Celtic v Kilmarnock, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 15:00.

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  1. Great team out today.Personally,I would have given Eboue another start,but sure he will come on.looking for a few goals today.the firepower is there.

  2. Just a wee mystery………?


    See if, the Cellic PLC can find the means to pay the salaries of,……


    Mr Martin O’Neill….


    Mr Roy Keane…..


    For the Republic of Ireland…..


    Why can the same Cellic PLC not find the means to pay…..


    Mr Brendan Rodgers of Glasgow Celtic FC ?



  3. saltires en sevilla on

    Great news that Brendan will be contracted for another 4 years.



    Sends all the right messages to existing players and targets ( surely they already know they are targets…)



    Empathise with the guys who are complaining about c. 10% increase in prices for season tickets. How many Celts fans have seen a cumulative increase of 10% (netto) in the last few years?



    It’s th etake it or leave it nature of the Executive Decision ( were you consulted.. did you vote at AGM?)



    Two of the worst results, ever, in Europe are still fresh in memory. It’s in Europe that Brendan will be making his name. Results in Scoltand don’t predict European performance.



    Genuinely happy that Brendan and his backroom team ( Surely?) all signed up and looking forward to watching more of the same, and improved performance in Europe.



    should be a fantastic day in the sun at Paradise today.



    Enjoy and HH

  4. Just following on from the ST increase.To the people complaining.What if we dont get into the CL this year?.


    BR is getting a new surface laid at Celtic Park,and from what he has said,a full size indoor one at Lennoxtown.


    We want players in who will give us better chances in the CL.These cost big money,in transfers,wages,maybe both.We are trying to keep the players we have.To do this they will be offered big increases in wages.Armstrong,eg.We are still spending on the areas surrounding the Stadium,a Hotel awaiting planning permission,and more.As I said at the start,what if we dont qualify for the CL this year.If we do,and again we make a great deal of money,maybe again we will see a 3,4 year period when ST prices are frozen.


    Oh how the Munters across the city would love our “Cretinous,snivelling mob”that occupy our boardroom,in theirs.

  5. If you see a fhella hanging around the corner looking for a’wacky baldy fella’ it’s just my big wee bro, Ruairī, looking for Delanys Dunky:-)



    It’s the Bad Ass for me and a wa few others.




  6. CELTIC (3-4-2-1) Gordon, Lustig, Simunovic, Boyata; Forrest, Brown, Armstrong, Tierney; McGregor, Sinclair; Roberts.


    Subs: Hazard, Izaguirre, Bitton, Dembele, Rogic, Sviatchenko, Kouassi

  7. Paul67



    Not a complainer just a devotee.



    But putting up ‘live updates’ on matchday without a ‘new article’ post on the remaining thread


    really is very unfair on the posters that continue to post away to ‘their hearts content’ on the old thread, as can be seen by the Grand National naps continuing.



    IMHO csc

  8. Good looking team and look at that bench…impressive as the squad gets back to full fitness, easy to forget we’ve had some big players injured this season!




  9. Looks like Brendan doesn’t like dropping points. That is a strong team & a very strong bench. I expected Kouassi to start but obviously Brendan knows best.


    Anyway here’s hoping for a top class performance & another 3 points.

  10. Good morning from a sunny and warm eastern seaboard.


    High 60s on Palm Sunday and 70s later in the week.

  11. Fabulous day in Glasgow, practically tropical ‘ish!



    Strong team hope we crush the Ayrshire Huns

  12. On a separate subject


    The board and ‘GG management, the wife, are pleased to announce our continuing commitment to Celtic FC with a rolling 10 year contract for yours truly.


    Terms are private and are thought to be on the same basis as when I attended my first game in 1954.

  13. Finally got my internet and CelticTV up and running after a long absence. COYBIG!


    Cracking crowd, always find it amazing just how quickly the stadium fills up.

  15. GG


    Notable among the substitutes is the inclusion of teenage goalkeeper Conor Hazard, who has impressed for the Development Squad this season.

  16. Not happy. Second game in a row not a decent sausage anywhere, it just isn’t fair :-(

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