Change needed at Premiership, Dave at it again


I know people are sensitive about their place in the football food chain, you and I certainly are, but when two clubs are promoted to the Scottish Premiership, only to find their managers leave before May is out, we should contemplate why?

Jack Ross finished top of the pile with St Mirren and left for a dysfunctional, but comparatively wealthy, Sunderland.  We played St Mirren in the Scottish Cup on our way to the Invincibles Treble and Brendan Rodgers suggested they were the best Scottish team we faced that season.  Ross might become a top manager, or he might be a cheap throw of the dice by Shredder Martin Bain the new chief exec, who is now working his magic as Sunderland chief exec.

Livingston lost David Hopkin this morning amid rumours he is set to take over at another English League One team, Shrewsbury Town.  On paper, Hopkin ticks boxes, albeit based on two seasons of successive promotions.

I cannot blame either manager as both will be offered deals that St Mirren and Livingston, but there is disappointment that the Premiership will be left with two significantly weakened promoted clubs.  As well as Hamilton Accies.

I hope St Mirren prosper as they have solid fundamentals and if they punch their weight will comfortably survive, but the league does not benefit from having teams smaller than St Mirren, Kilmarnock and Motherwell.

Two divisions of 10 teams sharing the bulk of SPFL commercial income, while recognising the already-semi-professional rest of the clubs as community enterprises, with play-off-only access to the second tier, would allow clubs like Falkirk and Dunfermline to share a bit more of the cake and take a longer term development view, instead of binning their youth strategies, as Falkirk just have.  Middle order clubs like these two would benefit enormously from budget predictability.  Community enterprises can be a great focus for an area, but not if a director is trying to play Fifa (reference for the youth demographic).

Another day, another Dave King statement.  ‘But, but, but……’, I paraphrase.  How to burn bridges and lose influence in one easy lesson.  He is trying very hard to put pressure on the Scottish football authorities.  It will be interesting to see if they are inhibited when it comes to dealing with Oldco’s 2011 Uefa registration.

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  1. Natknow


    CQN would be a very quiet place if we removed the barrack-room lawyers. As, indeed,would be all the pubs ans clubs that cover this land.




  2. WWW, WITS, BLANTYRETIM prayers will continue to be said for all who are close.


    MIT, thanks fella, but don’t get involved, spare yourself the cheap needles in the back ;


    HT is a fantastic Celtic supporter and a gentleman.


    HT was asked by Auldheid, to use his considerable clout to, try to get TCST / CSA to march behind Auldheid’s Res:12 Rebel Band as season ticket renewal time was looming, at which point, HT disappeared off the blog?


    Now, if that doesn’t seem a bit strange, well maybe I’m on the wrong meds again?


    I hope HT is ok, and if I’m wrong about this, then I apologize to HT unreservedly.


    Anywye,….. back to bed, and don’t lit the bankie bugs bite ;


    WEEBAWBABITTY, all are fine, hope you and yours are as well Amigo, HH.



  3. A 10 team League would mean each team would lose 1 Home match per season. It will be tough to get that through. Comical Dave won’t like that. This could be subsided by a better TV deal and each team having the knowledge that they would get the green and blue pound gauranteed twice per season regardless of League position. Less games would suit us more than anyone else. It would also get rid of the dreadful 6 team split where you have teams playing 3 at home and 1 away against the same Club. League positions are not achieved on merit and that is unacceptable.



    By Paul’s article i wonder if this is what Celtic want and/or where the new look Governing bodies are headed or where we are steering them.

  4. Why is there a CQN news article about Michael O’Halloran? Sevco player might join Motherwell. Come on seriously.

  5. Paul67 et al



    The old ten team league rises from the ashes once again. Or rather it doesn’t. An argument for playing the likes of Hamilton FC three or four times a season, rather than playing Falkirk, Dunfermline and Dundee United twice a season simply does not add up. Who wants to witness Celtic play on Hamilton’s or Killie’s “Community” surface, not once, but twice a season, Hamilton Tim maybe because it’s handy for him, but for the rest of us not really.

  6. DAVID17



    Listening to Harry Brady’s interview with PL, he talks about Ian Maxwell and the “role and focus” of the SFA.



    Sound to me like he’s happy with Maxwell coming in and that SFA should be limited to the National Team, grassroots fitbaw and governance. A bit like get on wi’ that while we refocus the game at a club level, to me anyway.



    Good listen about where Celtic is at, the ground updates, transfer process, changes in Euro fitbaw etc..




  7. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    If you’re ever stuck in Bedale N. Yorks, have a beer in the Bridge beer café, prefably am ; all sorts of trappist and weird shi* beer

  8. Kev Jungle



    In the interests of clarity read this from minutes of CST AGM (24th March).



    Trust Activities for the year ahead and AOCB




    ” A lengthy proposal on SFA Governance had been received from a member who was not present at the meeting but had asked another member who was in attendance to speak on his behalf. It was agreed that the Trust would look favourably on any invitation to join a group set up to take this issue forward.”



    The opportunity to take things forward did not happen because of my time in Spain , but the urgency left when it became clearer that the Compliance Officers action would determine what the future monitoring need might be.



    If anything needs to happen after the JPDT makes its decisions after June then just how much the Celtic support as a whole need to have the monitoring of SFA behaviour on a support wide basis as part of their agenda should be a lot clearer.



    However thanks for the opportunity to clarify.



    The CST experience on FAC would be invaluable if the fight for trustworthy governance needs to continue.

  9. !!Bada Bing!! on

    These idiots expect us to believe that a queue of clubs want Pena, a day aftet he’s checked into rehab, where in last 2 years nobody would look at the dud

  10. In that article for which Auldheid gave a link, there is this



    ` and the other side backing calls from its fans for punishments for past European licences and EBTs,`


    The `other side` referenced being Celtic. Has our Club asked for these `punishments` ?




  11. STARRY PLOUGH on 31ST MAY 2018 3:19 PM



    Yeah i listened to it last week. Doesn’t sound like PL is thinking about retiring any time soon. What I found interesting was the comments about staying relevant until 2024. By this I took it that Celtic are strongly planning to enter the CL groups stages each year up to then.



    He also spoke about not reacting to short term challenges. That is all very well and there is evidence that this has worked in the past. However, as we get closer to the 10 it is worthwhile noting that the Celtic support will see it as an abject failure if we don’t achieve it from the current position. PL will not want to be the man at the helm if we fall at the home stretch. He must know that himself. Can you imagine the pressure to spend if the League is close in January 2020/21?



    Nobody at Celtic will talk about 10iar just now but it must be the goal. I think we will stick to the current plan or thereabouts. As long as the Huns are a basket case it will deliver. However, should a challenge present itself PL might find out a thing or two about not responding to short term challenges.




    I want to know who sanctioned Sports Writer under Mr Fishers name:))



    Trying to paint it all as ” jolly jape” in the “old firm” game of thrones.



    Sorry Stewarty epic fail..

  13. DAVID17



    I would imagine 8 in a row is the main objective at Celtic Park:))



    You seem to be borrowing trouble from what if land…



    Let’s win the 8, that’ll do for starters.




  14. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    la la lalalala


    key ran


    tear kne


    la la lalalala


    key ran


    tear knee

  15. AULDHEID on 31ST MAY 2018 3:52 PM






    Stewart Fisher: The gloves are off for a new stage for the ‘Old Firm’ … if that still exists










    A good article in principle however I’m disappointed he mentioned the euro license investigation and the Dave King statements in the same sentence. Surely he must realise one is a worthwhile investigation and the other is one man and his hired PR howling at the moon. Which gets to the heart of what was wrong with his article, he didn’t ask why. The answer is something like Celtic have outgrown and outclassed the various versions playing out of Ibrox which have a habit of self destructing.

  16. STARRY PLOUGH on 31ST MAY 2018 4:24 PM



    Last September at a game in Dundee two Celts behind me were talking about how much of a failure it would be if we don’t do the 10. I turned round and said maybe we should worry about 7 first. They weren’t happy with me at all.

  17. DAVID17



    We all want the ten, me personally I try as much as possible to live in the present and I’ve got enough trouble there as it is:))



    Brendan will enough to worry about this season improving the team and make a fist of Europe to be worrying about failing to secure the ten.



    I’m glad he works like that as I canny cope with too many future problems that might never happen:))



    I was interested in what PL said about Euro football, he seems to be quite well informed there.




  18. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    Keep your head down celtic; ignore or duck when the mud is slung and motor on with good football, free flowing, best you can play, treble treble winning, euro nights hammering football. We are the good ghuys!

  19. HOT SMOKED on 31ST MAY 2018 2:41 PM






    CQN would be a very quiet place if we removed the barrack-room lawyers. As, indeed,would be all the pubs ans clubs that cover this land.





    Aye. Some of the opinions expressed on here wouldn’t get an airing in a pub – especially a Celtic pub – other wise a real lawyer would be needed…

  20. Never quite grasped this need for ten in a row. As far as I am concerned Celtic set the record of nine in a row and it has never been beaten. Now if it was Sevco going for ten in a row I might think differently, but there’s no chance of that happenning in my lifetime.

  21. I thought The Herald piece was powder puff stuff. Looked to me though he was filling up column space por cierto.

  22. GTF Glibby would have been shorter, but who cares…………



    Rather than attempt to communicate through the media, it is far more appropriate that any substantive issues are presented to the SPFL Board for careful and detailed consideration, based on a sound legal analysis of the facts.


    To date, there has been no such representations to the SPFL Board and it notes Mr King’s statement of 30 May.


    In its statement of 29 May, Rangers FC claimed a business relationship, existed between the SPFL chairman and minority shareholders in a SPFL Club, despite no evidence of such a relationship being presented.


    There is no mention of the previously claimed business relationship in the 30 May statement.


    In the 30 May statement the central allegation has now become that there was non-disclosure of the conflict that immediately arose when the SPFL Chairman accepted his appointment as a non-executive director of International News & Media PLC (IN&M plc). As with the 29 May statement, no detail was provided to support this allegation.


    Within the space of about 24 hours two different and very public allegations have been made against the SPFL Chairman without, in either case, an approach first being made to the SPFL with concerns or seeking clarification.


    The existence of a conflict of interest and the steps to be taken where it arises in a company context are set out in the Companies Act 2006. There has been no attempt to explain the factual basis of the claim that a conflict of interest, or circumstances which might reasonably have been regarded as likely to give rise to a conflict of interest, had arisen.


    The facts are that minority shareholders in IN&M plc also hold minority shareholdings in Celtic plc, which in turn holds just over 2per cent of the shares in the SPFL.


    The chairman of the SPFL holding a non-executive position on the board of IN&M plc, does not constitute the basis for the existence of a conflict of interest or of circumstances which might reasonably have been regarded as likely to give rise to a conflict of interest, on the part of the SPFL chairman.


    The provisions relating to the criteria for appointment of a chairman of the SPFL and for an appointed chairman of the SPFL to be entitled to continue in office are set out in the Articles of Association of SPFL Limited. The chairman fulfilled those criteria on appointment and continues so to do.


    As the above analysis shows, the SPFL chairman has behaved impeccably in this matter and in keeping with good corporate governance.




    Put that plan together with the plan for Orange Fest with half a million visitors spending clumps on booze and they’ll be rivalling PSG on the player spend front before too long.)))


    NATKNOW 524



    I got heavily deleted for saying similar,though less politely.



    Seems that some people on here could do with a wee prick of conscience,a reminder of why we are who we are. And it’s not because someone pished down the back of your legs in the 70s.

  25. JEROMEK67 on 31ST MAY 2018 5:30 PM


    Never quite grasped this need for ten in a row. As far as I am concerned Celtic set the record of nine in a row and it has never been beaten. Now if it was Sevco going for ten in a row I might think differently, but there’s no chance of that happenning in my lifetime.





    I’ll gladly admit to being obsessed by 10IAR and/but so cautious about taking it one title at a time.



    The reason being that while we know 9IAR was only matched through cheating the rest of the world does not. So the best way to honour the Lions’ league legacy is IMHO to get ten…..then 11……then 12……etc etc



    HH jamesgang

  26. emusanorphan on

    DAVID17 on 31ST MAY 2018 3:11 PM


    Why is there a CQN news article about Michael O’Halloran? Sevco player might join Motherwell. Come on seriously.





    Good question! I heard he went from £750 pw at St J to £3k pw at Bigotdome. But why is there a sympathy article about a Newco player other than he is a RC?

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