Celtic strategic transfer planning is vulnerable


You and I discussed how unusual it was for Celtic to discuss selling Josip Juranovic (27) 10 weeks before the next transfer window opens, especially as he has three and a half years left on his contract.  The emergence of Canada right back Alistair Johnston (24) as a target suggests our transfer business is being conducted strategically, not tactically.  Why, you may ask, has it not always been so?  Answer below.

We have seen enough of the business to know nothing is for certain.  Josip will not leave cheaply, so whoever covets him will have budget and, therefore, several options.  Alastair Johnston could do with toning down his World Cup performances.  We don’t want targets doing well on the greatest stage to show their swagger; there is a genuine chance other suitors will emerge in the weeks ahead.

If Celtic swap out a player for one they perceive as a better option and manage to make a profit, it should be considered a clear success.  But the transfer business!  You start out working strategically, so often you end up with reactive mode.

We have been on the front foot in recent transfer windows, getting business done early.  That trend continues with the signing of Yuki Kobayashi.  Celtic believe economic challenges over the last two years have softened the market for them.

We have another window to concern ourselves with, the 18 months between now and when Champions League changes begin in 2024.  The squad is nowhere near strong enough to ensure we are where we need to be to be part of the story in 2024.  The softness in the transfer market will change eventually, we need to have a lot of the heavy lifting in the squad improvements done by then.

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  1. Which qualifying grop did Wales come out of? I ask because the last two games they really have been very poor, no direction, no real players and terrible to watch. Iran deserved the win, sorry Wales!

  2. Smashing game and well done IR Iran.



    This tourney showing ME teams have a little bit about them; shot in the arm for the profile of the Middle East game.



    I’ve said I won’t be heartbroken if we cash in on Jura; always felt he was passing thru.



    Hope Ange’s transfer targets include a goal sniffer as well as these defensive bolsterers.



    🎵 And Iran, Iran so far away…




  3. Re transfers and transfer business, it’s just as well we’re making profits and have built up an all-important cash pile to finance it.



    Having the readies to hand instead of needing to squeeze every penny out of every deal makes it much easier to act quickly.

  4. If Brazil go all the way with their inverted full backs being so important to the way they play, Juras price should only go up, he’ll fit into any system employing them no bother at all

  5. ernie lynch on 25th November 2022 12:12 pm



    Maybe a Great Britain team would have won it for you Ernie?

  6. Our forward thinking transfer policy,is became Peter Lidl isn’t controlling it any more,you missed that bit Paul….

  7. Well done Iran Well done Wales.


    The Total joy of the Iranian fans,magic,respect to Welsh fans applauding Iran.


    It’s what football is bout,total joy.


    Now the Welsh have nothing to loose against England


    And US Iran …well that’ll take care of itself lols


    It’s a game of 3 half’s





  8. TIMMY7_NOTED on 25TH NOVEMBER 2022 12:17 PM


    ernie lynch on 25th November 2022 12:12 pm







    Maybe a Great Britain team would have won it for you Ernie?








    Well given that England trounced Iran I think that would be a fairly safe bet.



    Wales relied on one player, and he didn’t turn up. They were crap.

  9. As i posted the other day, Bale and Ramsey are cheats,happy taking huge wages,mugging off clubs and fans alike,play a couple of games in a couple of months, and think they are match fit for a World Cup game,fit enough to play golf though…..conmen.

  10. Bada



    “Peter Lidl isn’t controlling it any more”



    This is correct Aldi long. We could have signed Trent Sainsbury and Clinton Morrison but wait, rose two didn’t come to us because of penny punching. We never even tapped the Iceland market. If the management team had been more Co-operative then it Asda have been better for us. Lawell has Tesco. No more safe ways of budgeting.

  11. Herve Renard (Harvey Fox?) rev up speech that inspired the Saudi’s to kick some Argie ass.


    It’s not exactly Postecoglou, but the translator’s working bloody hard getting message thru – and it worked…






    PS: are they sure that photo is of a 52-yr old murderer? Looks 72!




  12. bournesouprecipe on

    Top five players you’ve ever seen,



    James ‘Jinky’ Johnstone



    Diego Armando Maradona



    Kenneth Mathieson Dalglish



    Robert White Murdoch



    Lionel Andrés Messi

  13. Good Article Paul67,



    Strategic transfer planning is vulnerable, we seen that in BR’s first transfer window – he had targeted a few Welsh players, Wales had a great Euros and the players’ price soared, out of Celtic’s range.



    However the fact is if Ange is going to build a team capable of competing in the UCL 2023/24, we need to do this, the Manager has been very successful at targeting and getting individual players in.



    We also know we will have to move on talented key players, managing that and replacing those players with like quality is essential.



    Hail Hail

  14. Top 5 Non Celtic players, other scottish teams you saw



    Andy RICHIE


    Gordon Strachan


    Brian McClair (before us)


    Paul Sturrock


    Willie Miller

  15. IRAN fully deserved their Victory against Wales, who were once again quite poor in even the ” Basics” of Fitba.


    Bale was largely anonymous yet again, and Aaron Ramsey failed to do much either. No surprise there then.


    I felt sorry for Wales centre forward KIEFFER MOORE, who was trying to live off of scraps, especially when Bale and Ramsey didn’t kick a ball.


    Moore battled away all game trying to get his Team to show more etc.

  16. CHAIRBHOY on 25TH NOVEMBER 2022 12:56 PM



    Ange isn’t targeting individual players, that’s what Mark Lawwell does. It’s the same as Rodgers and Congerton.

  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Wrote a longish “here’s my thruppence” post yesterday about Canadian RB.



    But it failed to load and disappeared.


    (I took that as a sign and didn’t bother trying to recreate)



    If I may summarise it though?



    – don’t think AJ needs to tone down his performance. (Admittedly based on just 78 minutes of viewing) I thought he looked very ordinary



    – From Asset management POV, can’t see him moving from a £3m to a £8-12m asset in a Celtic jersey



    – Other confederations are now playing it much smarter.



    “You want to sign our prospects European teams?



    Fine. Pony up. At European rates”



    … which we can’t really afford BTW

  18. Greenockbornhundredaire on

    MODERATOR1888 on 24TH NOVEMBER 2022 10:50 PM



    Thanks for the email and video



  19. If a man, standing in a forest, says something and his wife isn’t there to correct him…



    …..is he still wrong?




    Interesting points.



    In terms of future transfer fees I’d agree – he’s 24 already, unless something spectacular happens when he comes to us he won’t fetch anything near £10m. We’re not getting close to that for Jura when he goes.



    I think the idea is that we get someone as good or better and make a profit in the meantime, with one eye on making some money later on a sale, rather than flipping him for a quick profit

  21. Although Jura did come from a poor league for less and should go for a tidy sum in the space of 18 months so maybe Ange will work his magic on him as well.

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