Celt in the media who remained truest to the club


The phrase Poisoned Chalice could have been written with the Scotland national team manager’s job in mind.  Even in the 80s when we had great players, and the likes of Stein and Ferguson in charge, a sense of under-achievement followed Scotland in tournament football.

In Gordon Strachan’s favour as he takes over at Hampden today, is the 14 years in the wilderness which has reset expectations to ‘Incredibly Modest’.  This contrasts with his arrival at Celtic Park seven and a half years ago, a few weeks after the messianic Martin O’Neill left the premises.  Then expectations were huge, but Gordon had to achieve put a winning team on the field while curtailing expenditure against rapidly increasing budgets in the English game.

The result was not always pretty but it was effective.  He became only the third manager in our history to win three-in-a-row and took us to the knock out stages of the Champions League twice, eclipsing O’Neill’s achievement in Europe’s top tournament.  Few could have measured up so well.

In 2006, when he won the league at the earliest date in the history of Scottish football, he took his players, backroom and support staff onto the field in a moving movement of triumph.  The stoicism with which he clung onto the league campaign in 2008, when all seemed lost, was remarkable.  There can be few more enjoyable ways to win the league than from a 15 point deficit in April – one of the great times to be a Celtic supporter. When his team ran out of steam in 2009 he left the scene with much less fanfare than he deserved.

Of all the former Celts working in the media Gordon is truest to the club.  Celtic is his team and the joy he gets as a supporter is evident.  Such comment will be tempered now he is Scotland manager, but we wish him every success.
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  1. ASonOfDan



    The only thing I know about Steaua Bucharest is that when winning the European Cup in 1986 they joined Celtic as the only club to win the European Cup with a full team of players from their home country.



    Now, had young Tony known that little fact, he could have made a lot of friends in Romania.




  2. The most underestimated manager in our history.


    The defeat of Manchester United in Celtic Park, is one of my all time great Celtic memories

  3. sixtaeseven - 4 fouls 4 cards & penalty, a day in the life on

    Good luck Gordon Strachan!


    Scotland are at the bottom of the group with two points from four games. Belgium and Croatia are joint top on 10 points.


    The wee man needs a miracle…

  4. Auldheid@13:08



    My take on it is if Sky don’t pick up the option, then BT Vision almost certainly will. In saying that, i would be amazed if ESPN let Scottish football go. They have lost the rights to EPL, Serie A, Ligue 1, MSL + the Brasilerao from next season onwards. All of the aforementioned leagues rights have been snapped up by BT Vision.



    All ESPN have left is the SPL, Bundesliga + the Russian Premier League. They are already going to lose tens of thousands of subscriptions as a result of the EPL etc leaving them.



    To lose the SPL will almost certainly sound the death knell for ESPN in the UK.

  5. All the best to WGS in his new role. A true Celtic legend. Remember Gordon, you have few friends in the media but I suspect most decent football fans will be right behind you.

  6. Can Sky monopolize the whole Scottish Football gig? Or do other broadcasters have the right to bid?

  7. philvisreturns on

    Initialwise, I misunderstimated Gordon Strachan when he arrived at Celtic.



    Irregardless, he proved himself to be a man for all seasonings. (thumbsup)

  8. Gordon all the best, it will take a big man to sort out the squad, the team, the SFA, the press and of course Charles Green and his Division 3 army……………



    But you are just the MAN to do it.

  9. The Pantaloon Duck on

    In the summer of 2000, I saw Martin O’Neill in the departure lounge at Edinburgh airport. His appointment had just been announced. I went across, shook his hand, and said “good luck”. “Thanks”, he replied, “I’ll need it…”



    Good luck, Gordon. You’ll need it.

  10. philvisreturns on

    Re: Gordon Strachan and his Red-Headed League.



    We need more ginger players and coaches involved in Scottish football if we are to become a force again. Foreigners don’t like trying to mix it with our crimson heroes, and it’s easier for firecrotch players to find each other on the park.



    Mon the gingers. (thumbsup)

  11. philvisreturns on

    bournesouprecipe – I always carry a can of Bat-podium spray in my utility belt, old chum. (thumbsup)

  12. Just had a thought!



    I wonder how many players from the fourth tier WGS will pick in his first squad..?



    Hopefully there’ll be none but I sure the MSM will have a filed day if that is the case..


    Oh I cannae wait!! :D





    /Bishop B

  13. I used to be a ginger, now unfortunately somewhere between white & bald. Yep I’m delighted for Gordon Strachan he has proved to us where his heart lies. Downside is from now on he will have to be pretty diplomatic and all embracing of the Scottish game. He will be asked awkward questions his responses may not always be what we want to hear, but we will just have to show a bit of understanding. I wish him all the best and whilst being Irish my first priority in the International game is for The Republic, I do wish Scotland well and would love to see them move up in The International rankings.

  14. Celtic’s readiness to apologise for any PERCEIVED slight is not a weakness.


    It is an immense strength. Compare & contrast with our churlish & immature neighbours.


    Of course young Tony Watt has done nothing to upset the Romanians. He simply was naive enough to admit that he knew nothing about them. A gentle reprimand will do him no harm whatsoever, & it will show that Celtic are very sensitive about the respect due to a great side.


    Well handled.


    Everybody is a winner.

  15. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    I disagree he will temper his support for us, he will use it to talk up Scottish football, he’s the only talking head I’ve heard talk up our game in the last 10 years, he’s exactly what the game and meeja need in this country.

  16. When his beloved ole Coatbridge Primary School pet hamster died, philvisreturns nipped oot and bought an exactly identical one and put it back in the cage before even single child noticed it was gone.

  17. philvisreturns on

    MMOM M M M




















































    M MMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMM++++?++++++++++++++++


    NMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMI+++?+++++++++++++++++


    MMM MMMMMMMMMMMMZ+?+++?++++++++++++++++








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