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  1. It was, commentator said it was too high. It wasnt. Jamsie should have picked a corner with the header, unmarked

  2. Subs made us worse.


    19 corners,just a waste of time.


    Score is a disgrace.That has to be at least 3-0 today


    Ah well.

  3. We had 13 corners


    They headed 12


    They had the ball in our box 4times won 4 headers


    Rodgers out


    How to totally destroy a team in 4 weex


    Appoint Rodgers

  4. Well we have plenty of work to do this weekend every department of the club.


    Till next week all

  5. First half showed promise. Second half was very poor.


    No goals in 2 games.


    The squad, as exists, doesn’t win the league.


    Team need strengthened, though we could see further weakening if Hatate leaves.

  6. Lack of quality in midfield and up front cost us.


    Not surprising when Jota and Mooy not replaced.


    60 million at last accounts.


    The new signings that the 3 stooges from the site, turks, burnley and stivs, all lauded as great work from the board, only one started in the top 6 positions.




    This was the season where we had the money to push on and bring in the quality we knew we lacked from last season.


    Dreadful planning by the board.


    I dont blame the 3 stooges from on here for their blinkers on backing of the board as they genuinely clueless are more to be pitied for their staunch hunlike defence of the board.


    But for people on here with any common sense then we can see the massive failings of the incompetent board.

  7. two scoreless games against Killie and Saints.



    CalMac form has fallen off a cliff.



    We’ve squad players who clearly are not good enough to be at Celtic.



    Injuries piling up.



    Not a good pace to be at the min.



    They seen that game out easily today. Pathetic.

  8. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Wow. How far we’ve fallen so quickly. That team was red rotten today. Two games in a row we’ve never looked like scoring. Turned a goal scoring machine into wallpaper. Ange is gone and the empire strikes back. Ibrox will be fun and the Champions League… a blood bath.

  9. AuroraBorealis79 on

    This is not going to work out. We have no identity playing whatever it is we’re playing. We are a shadow of our former selves. No press, no balls in behind, poor positioning & lack of movement off the ball.



    Where to from here?

  10. Disappointing, not working out as we had hoped at the moment.



    Time for cool heads, Daizen will be important next week where he will have half a pitch to run into.



    Take care all.

  11. Did anyone really think we’d get a goal in the 2nd half?



    We are a very dull team to watch.



    Brendo has his work cut out, have my doubts he has the appetite to change this.

  12. Could we have had any less variation of a slow build up, could we have had less penetration? We now have a trend – last week on a crap surface with poor officiating- this week – all on us.

  13. If there is any truth in our participation in “balancing the books” with thems, then I will never support Celtic ever again.


    I love Celtic, love them but if they have in any way colluded in helping them , then, as tough as it will be, I’m out.


    Break my heart, but, .







  14. Something far wrong here. Players showing very little fight. Nightmares coming up at Mordor and the Champions League. Players not playing for Rodgers. Hard to see what the tactics are. No Jota and Hatate no goals.