Change needed at Premiership, Dave at it again


I know people are sensitive about their place in the football food chain, you and I certainly are, but when two clubs are promoted to the Scottish Premiership, only to find their managers leave before May is out, we should contemplate why?

Jack Ross finished top of the pile with St Mirren and left for a dysfunctional, but comparatively wealthy, Sunderland.  We played St Mirren in the Scottish Cup on our way to the Invincibles Treble and Brendan Rodgers suggested they were the best Scottish team we faced that season.  Ross might become a top manager, or he might be a cheap throw of the dice by Shredder Martin Bain the new chief exec, who is now working his magic as Sunderland chief exec.

Livingston lost David Hopkin this morning amid rumours he is set to take over at another English League One team, Shrewsbury Town.  On paper, Hopkin ticks boxes, albeit based on two seasons of successive promotions.

I cannot blame either manager as both will be offered deals that St Mirren and Livingston, but there is disappointment that the Premiership will be left with two significantly weakened promoted clubs.  As well as Hamilton Accies.

I hope St Mirren prosper as they have solid fundamentals and if they punch their weight will comfortably survive, but the league does not benefit from having teams smaller than St Mirren, Kilmarnock and Motherwell.

Two divisions of 10 teams sharing the bulk of SPFL commercial income, while recognising the already-semi-professional rest of the clubs as community enterprises, with play-off-only access to the second tier, would allow clubs like Falkirk and Dunfermline to share a bit more of the cake and take a longer term development view, instead of binning their youth strategies, as Falkirk just have.  Middle order clubs like these two would benefit enormously from budget predictability.  Community enterprises can be a great focus for an area, but not if a director is trying to play Fifa (reference for the youth demographic).

Another day, another Dave King statement.  ‘But, but, but……’, I paraphrase.  How to burn bridges and lose influence in one easy lesson.  He is trying very hard to put pressure on the Scottish football authorities.  It will be interesting to see if they are inhibited when it comes to dealing with Oldco’s 2011 Uefa registration.

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  1. Melbourne Mick on




    LOL. But thank feck it’s not the alcohol he’s got a taste for 8-))


    H.H Mick

  2. weebobbycollins on

    DD…and midge ure lived over the back from me…never ever came out to play…




    Did you see the Documentary ‘Trouble No More’ on the TV.


    Not bad apart from the eejit doing the fire and brimstone speeches.


    What was that all about ? ?

  4. HOT SMOKED @ 4:09 PM,



    Noticed your post earlier, noted Auldhied nor any other wise aul I-Bampots answered your question. In their absence let me have a pop…



    If we take the 2012 licence on its own, who said what to whom and when… add who accepted what and when, it all seems up for debate…



    Though Mr Fisher in his article states that he’s talking of the licensing and EBT issues… now for me by him implying Celtic are demanding punishments is over stating things.



    Now it’s well worth looking out the correspondence between Peter Lawwell and Stewart Regan after the Supreme Court ruling on Rangers EBTs and the Craig Whyte trial (2017) regarding this point.



    PL requests a Judicial Review and asks for transparency…



    SR tries to embarass PL by stating if he wants transparency the (current) correspondence should be in the public domain



    PL calls SR’s bluff and agrees…



    So we can read these exchanges…



    What PL makes clear and in a later letter reiterates, is the requested judicial review is not about disciplinary action or punishment. It’s about understanding what happened, what went wrong and what are the lessons learned.



    Although he does state, that if during the process, if the need arises then disciplinary action should be taken and if relevant any punishments applied.



    DELANEYS DUNKY @ 10:43 PM,



    Yes, that’s a very odd statement, why no press conference? Why no media interview even, just a Club statement!?



    In my opinion Stevie Gerrard no way penned this… there are a few give aways but the real giveaway is using “outwith”…


    This is rarely used in Scotland and Never! Ever! Ever! Used in England.



    Not only is Mr Gerrard missing the Gee Day Celebrations, he hasn’t even spoken to a single outlet regarding it… MMMMmmmm



    Hail Hail





    Never even knew of it,mate. Found it now,I’ll watch it when I’m up the road.



    Thanks for the info.








    Outwith? Aye,I get your point,but I don’t understand the suggestion.



    If you are insinuating that the statement was written by King/Jabba,I’d have expected the occasional concomitant …

  7. BMCUW @ 12:06 AM,



    Well it’s interesting you say that…



    That’s three statements in three days by Sevco Rangers and they’re oddities in all of them.



    Now there was a very professional statement issued today by the SPFL in response to DCK’s statements. It points out the differences/anomolies between DCK’s two statements…



    The first, to me is the case of someone winding DCK up over some UFH nonsense, him not doing his homework (in all honesty I don’t think even Jabba could have got that one so wrong) and letting fly.



    It leaves him open, not only to ridicule but IMO… litigation.



    The second statement is a mess because it retreats without trying to give the appeareance of backing down…



    But the main thing with this statement is the appearance of legalese with words (incorrectly used) like recuse to the absurd like – not fit for purpose!?!



    No one, in any sort of credible correspondence is going to refer to a person as “not fit for purpose”. A system, a product even an organisation – but never a person.



    Very odd. Again a mistake (and huge insult) that I don’t think even Jabba would have made…



    My prediction…



    June 2018 could be the new February 2012;)



    Hail Hail

  8. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Morning All.



    Since last Friday I have been working like a Trojan so not much time to catch up on the blog and all that is going on but I read back tonight’s offerings.



    Hrvatski Jim



    How are you my friend? FAK at the Barrowlands sounds good to me – I would happily go to that.



    Now, do you remember me sometime ago mentioning a young lady who was a former resident of Knightswood and who is now in the nursing profession based in London and who has the occasional cause to contact you at your place of work? Jackie?



    Well you see it is like this:



    Jackie’s best friend at school was Marion.



    Marion, also from Knightswood, eventually married Nick Hayward from Haircut 100.



    Marion and Jackie used to go to the same parties as wee Clare Grogan because they were in the same year at school.



    As indeed was the sister of DD’s DJ ing pal Paul Welch — her name was Denise.



    I spent many a happy hour in the Welch household when I was younger – though big Paul was a bit odd at times. I remember the occasion he tried to dry his y fronts in the microwave and melted all the elastic!!



    To be fair, I see Paul Welch quite often in Byres Road with his mum (Anne) and he appears to look after her very well – or is it the other way about?



    Anyway, Denise was a far better looker in my eyes than wee Clare and was a great friend when we were young. She once died her long brown hair purple and that was very eye catching.



    I digress.



    Clare used to get the subway to school from ra South Side and she often shared this with a girl called Elish McPhilomy who went on to become Elish Angiolini.



    Interestingly, also on the same subway, as often as not, was a young big head called …………….. Paul McBride who didn’y take to wee Clare at all.



    Anyway, Elish McPhilomy married Dominic Angiolini who used to cut my hair at Strathclyde Uni (though when I last spoke to him about my barnet he suggested the only thing to do with it was to set it on fire) and I was Elish’s prompter when she did her first mock trial at Uni.



    Dominic Angiolini’s next door neighbour was the heid master of St Andrew’s Secondary School in Clydebank an his Mrs (the neighbour’s) taught at OHR primary school in Clydebank which is next to DD’s favourite church of the same name.



    The Clydebank Heidi’s daughter was also in the same year at Notre Dame as wee Clare and the aforementioned Denise, Jackie and Marion — and she too went to the same parties.



    At one of these , she met some dark haired mouthy wastrel of a St Aloysius Bhoy who she knocked about with for a couple of years but the least said about him the better!



    His pals variously snogged all of the above named females, bar Elish, at one time or another, and he himself remembers all of these young women …… very fondly indeed!



    The Daughter of the Clydebank Heidi is currently the apple of Malorbhoy’s eye (despite his beig very happily married to Sheila) and he tends to get on one knee and offer her hugs and kisses at every opporchancity.



    Something she reminds me of regularly when she is making toast in the morning.



    She was handing out the auction prizes at last Friday’s dinner as well.




  9. Good morning good ghuys and ghirls from a sunny Garngad



    Heard on the radio in the car there on the way back from the gym, that Clyde asked random people what they think Mr Gerard should do on his first day at work ( how do I never get asked these questions??) anyway they are going full tilt to get the feel good factor up for the orcs, yet again wee tax cheats like Alex Rae was on spouting this is the begining of something big…. Whoooaaaa. ???. How many times have we heard that.



    Are these the most stupid fans and punters on planet earth????






    D. :)

  10. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Further to Brogan’s pst at 12.48 girls from Notre Dame.



    Jackie and Marion he mentioned I would see on the 20 bus along Great Western Road on my way home from school.



    I work beside Jackie’s brother now.



    Another former Notre Dame pupil , Clare Doran , who was a real looker, was Terry Cassidy’s personal assistant . Clare eventually became Mrs Rogan, wife of Anton.

  11. All this talk of beautifull Womans and stars, there is only one and I married her 30 years ago.


    Sorry guys.






    D. :)

  12. i'vehadtochangemyname on









    the male ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth.


    “King Henry VIII”


    synonyms: ruler, sovereign, monarch, supreme ruler, crowned head, majesty, Crown, head of state, royal personage, emperor, prince, potentate, overlord, liege lord, lord, leader, chief


    “Edward made a bid to be crowned king of France”




    the most important chess piece, of which each player has one, which the opponent has to checkmate in order to win. The king can move in any direction, including diagonally, to any adjacent square that is not attacked by an opponent’s piece or pawn.

  13. Delaneys Dunky on

    BRTH & Dallas



    Sometimes the world seems a small place and Glasgow seems like a small village.



  14. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    There are pages and pages about the new zombie manager “letter” across the various uber right hun websites this morning. Not one, not one single orc has questioned the letter, or more importantly Steve Gerrard’s ability to pen such a piece.



    They,re a bit like the borg from star trek but unlike the borg, the hun hive collective trait is utter stupidity.



    You will be assimilated ya styoopit hun.




    Keep it coming zombies

  15. I see Brendan is saying we are going to step it up next year, as some players didn’t give 100% this season.


    If I was an SPFL manager I would be very afraid as I think Brendan is going to put down another marker.






    Have a wonderfull day all you young soul Rebels, work beckons.



    HH ???



    D. :)

  16. ACGF. You credit der hun with a reading ability, come on fella.?



    Aff oot



    D. :)

  17. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Dallas Dallas



    During long summer months, us daft boys thought it was as funny as hell to pitch up at Wee Jacky’s house at 7:00am carrying rolls, bacon and whatever else we fancied for breakfast.



    She wouldn’t know we were coming and the look of utter bemusement on her face was something else. Quite what her folks thought is lost in the mists of time altogether.



    Great times.

  18. David66



    If so, I’d have thought some of our players should feel similar trepidation!



    HH jamesgang

  19. Sips



    What a wee shame. And to think you were up half the night making ??? for them!



    Lime flavour, no doubt.



    HH jamesgang

  20. 50 shades of green on

    Clyde news an embarrassment this morning, if / when the huny Gee experiment goes oot the windae, I have a feeling more than a few wont recover from it,,,,,



    Is that the death rattle I hear???⚰⚰⚰⚰

  21. Hrvatski Jim on

    BRTH @ 12.48 and subsequent



    By odd coincidence I tried to call Jackie yesterday but the mobile number I have is for her previous employer so I emailed her instead. She may call me back today although another person in her company answered my enquiry.



    I may casually mention that her name came up in conversation but if I relate all that information she will think I am some weirdo creep who has been checking up on what she did 40 years ago!



    Hope that all is well with you.

  22. Mind that time Brendan wrote us a letter telling us he couldn’t wait to get started. Naw me neither.

  23. “the rainjurz ur hummin'”



    ……..as for “shooders”, can just see her swayin’ with the ither white walkers,


    1970’s floppy lace hat, crimplene suit from WhatEvery’s…swingin’ her tassles…..deffo not in a good way.



    “embdy seen Stevie?”

  24. Delaney’s Dunky.


    Sorry for asking, but


    How did Clare Grogan get her scar?


    Genuine question.

  25. ……perhaps the boul’ Stevie has come doon with a bad case o’ rainjurzitis……….. and has had to call in seek……


    My Asbestox insider assures me all such calls, text or faxes……. have to be verified by a certain


    wee sleekt kit-man…….



    ring any bells?




    The robots ur at the fit of the marble staircase, Big Feck oan standby as we speak..



    Abandon Hope all ye who enter here:))



    The Bell Ringer Fae Notre Dame!

  27. Starry……………………



    Haven’t heard from Big Jessie..(fc )in a while.


    Wunner wits happened?



    A retaliatory oootburst or statement must be on it’s way soooon.



    Like all the ither huns…….wherever they pop up…………they get fun ooooot,


    hung ooot


    an’ thawn oooot.




    Hell mend thum.

  28. Hrvatski Jim on

    When Brendan was appointed, he invited his captain to dinner and laid the foundation for building his invincibles team.



    When Stevie was appointed he was welcomed with this from his captain:



    “Rangers duo Kenny Miller and Lee Wallace are set to demand an independent probe into their own club after being fined for an alleged bust-up in the wake of their side’s Old Firm hammering in April. ”



    Looks like this may go to court.



    Per BBC Scotland Sports gossip. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/44327493

  29. Quick quiz….



    Who is responsible for the following unedited transcript???



    IT has been good to see Rangers chairman Dave King standing up for the club this week.



    For too long now, Rangers have been seen as a diminished force in terms of the power that the club has both on and off the field, and if the chairman sees something that he feels is unfair or against the interests of Rangers, then it is only right and proper that he calls it out.





  30. Below is one of the comments…



    Agree 100% .The tail has been wagging the dug for far too long.

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