Disrupting a leaky defence can make things worse


This month, Aberdeen (over 120 mins) and Newco have scored three against us.  Last month, Hearts and Livingston scored twice.  The most we conceded in any one game in February was one, but that happened on five out of six games played.  Only St Mirren didn’t score against us that month.

In 13 games since the start of February, only St Mirren (twice) and Livingston (once) have failed to score against Celtic.  Saturday’s three concessions draw the eye, but a trend was well established before then.

It is a general rule of thumb that the team who concede the fewest goals wins the Premiership.  There is plenty of time left for things to change, but on this measure, we are three goals over.

It is almost impossible to do anything constructive about this so late in the season.  All the motivations talks in the dressing room and practice defending cross balls isn’t going to move the dial much.

In fact, disrupting a defence, even one that is losing goals, can make things worse.  Across the city, Goldson was dropped at the weekend, signalling a lack of confidence in him.  Clement will hope neither Balogun nor Souttar give him cause to reconsider marking Goldson as a liability.

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    Until recently, Liam has been having a great season for us. It won’t help his confidence to know that fans are constantly criticising him. He does have work to do to improve. He can be guilty of taking too long to part with the ball and he also needs to work on developing his physique. Other players also have development work to do.

  2. Very interesting points from both Darwin and Burnley78. Need to consider


    Separately, I agree that, defensively, we are not in a position to tinker too much now. However, we must be putting out feelers for the close season. We cannot have another 2 summer signings, who barely get a game. Multiple goals being conceded, while millions of pounds of scouted talent watches on from padded seats.


    Fool me once, and all that

  3. Chris Sutton cleared by OFCOM after Celtic hero reported for ‘some balls’ comment during Rangers clash


    Sutton was reported for saying Matt O’Riley had ‘some balls’ after his Panenka against Rangers.




    Apparently OFCOM received THREE Complaints about Chris Sutton for his comment.



    Did those THREE HUN CHUMPS Complain to OFCOM when POSH SPICE announced on TV that she called her Husband ” GoldenBALLS” ?



    I may complain to OFCOM about McCoist constantly talking a lot of BALLS when he is on TV.




  4. PLB,


    Shows what you can do when you want to be selective,


    “Scales for Starfelt”. Don’t think so.Nawrocki,Lagerbielke,were the CH replacements.Now most fans do not have anything bad to say about both.BR,probably from his time at Leicester,where he would not have known a CH from a Girl Guide,has suddenly become an expert,and thinks Scales is better.


    “Yang for Jota”. The actual replacement for Jota was Palma.Palma has done exceptionally well,with goals and assists to try and replace,the irreplaceable.


    ” Nobody to replace Mooy”.Iwata and Bernardo,both have done very well in most fans eyes,to replace a guy who I was desperate for us to sign,but was not a starter in a lot of games.


    ” Oh for GG”Probaly agree ,but like Yang Oh was a project,worth trying.We should have signed Miovski.


    Impossible job to replace Calmac and Hatate because of injuries.

  5. CLUNKS on 23RD APRIL 2024 2:06 PM


    right boys tom has gone, lets chat about normal stuff…..





    That made me chuckle …😁

  6. FF say Walsh is a Tim.100%.Should not be coaching the kids.So many on verifying the fact.


    Apart from this,I always thought he was the best of them all.Low bar right enough.



    Dont care what anyone says,the recent appointments of our Refereeing officials,reeks to high heaven.Arch Hun,Allen has engineered this roster for the run in.When have we ever witnessed whats happening now?.Two fingers up to our sickly,weak Board,as he prepares to ride off into that retirement haven off after dinner ,supporters events,in such salubrious locations as,Larkhall,Maybole,Whitburn,etc.

  7. Dear Celtic Quick News



    having a whip round for a wreath° and charitable donation on behalf of our late friend Ger57-Gerry Chambers



    °if flowers are ok



    Name:walk with shay



    Sort code:80-22-60



    A/c No-15326765



    Reference Ger57




    Any donations graciously received in honour of the pal we lost recently.



    Thank you in advance.



    Hail Hail.

  8. glendalystonsils on

    TURKEYBHOY on 23RD APRIL 2024 3:11 PM


    FF say Walsh is a Tim.100%.Should not be coaching the kids.So many on verifying the fact.






    Whether he is a tim (which I very much doubt) or not , he is coaching them football , not the effin catechism !


    Stupid neanderthal bigots .

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    PLB @ 12:20pm



    “What was it Lee Congerton told The Telegraph last week again? ”






    Possibly …..



    “I’m out of a job since I got bumped by Atalanta last month …. Can you write a puff piece” ?

  10. I agree about our defence.new goalkeeper, another Centre Half ,another Left and right Back,Move on Ralston,Bain,Yang ,Palma,Kuhn,Idah,Welsh,Johnson,Bernado, and possibly OH whom I like ,Loan out Lagerbiele,Holm,

  11. Timbhoy163,



    Is that it?You missed out of the Tealadies,and that one that dust and polishes the Trophy room..Couple of wasters.

  12. GD T,



    They are adamant about it.With the amount of evidence and bile they have spouted,I believe it.

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    15 quid to watch the Kilmarnock game at the Kerrydale,getting ripped off at every turn

  14. St George’s Day rally in London descends into chaos: Riot cops clash with crowds as police horse is attacked near Downing Street and speakers blast out Sweet Caroline – after protesters slam Met’s ‘two-tier policing for Pro-Palestine marchers’

  15. TURKEYBHOY OH I Forgot the clubs grey suits need to be taken to the nearest Pawn Shop ,our colors should be a nice green with a white shirt and green tie .

  16. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from the International Bar, Aitkenhead Boulevard de Polmadie. The cuisine is tip top. Crisps, nuts and pork scratchings. Who needs a hun tosser like Ramsay?

  17. bigrailroadblues on



    The icing on the cake is that he went to Trinity Catholic School. 🤣🤣

  18. “In the case of Glasgow Rangers , dissappeared altogether ”



    That MP has my vote . (if I could)

  19. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Beaton in charge 3 out of last 4 League games, Collum hasn’t done a Sevco league game,since they said they didn’t want him,cowards on the Board…..

  20. AN TEARMANN on 




     Say hello to SoS 👍









    Its a grand old shame that Wall Street controlled Celtic Football Club since 1994 and their supporters went along with the cover up of this sporting crime since 2016.



    Timmy souled out for £49 in 2016 lol 👀️


    Timmy souled out for £52 in 2018 lol 👀️


    Timmy souled out for £54 in 2022 lol 👀️



    Ssssshhhhhhhhhhh……Celtic blogs. 😶️



    Then again, when Salmond and Krankie can hoodwink Timdom into voting for a No Deal Brexit and No Deal UK in 2014 in the Scottish Neverendumb then it would be woke lickers La La Land after that…nothing can be surprising anymore.



    Ssssshhhhhhhhhhh….Celtic blogs. 😶️




  21. 418



    Welcome back.love.


    Still confused eh.Celtic will never comment.


    You take it easy,phone Moats guy and distort your reality more,if thats possible


    Btw Shettleston Hall was filmed and it should come to light over the summer.

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