Disrupting a leaky defence can make things worse


This month, Aberdeen (over 120 mins) and Newco have scored three against us.  Last month, Hearts and Livingston scored twice.  The most we conceded in any one game in February was one, but that happened on five out of six games played.  Only St Mirren didn’t score against us that month.

In 13 games since the start of February, only St Mirren (twice) and Livingston (once) have failed to score against Celtic.  Saturday’s three concessions draw the eye, but a trend was well established before then.

It is a general rule of thumb that the team who concede the fewest goals wins the Premiership.  There is plenty of time left for things to change, but on this measure, we are three goals over.

It is almost impossible to do anything constructive about this so late in the season.  All the motivations talks in the dressing room and practice defending cross balls isn’t going to move the dial much.

In fact, disrupting a defence, even one that is losing goals, can make things worse.  Across the city, Goldson was dropped at the weekend, signalling a lack of confidence in him.  Clement will hope neither Balogun nor Souttar give him cause to reconsider marking Goldson as a liability.

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    That is blatantly unfair. Scotland`s officialdom, eh?

  2. bigrailroadblues on

    An Tearmann


    A lot of the film of that game is poor quality. Usually is when we win.🤔

  3. If John Beaton heads the winner for Dundee our board would ensure that the message goes out via the sycophants that DD is raging. Rumours of court action would be started, big summer spend and a new main stand. DD will probably not even know the score.



    Getting trolled and loving it CSC.

  4. bigrailroadblues on



    He’s now a target. Family threatened, house and possessions damaged. He must have known what he was saying regards the hun.

  5. Celtic Hospitality places sold out in under an hour today for cup final. Didn’t even get offered to season book holders. I doubt the Hampden version will even go on public sale. Crazy demand in tough times.



    For all that some don’t see the commercial benefit of a huge football rivalry the numbers speak for themselves.



    35 years since we beat them in a Scottish Cup Final and 22 since they beat us in a Scottish Cup Final. Amazing that we have not played them at this stage in 22 years and only twice in 34 years.

  6. Seem to recall that Brendan used a back three in his latter days at Celtic. With Benkowitc if I remember rightly.


    It worked out quite well for us but not for him. Thing is he seemed to have everything a modern day centre back needs, tall, mobile on and off the ball, pretty good in the air. He was on loan from Leicester, and when Brendan went south, he followed suit and hardly ever got a game. Seems to be permanently on loan maybe prefers to be a rambling man (RIP Dickie Betts). Ah well. Might work with CCV, Rocky and Liam. Paul used the word ‘solid’ last week re our defence, but has changed his tune now. Fact is every SPL team can cause us problems, but we are in the driving seat now, time to hit Top Gear. (Dickie again)

  7. bigrailroadblues



    Tremendous band in or out of the studio, even without Duane




  8. lets all do the huddle on

    Celtic Hospitality places sold out in under an hour today for cup final. Didn’t even get offered to season book holders




    are you sure?



    if you are talking about all that bronze/silver/gold package stuff from celtic then i have done it before and they were only available to season ticket holders.



    you just had to be quick and keep an eye out for when they got advertised as they went really quickly.



    and if you bought one then you were removed from the normal ticket ballot

  9. Tom McLaughlin on




    Saw the Allman Brothers at the Beacon Theatre in New York City March 1999.



    There’s a live album of the gig — Peakin at the Beacon.



    Superb live band.

  10. bigrailroadblues on



    Would loved to have seen them circa 69-71. Wasn’t to be. Just like Hendrix, CCR, Cream, Otis Redding, The Doors, Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters etc. Ffs endless list.😆

  11. Burnley78



    Celtic v ol frim


    We have not played this team in a cup final


    Dont be a sucker to the media continuity narrative


    Its a club who ‘disappeared’


    Its a new club


    The club rightly dont touch it or comment on it


    The decision is ours


    New club,not nooco or whatever narrative pushed.


    You have the knowledge to know it,as do i.


    35 and 22 years ago was a different club


    Publically toileted and riduculed for generations to come when they ask why the ba’ was on the hedge at Brechin.


    they dont do insight or learning,never will,


    We dont need to relay the continuity as the beeb have done with every new club tie since 12/13 regardless of opponent.



    I know 2 who got the bronze package.



    Hail Hail

  12. bigrailroadblues on 23rd April 2024 9:40 pm



    The Doors were an abomination live, their albums were recorded using professional musicians, the only Door to play on the first three albums was Morrison.



    Have you not heard the ”Live in New York” album. Bad garage band dot com.

  13. Will be in Edinburgh for the weekend. Where would be the best bar to watch the game on Sunday with fellow celts.

  14. BRRB


    From the Celtic end it was quite hard to see clearly what was happening at the Rangers end where Billy scored – combination of mist, smoking and nightfall. We saw Charlie cross the ball – a replica of the 1965 Final against Dunfermline. Then we saw Billy head the ball. But the roar from the Celtic end was marginally delayed and only affirmed by the reaction of fellow supporters closer to the action

  15. Was at the end when big Billy scored ,normally went to the jungle but was late arriving,what a feeling that was when the ball hit the net I knew then that something special was going to happen.HH

  16. SPIKEYSAULDMAN on 23RD APRIL 2024 10:50 PM


    An T



    that gimp gideon






    Thank you for that Spikeys,Novura have done some great analysis.



    Gideon is at the core of an israeli funded “charity”


    Which fundraises and supports ethnic cleansing in the west bank.






    It is the same “charity” that has auto-access to both Stammers marketing exercise and the bastertories through their UK arm “friends of israel” who says democracy is not whored!


    In the US its lobbyin equivalent is AIPAC,



    The campaign against anti semitism attempted to label the Celtic support vile after Celtic fans flew Palestinian flags in support the israelis went onto murder and obliterate,sorry no telling from any state who dehumanizes another human that they can attempt to step over 15,000 murdered children.


    Excellent pic in your piece from Squawkbox of pic of the sons and daughters of,and one survivor of the inhumane factory death camps of ww2.Gideon just can not accept dissent or questioning within jews,self hating,weak minded,lacking knowledge of history are some of insults thrown in the hope they stick.



    The zionists are loosing the message,dissent is growing and qyestions are being asked both here and in the states especially arms expenditure increases in times of austerity for some.






    Al Jazeera


    https://www.aljazeera.com › news


    Nearly 200 bodies found in mass grave at hospital in Gaza’s Khan Younis






    Keep gettin it out there



    Hail Hail

  17. Bheaver



    Maybe TomMcL or Carpediem or prestonpans bhoy will meet or see you in Kitty o sheas



    Am thro west,but they will help you out am sure




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