Celtic are lucky regarding central def injuries


48 hours ago, Celtic fans were in relative equilibrium.  Defeat in the League Cup and an injury crisis in central defence put paid to that.  Maik Nawrocki injured his hamstring at Rugby Park.  He played until the end of the game, doubtlessly conflicted by the team’s predicament, but as Oh did earlier this month, almost certainly exacerbated the damage.

We are four weeks from our fist Champions League game, with only new signing Gustaf Lagerbielke and Liam Scales fit and able to play in central defence.  Neither have been tested at that level, or played together, and they need to navigate another month without injury before being considered for action.

Cameron Carter-Vickers has a chance of returning for then but is by no means certain, and as you and I both know, rushing a player back from a hamstring is never a good idea.  Yuki Kobayashi should be ready, in the fitness sense, however, reruns of his Ibrox performance from last season will give Brendan Rodgers plenty to consider.  Stephen Welsh will be out until the turn of the year.

Reframe this fortune for what it is.  Celtic are lucky; this happened during the transfer window when the club are in funds.  It is no more than a normal football problem to be addressed.  Brendan will have an idea on when Cameron and Maik can be expected return, he will sign others if necessary.

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  1. MODERATOR1888



    Left back and Jota back would be nice too. I’m a Taylor fan but he’s not suited to BR system.



    Worryingly I’m not sure Calmac is suited either unless there’s significant improvement from him and those around him. The inverted fullback system kept bodies closer together and suited his play.

  2. We will not make final moves for any further players until we know if we are splitting CL income with Sevco.



  3. Tiny Tim



    Who told You that ?



    I honestly think that is absolute nonsense. They have made it up.

  4. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    What is Rodgers system though second time around?



    I no sure haven’t seen any identity yet. Seems Aberdeen, County & Kilmarnock were pressing our defence high at goal kicks and Hart is playing it long most times. I can’t understand why Kyogo and Maeda are coming deep either.



    Taylor did affect the game positively on Sunday when he did invert. Think of that pass to Abada around 55th mark from the right hand side.



    For all the noise about quality players needed, Sundays defeat was about Rodgers tactics. Not playing to the strengths of the players on the park.



    I watched Celtic up closely against Wolves in 1st half in pre season. There were big positives I thought from that game. Ovata offers more than Ralston at right back. So why did he drop Ovata for the first league game?



    Same with Hatate, the midfield pivot is less effective with Turnbull in there.



    And pushing Maeda central with Kyogo playing deeper? What’s that all about!



    Rodgers excuses with the plastic pitch and ‘better players’ is just deflection on his part.



    Start by finding a system that plays to the the players strengths. I can’t believe amount of discussion this quality players has got this week after Kilmarnock.



    BR needs to up his tactical game in the weeks ahead. The loss on Sunday was more to do with his performance than anything else.

  5. thought PSV looked like a very good physical and technical team – thought rangers showed a lot of grit in competing and looked dangerous on the counter.



    Rangers matched them physically in a way that i don’t think celtic could – esp midfield.



    Having watched the killie game again – i’m adding O’reily to my list of uncertainties – not sure what he brings coz he have no dig and no shot – not sure he has any in his locker

  6. TINYTIM on 22ND AUGUST 2023 10:51 PM



    We will not make final moves for any further players until we know if we are splitting CL income with Sevco.






    What makes you suggest that TT?




  7. Stebhoy,


    There you go again.The only thing that is uncertain,is the day you post something positive.


    Must try harder.

  8. Burnley78 11.08



    Nobody told me that .


    It’s my own opinion .



    I think that we will have several irons in the fire .


    I think that some will be cheaper than others ,and some that the manager will prefer more than others.


    I’m guessing the ones that the manager prefers will be costly.



    Until we know the minimum full extent of our CL income .Then we won’t decide the mix and cost of players that we will finally decide upon .



    Unlike many I think we will sign a few decent players next week .



    I just think if there is an extra £7m or £8 m in the pot ,you may sign different players .




  9. turkeybhoy – read more! i’m fair in my assessment and already complimented central defense, holm and Yang for their part in the game. All others were very poor and some i don’t like in a Celtic shirt.

  10. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    I get that Rodgers is trying to move the team from an aggressive to a possession based team.



    But why do it now if it nullify’s the strengths of half the team. Calmac is isolated when he should be pushing forward. Tallylor is struggling to play the traditional LB role. Abada and Ralston should never play on right side together ever again. Abada needs to be played into space and Ralston just can’t pick the passes needed. Ovata at least can find space a pass and space



    Kyogo strength is his movement to pull defenders out of position to create space for others. Going deep isn’t as effective IMO.



    All too much, too soon from Rodgers at the moment IMO.

  11. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    My final point for the night – the transition from Ange to Rodgers seems to be unnecessarily complicated by these tactical tweaks at the moment.



    Too many players underperforming for it to be a player quality issue. It’s the system that’s the issue.

  12. Good Morning All – Grand Day To Be A Tim






    Since his return Brendan Rodgers has taken part in a number of press conferences and interviews, they are well worth a listen.



    He has made it clear the team are in transition in tactics, strategy and personnel.



    We are short of players due to those leaving, we are short due to injury and we are short due to our transfer window activity being incomplete.



    Brendan Rodgers rarely plays a 4-3-3 but has little choice as things stand.



    He has made it clear the defence was poor and he was working on the team structure and “that would take time.”



    New players coming in, current players adapting.



    We need a new left back capable of defending, he has already said that Bernabei lacked ability in defence.



    The idea that the whole team should be jigged around Greg Taylor’s ability to play an inverted fullback role is a non-starter.



    One of Killie’s top player’s is their winger Armstrong, the idea you give him free range because your left back wants to invert is preposterous.



    Watch when Greg picks up his yellow card, that is Armstrong showing physicality and aggression against lackadaisical defending.



    One of the first things Brendan Rodgers said, the team needs more physicality and aggression and it does, much more.



    We have got that in the new CHs that have came in but they lack experience and pre-season with the team.



    No doubts that will be resolved in time but time was of the essence when Brendan arrived, we are nowhere ready for our trip to Ibrox or the kick-off in the UCL group stage



    So would Abada and Ralston be BR’s first choice on the right? I very much doubt it



    Is Iwata the answer, I very much doubt it.



    If you think he is, you should watch James Forrest testimonial highlights.



    Watch Hatate at Athletico Bilbao’s first goal and watch Iwata at Athletico Bilbao’s second on 1m10s






    That second goal will tell you that if Iwata is going to be Celtic class, he needs a great deal of development and coaching, especially to play the right back position.



    Ralston may not be the best but he’s head and shoulders above Iwata.



    Blaming the manager and coaching staff for the defeat at Rugby Park is lazy, they have got a great track record and given time and support will produce a great Celtic team.



    Hail Hail



    Hail Hail

  13. Good morning all from a bright, sunny dry at the moment Garngad.



    Has Pedro haggled, ducked and dived and got us a £2million pound project yet?



    Have a good day yall.



    D :)

  14. Watched the entire Sevco game on RTE. Talk about West Brits. The commentary team were worse that anything you would get in the Scottish MSM. There was also no comment on the fact that the home support sang versions of the Famine Song and the Fields of Athenry for the first 20 plus minutes. Will UEFA have any interest, good old RTE certainly do not.

  15. Sadly, Hatate looks like he wants out. Saw him against Wolves and his body language was all wrong.

  16. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Blaming Rodgers is lazy?



    Geez us peace 😄



    Blaming the plastic pitch and lack of quality players – now that’s lazy!

  17. I watched all of the Huns V PSV game.


    PSV were GUILTY ( Especially in the 1st half ) of overplaying the ball and trying to score a Hollywood Goal.



    Throughout the game PSV were over elaborate, and at times far too complacent. That wasnt the Huns fault.



    BETTING….I had PSV to Win the game, but I ALSO had a sneaky wee side Bet on the Correct Score of 2 – 2 at odds of 11/1.


    TAVPEN wasnt very good….apart from taking corners, he never provided any crosses, and he was caught out of position on several occasions.


    PSV FAILED to take advantage.



    DESSERS is a pure TIT.


    SIMA is a pure TIT.


    SOUTAR is a pure TIT.


    DANILO is a pure TIT.


    DOWELL is a pure TIT.




    CANTWELL has some ability, but he is CHEAT and hopefully he WILL be punished accordingly real soon. He SHOULD have been RED CARDED last night, and forced to miss the 2nd Leg in Holland !



    The Refs name was ” TURPIN”…….at times I thought that ” BEN TURPIN” was the Ref ?


    I STILL fancy PSV to go through in the 2nd Leg, but they MUST get their act together and go for the Huns jugular !





    The Huns got lucky once again, with the Ref being lenient at times.

  18. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    I really don’t see the logic in Hatate turning down a new contract extension when he is contracted until May 2026.



    Suppose he is on £15k a week currently and club are offering £30k. Might as well take the wage increase with 3 years left in his contract, even if he wants out.



    I can’t see how turning it down increases his chances of getting out of the club decide he is not sale right now.

  19. garygillespieshamstring on

    A bit off piste here, but read the cqn news story about BR and the transfer market.



    BR did not “snap up” Moussa Dembele from anywhere.



    Moussa Dembele’s cross border move was in place before Ronny left. Dembele signing had nothing to do with BR apart from him being the manager when MD pitched up after seeing out his contract.

  20. garygillespieshamstring on

    Not having a go at Brendan here, just the rewriting of history I the article.

  21. BHOY FROM THE BOYNE on 23RD AUGUST 2023 8:14 AM



    A longer contract puts his price up if he wants to go. Which means fewer clubs will be interested as his price will exceed more clubs valuation of him, and they will offer him a lower wage if they are interested.



    This will all be the work of his agent, the simple question he’ll be asked is “do you want to move?” The agent will do the rest to ensure his client gets the best move he can and they both make as much money as possible (normally at the expense of the selling club)

  22. Jerry Taylor on X



    Even if we did sign Jota again, there will still be some Celtic fans that say he isn’t a good enough replacement for Jota. 🍀.



    Made me chuckle …

  23. Final thought on the huns last night. They’re very limited and created very little last night, feeding of inexiplicable mistakes at the back from PSV and hitting on the counter for the second. PSV will be disappointed with what they created given how much of the play they had. The huns will struggle to break down low blocks in scotland though, those tactics they used last night are of no use to them in domestic football and I believe they will drop a lot of points this season.



    As for us, BR is out this morning saying how challenging the transfer window is and how the club need to be sustainable, so I’m not confident for the rest of this window. I think we’ll end it with a negative net spend. As for signing experience before Ibrox, I suspect some within the club have factored in a defeat and are hoping we kick on when CCV comes back. A high risk strategy.

  24. Blaming the full backs for Sunday doesn’t help anyone



    We lost 1-0 because we didn’t create enough chances, their keeper barely had a save to make in the second half in a cup game.



    That front 6 should be beating killie. Even with a couple of new players, injuries and needing to rest players means at some point this season we’ll need to go into games like Sunday with a similar looking attacking line up. We’ll face the same tactics with the same players.



    It’s a wake-up call for Brendan and we have squad problems to deal with but the best managers make do with things not being perfect. And with short left backs who aren’t great.



    We’ll play poorly for a bit, we’ll probably get beaten at Ibrox because they’re at home and they have a full fit squad to choose from, but we have too much quality in in the dugout and in the squad not to succeed.

  25. BOGNORBHOY on 23RD AUGUST 2023 9:39 AM



    I found that funny :-)))



    Less funny was the rumour a Dundee Utd fan told me this morning. Jota has been off-loaded because he is gay.


    Not even sure I should be posting that but I`m curious if anyone has heard anyring .