🍦

  8. BURNLEY78 on 22ND AUGUST 2023 10:13 PM



    Always looking for positives for my team, that is roughly what I was thinking as well :-)).



    I actually thought THEY might get something from tonight`s game. I am confident they will get pumped next week.

  9. 30% possession at home in a cl qualifier



    They were playing a team that finished second in the Dutch league not Man City

  10. BBC Headline:


    Rangers & PSV draw in first-leg epic.




    PSV had twice as many shots and 70 per cent possession.


    Doesn`t really sound like an epic :-))

  11. The huns approach is effective at that level. Clearly not effective at group stage level though. Last year very much in my mind, I wouldn’t bet a Fiver on PSV next week. They could easily concede on the counter then proceed to pass the clock down.

  12. BRRB



    Is there a chap slumped behind the puggys again???



    aka begbie in trainspotting #tourist

  13. BRRB



    When my second coming in glasgow is imminent



    I shall make sure you I call u first, to clear the way and arrange the best seats

  14. Incidentally, my 10:23pm post is a criticism of the BBC and not of Sevco. Much as I despise der Hun and their cohorts in Scotland , I can still accept that they did well to get a draw with PSV.



    Goodnight all.

  15. PS


    Just noticed FOUR yellows for Sevco and ONE for PSV. That is a ratio you don`t often see in Scotland !

  16. The plan would surely be to lighten the numbers at centre back? That can’t change because of a temporary injury crisis.



    But surely we need to get one or two out and then bring in a 6 month loan of a first team ready standard as a stop gap?



    Lots of other work required in other positions.




    Think we will get a 1 year loan for seasoned but too old english epl or championship centre half



    Still hopefull we wll see a new keeper, centre mid and striker



    With strength pace and power

  18. 30% possession at home in a cl qualifier



    They were playing a team that finished second in the Dutch league not Man City





    If we were to see PSV take 70% of the ball at Celtic Park, our twitter and forums would be going nuts. Regardless if we drew the game.



    The huns seem much more accepting of this style of play.

  19. Well bhoys – I watched this one in the Washington DC airport bar, on the plane before and after take off.



    Best ever switcheroo to maintain wifi etc, that’s not usually possible.



    My take away is that the odds are against them going through. Something fundamental will need to change next week for them to progress.



    Let’s see.