Central-mid quandary for Celtic


We know what to expect from Aberdeen tonight.  They will flood (pardon the pun) central midfield, defend deeply and, let’s be clear, they will score any time we allow them the kind of space they exploited at Celtic Park this month.

Question is, what will Celtic do about it?  If Stefan Johansen’s ankle knock keeps him out the central-mid triangle of Johansen, Brown and Biton will be disrupted, and surely Neil Lennon will not revert to a central two after the Scottish Cup lesson.  The picture is further complicated by the injury to Emilio Izaguirre, which forced Charlie Mulgrew back at the weekend.  Mulgrew would be a suitable direct replacement for Johansen.

In 10 years doing this stuff I’ve probably used no more than a few dozen words to praise emerging young talent; it’s been a rough decade in that respect.  Without wanting to go overboard in any way, Darnell Fisher has looked more than comfortable at right back in the absence of Mikael Lustig and Adam Matthews.  Darnell’s problem going forward will be that he has two excellent international players ahead of him in the pecking order, but for tonight, I would be tempted to bring Matthews to left back (if he can do it against Barcelona….) and restore Fisher to the right back slot.  This would allow Charlie to sit alongside Scott Brown and Nir Biton in central-mid.

Well done to Frank McAvennie, who is jumping out of an aeroplane 15,000 feet in the air.  You can play your part in this exercise by supporting the Quarriers run, Chavey Down residential home, in Newton Mearns, which helps young people up to the age of 16.

The need is for sensory equipment, toys and wheelchair-appropriate play areas.  To contribute, go to Frank’s JustGiving page, or text FMSD 89 followed by £1, 2, 3, 5, 10 to 70070.

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  1. Danso – “there is a society of protection for corruption in what ever form”



    I’m part of that “society” and I want specifics which have been sadly lacking in your posts thus far

  2. malceye


    10:50 on


    25 February, 2014


    the sun is out here in the east.


    Anyway, I decided lastnight that I am entering the Thames 100k ultra this September.


    It got me thinking – its a wee while now since some of us ran Glasgow 10k for Kano. But this (and many other events since) demonstrated the power of this forum to improve the lives of others.


    Can anyone suggest a green-related cause which I could seek sponsorship for?


    And of course, if anyone wants to…you can always join me – the only obligation is to complete the 100k in under 15 hours…




    some ideas in here malceye






    I just go for the inverse records now lol,how slow I can be,quietest mountain etc.



    hope you enjoy

  3. An Tearmann



    thanks for that – an interesting website.


    The idea of inverse records is appealing !

  4. Danso –


    that twice I have asked for specifics and had no response. So, in “lawyer speak”, let’s break this down –



    do you think the decision today by Lord Tyre was part of this ‘corrupt society’ thing you talk of?

  5. Oscar positive thoughts unionbearBhind on

    thomthethim for Oscar OK



    try merchant city chippie on corner of high st or if your the other ens of town the oxford in hill st garnethill off Cambridge st both great chippys.




  6. Tony d – excuse me but my dad was a bus driver – he died peacefully in his sleep




    Unlike the passengers on his bus !!




  7. The Comfortable Collective





    15:21 on



    25 February, 2014





    Is Lord Tyre related to the King of Tyre?




    Yes you are correct he is related to Tom Farmer

  8. My uncle Freddie was a bus driver. He was also an amateur boxer. Every time the conductress rang the bell he leapt off his seat and came out punchin’. :-)

  9. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    oscar positive thoughts unionbearbhind



    16:31 on 25 February, 2014


    thomthethim for Oscar OK



    try merchant city chippie on corner of high st or if your the other ens of town the oxford in hill st garnethill off Cambridge st both great chippys.








    Thanks, he lurks around here, so he will pick up the suggestions given here.



    Staying in the Premier Inn, Buchanan St, so the Chippy Doon the Lane sounds a convenient spot.

  10. 3-0 to celts tonight,



    radio off


    watch man u


    then practice my erse



    celts on alba




  11. Spare me your thoughts about what I post, as I keep saying just scroll by my posts then, you impression of the key board hard man makes me smile, and here was me thinking I was going about bothering no one this week, and up pops you, who are you any way,? Yi know what who cares, do yourself and me a favor just scroll by my posts, I could see the point if I named you in the post or you where a bus driver, but your not, so really, what is your point?

  12. Celtic, fur .. well.. a long,long time..



    Hiv bin Alookin’ fur a Lone Striker.



    Ah guy who could play the Lonely Linwood Striker Part.



    Well. Celtic ,hiv Noo.. goat Wan..



    Leigh Griffith, is his Name.. an. Bein a Wee Nippy Son o A Gun..


    is his Game.




    Lee,as Ah choose tae Call him.. Is The Answer tae a Maiden’s Prayer..( Defeeneetly.. No Argument,there..Pal!)( Slip o’ the tongue,oan Ma Part..)



    He has it awe.. He is as Tricky as a Barrel Fu..o… Bath Street Lawyers.



    He kin tak oan a Man..n .. beat him.. wan oan Wan..



    This is Very Important fur a … Lonely Linewood Striker .. be able tae dae..



    Tony Watt, kin Dae it..



    N.. so Kin .. Amido.. But Mair aboot Amido. Latah,,



    Meantime, back at the Ranch.



    Celtic,need a Lone Raider.. n..



    Ah Propose. that Lee be advanced as a Candidate fur that… Spot..



    The Day..



    To day,it is Important .. fur the Aberdeen hiv thur tails Up.. n.. Mean tae Spike oor Cannons…n… Steal oor Galluses…



    Yep.. Lee ,is the Man tae Lead us .. the Day



    Awe oan his Owneo.. Perfect.






  13. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Tyre is the home of milk and honey, we all live like lords out here…

  14. embramike supporting wee Oscar and Res 12 on

    An Tearmann



    No problem … also 3-0 to celts tonight,



    radio off, watch man u, then scratch my erse as celts on alba

  15. glendalystonsils on

    !!Bada Bing!!


    17:00 on


    25 February, 2014


    That fud Collum in charge of a CL game,dearie me..



    Who’s to say he’s not a very fair and competent referee when he is operating outwith SFA control?

  16. Oscar positive thoughts unionbearBhind on

    thomthethim for Oscar OK



    the Oxford is just round the corner and they do an old fashioned fish tea with bread butter, and peas!

  17. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Good news for oldtim greatly received .



    he will be in town Thursday pm for a couple of shandies….

  18. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    cafe gandolfi round corner from BB’s do a nice fish supper…