Confidence and talent


Such was Newco’s run of form going into the winter break, they had not dropped points since the last time they met Aberdeen, in October.  Celtic drew two league games in the intervening period, stretching the gap at the top of the table from two to six points.  We needed a break and on Tuesday the evergreen Scott Brown delivered again.

After crucial wins at Easter Road and Tynecastle last month, Newco’s façade cracked.  They remain in the driving seat, Celtic have little margin for error, but we are in the familiar position of asking who will recover best after the winter break.  Newco’s form in this respect is not good.  They cracked two years ago, when Celtic put pressure on them (and won last year under no pressure).  Aberdeen’s equaliser turned the screw sufficiently to draw their first domestic red card in what amounts to 21.8% of their history.  They must be a very clean team.  Or a very fortunate one.  European referees awarded four red cards in that period in a fraction of the games played.

Dropping points to Aberdeen, who remain sixth in the table, is more a sign of mental fragility than sporting deficit.  Between the two Aberdeen games, Newco won away at higher-placed Motherwell, Hibs and Hearts, scoring nine and conceding only once in the process.  That is championship winning form.  Even a poor Aberdeen, though, bring Newco out in a sweat rash.  The prospect of Celtic Park under the lights with an exclusive home crowd looms.

You know the script, when you are winning, every game in winnable, when you are not winning, every game is a minefield.  The next two weeks are as much about confidence as talent.  In that respect, the steady influx of new signings at Lennoxtown is invaluable.  All a consequence of the value achieved from a squad that won nothing last season, but we will explore that issue later.

A word on Scott Brown.  His legs had gone, that’s not in dispute, but a generation of Celtic managers loved him for how he got the team over the line.  His drive and devilment is still there.

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  1. DAVID66..


    I hope that you and the family are all well.


    I still havent had any drink since New years Eve, and my Pal ” Frankie Bhoy” who owns my local phoned me a few days ago to make sure I was okay ?


    That was really nice of him.



    A big welcome to Celtic Matt O’Riley. i dunno much about you son but hopefully you have bettered yourself and Celtic of course, by signing for The Famous Glasgow Celtic.


    Sometimes I wish I could turn back to when I was younger and Fit as a Flea )( despite the Drink and Fags and Wummin ), as I had to be fit to do my Jobs, and I trained pretty hard and played as much Fitba as possible especially in my mid 20’s.


    But looking back, I could have pushed myself harder and honed the little bit of Fitba talent that I had. I SHOULD have went that extra mile, but I suppose I was just happy enough to be Fitter that my most ( IF not All ?) of my Team Mates, and most of the opposition that I played against.


    Anyway, those days are long gone but I hate to see young fitba players wasting their Talent and maybe taking things for granted at times.


    Leigh Griffiths situation is a case in point ( although he is in his early 30’s). That Bhoy was a real Talent who could have given Celtic maybe Two more years ?


    I wish him well and I hope that he overcomes any Demons that he may suffer from.




  2. Hoppy happy Celtic morning to BIGRAILROADBLUES, AN TEARMANN AND MELBOURNE MICK, to name but a few.


    I ordered a new ” PC Tablet” ONLINE yesterday and its just arrived at 7.03 am Today. All I need to do now is work out how to use it ?


    I have my DESKTOP PC, but I wanted a Tablet as a ” Back Up” and to maybe take to the Pub, and watch my Horses getting gubbed while I sink a few Beers ?





  3. Yes, me too Big Jimmy.


    Leigh could have been one of the all-time greats of Celtic, amassing a serious amount of goals.


    But, hopefully, he can resurrect his career and back to doing what he does best, just scoring for fun, all the best Leigh and thanks for the memories! ” Beat it, son, yer teams died!” por cierto

  4. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    It just gets better by the day doesn’t it, another very good player


    in nae bother at awe.


    Some of the regular first teamers must be wondering what the future


    holds for them, hopefully they will respond to the challenge.


    Another big Celtic weekend beckons down in rebel town, very hot 30 odd


    degs expected, Saturday will be a frolic on the beach with the princess,


    and then a wee visit to the Saint Andrews brewery for lunch and a taste


    of many different ales, then a jaunt up to the Dubliner to see how many


    of the bhoys are starting their rebel singalong early.


    Sunday takes care of itself, straight to the CSC to make sure of our seats


    right below the pics of the beautiful bridge over the river Liffey.


    As somebody very famous said one day “ Its not always great being a


    Celtic supporter, sometimes it’s …SUBLIME 🤣


    See all you peninsula lurkers there.


    H H. Mick

  5. Melbourne Mick on

    Reading back now, hope you get better soon OLDTIM




    Happy new laptop mhate, looking forward to your further




    H H. Mick

  6. Melbourne Mick on




    You’re so right about Leigh, it’s strange how some bhoys are


    blessed with natural talent but there’s always that bit of daftness


    goes with it, we were so lucky with some like the King of Kings


    and many others who wore the hoops and had the sensible heid


    to go with their massive talent


    H H. Mick

  7. Bat out of Hell, one of the most iconic albums of all time, brings back happy memories of a school trip to Aviemore


    RIP Meat Loaf

  8. Old Tim – Get well soon Amigo.



    Big Jimmy – we will get pished and have a kick aboot down at the Shipbank soon my friend.



    D :)

  9. Tom McLaughlin on

    I loved Meat Loaf back in the day. Saw him live at Wembley Arena circa 80/81. Unfortunately he was pissed as a newt and was dreadful. A lot of people walked out.



    RIP Big Man

  10. Tom McLaughlin on

    Tom Rogic has been officially called up by Australia for two games over the next fortnight.



    And so it begins.

  11. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Can we stick to the important stuff?



    Like our new signing’s nickname. …










  12. Tom McLaughlin on

    Since Ange took over the reins last summer, Celtic have brought in 18 new players over 2 transfer windows.



    Unprecedented recruitment levels by any standard. That’s some rebuild.

  13. Tom McLaughlin on




    My favourite album of all time by my favourite band of all time. Saw them live 26 times on 3 continents.



    Amazing journey.



    Can we stick to the important stuff?



    Like our new signing’s nickname. …











    Radar? It took me a while as in M*A*S*H?!

  15. On the topic of songs, I remember going to games with my dad as a youngster and you would always get a rousing rendition or two of “If you hate the f*****g rangers clap your hands . . .” He would look skyward, hoping the bad language didn’t make too much of an impression on me. I swear like a trooper now, I blame it on those formative years.



    Good morning all. So who takes Rogic’s place? At least we have options including Biton to be fair to him. Guchi and even O’Riley probably ahead of him in the pecking order now.

  16. I was never a fan of ” Meatloaf” as I thought him to be a poor so called singer and for me when you sing songs named ” Two outta Three aint bad” and ” Bat outta Hell”, its a rather LAZY form of song writing and choice of music.


    Before anyone shouts me down on this, let me say that I fully understand if anyone doesnt like the type of singers and songs that I have enjoyed, and STILL continue to enjoy all these years later.


    The above TWO examples that I have mentioned above, are clearly just aged old sayings that Meatloaf and/or his song writers have picked up on to use.


    Again, I ADMIT to being a song Writer nor Professional singer, but I found his music and videos to be lazy and rather tedious.



    I also remember reading in recent years that Meatloaf behaved like a ” DIVA” some years ago, when he discovered that the Welsh Girl BONNIE TYLER had been given a particular song, and ended up having a massive hit with it. Apparently Meatloaf went NUTS on discovering this, claiming THAT particular song should have been HIS ?


    Sorry, but I cant remember the name of the song that Bonnie Tyler sang and which annoyed Meatloaf so much ? It MAY have been ” Total Eclipse of the Heart” ? Im NOT sure ?


    For the ” Record” ( PUN Intended, I never rated Bonnie Tyler either.




    Sorry if my music/Artists tastes upset anyone.



  17. Again, I ADMIT to NOT being a song Writer nor Professional singer, but I found his music and videos to be lazy and rather tedious.


    I had to correct my earlier Post…apologises.



  18. APOLOGIES again, but I Posted my wee Rant about Meatloaf…BEFORE I read the sad news about MAE CULPA and his good lady.


    I did NOT intend to be insensitive.



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