Disrupting a leaky defence can make things worse


This month, Aberdeen (over 120 mins) and Newco have scored three against us.  Last month, Hearts and Livingston scored twice.  The most we conceded in any one game in February was one, but that happened on five out of six games played.  Only St Mirren didn’t score against us that month.

In 13 games since the start of February, only St Mirren (twice) and Livingston (once) have failed to score against Celtic.  Saturday’s three concessions draw the eye, but a trend was well established before then.

It is a general rule of thumb that the team who concede the fewest goals wins the Premiership.  There is plenty of time left for things to change, but on this measure, we are three goals over.

It is almost impossible to do anything constructive about this so late in the season.  All the motivations talks in the dressing room and practice defending cross balls isn’t going to move the dial much.

In fact, disrupting a defence, even one that is losing goals, can make things worse.  Across the city, Goldson was dropped at the weekend, signalling a lack of confidence in him.  Clement will hope neither Balogun nor Souttar give him cause to reconsider marking Goldson as a liability.

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  1. Good morning from a lovely dry 3 degree and sunny Garngad.



    4 more sleeps to we see our beloved club make a charge for another title challenge.






    D. :)

  2. Tom McLaughlin on



    Will be in Edinburgh for the weekend. Where would be the best bar to watch the game on Sunday with fellow celts.



    Kitty O’Shea’s in the city centre is the place to be for Celtic games. I can’t be there but there will be a good number of Celts in attendance and quite a few TV screens.

  3. Prestonpans bhoys on




    I’m in the Trossachs tonight and not back until later on Sunday but follow Tom’s advice! Place full of Tim’s and TV screens, as said before surprised there’s not one in the bogs 🤣😂

  4. JOE



    A serious poser for you, possibly too obscure?



    What Scottish Cup have Celtic never won? (Hibs have won it most often.)



    A clue is – we have been talking about 1965 today.

  5. Fritzsong on 24th April 2024 9:17 am



    Summer cup?






    Very good Fritzsong.



    The Summer Cup was a Scottish football competition open to teams in the top division, first of the wartime Southern League from 1940 to 1945 and then of the Scottish League from 1963 to 1965.

  6. Much has been written about VAR on these pages and elsewhere since its introduction, and I’m sure it will continue unabated. Of course we’ve had VAR for years in the shape of SKY with its fifteen cameras per game and a plethora of video assistants as pundits in the studio – it’s just not been official; but to think that it hasn’t been instrumental in the introduction of VAR is naïve – “he who pays the piper, calls the time”



    However there is a related matter that promotes just as much heat among fans, added time. It is only really discussed if we crave more time added because we are chasing a better result, or, we want less added when we are ‘hanging-on’ to a slender lead.



    Long periods of extra time were first seen at the World Cup in *Qatar. Unheard of amounts of added time and some of the longest games in the tournament’s history were enacted. – 27 minutes were added on to England’s match against Iran in the most extreme case. We regularly see ten to twelve minutes added in Scottish and English matches, sometimes to the consternation of management and fans alike.



    Referees are now obliged to add on time for the following stoppages:


    • Goals: and subsequent celebrations


    • Substitutions


    • Injuries: and treatment time


    • Penalties: from moment of offence to the whistle for the penalty kick.


    • Red cards: from moment of offence to when the player leaves the field.


    • VAR interruptions



    VAR, via the screen, gives some explanation when triggered during a game – e.g. ‘checking for offside’, ‘checking possible foul’ etc. This at least gives fans a heads-up and is welcome. However when it comes to time added on at the end of each half, no simultaneous information is available – the total figure pops-up on the screen nearing the end of normal time, or, doesn’t, and that’s that.



    What I would suggest is that time is added contemporaneously after each stoppage through the game and a cumulative figure is displayed as the match proceeds. This would give management and fans good information and would cut out the “where did the nine minutes come from” type comments. We could even move to the rugby set-up with the clock being stopped when the ball is not in play. Here I think the length of a game would be reduced to sixty-minutes; in most games under the current system average ‘play-time’ is fifty-five minutes.



    If we are going to have technology playing an integral part in the game, it should at least be transparent and easy to understand in order to add some verisimilitude to the overall experience.



    Changes to the beautiful game are now coming thick and fast – how long before two halves become four quarters with time-outs? This will yield more advertising revenue to broadcasters and in turn more money to clubs. Do FIFA/UEFA and the networks consider supporters and armchair fans so jejune that we will accept anything they do and keep coughing-up and turning-up? Maybe however that is not in the forefront of their thoughts.



    During Covid it was proved that matches and competitions could be played without live supporters in the stadium. Virtual attendances and fake noise can be easily produced. At the top level, i.e. Super Leagues, the need for every club to have its own designated stadium may become superfluous. Matches could be played in half-a-dozen stadia, in say, *Saudi Arabia and broadcast worldwide with vast sums of money available to clubs. Sport-washing is very much in vogue at present. LIV golf is a prime example of sport-washing in its infancy, soon to be joined by tennis, boxing; so why not football? If we then add in the coming power of AI, the mind completely boggles. Is this the real reasons why organisations and obscenely rich individuals are ploughing vast sums of money into any club they can get their hands on?



    So when do they come for Celtic and the Ibrox club?

  7. Seems Charlie Mulgrew and Jonny Hayes in the running to be U18s Manager…….is it not about time we tried a different approach?

  8. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Scullybhoy @ 8:26


    Last game for ‘Jungle’. Year 92/93.Opposition I don’t know. Remember the inflatable elephant.


    Re Summer cup. I think Ronnie Simpson played in goal for Hibernian in Summer cup victory. We, and ‘Them’ did not enter for that Summer cup.


    School run over and 9.30 Mass at Clonard.

  9. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Hibernian manager for Summer cup either Walter Galbraith or Bob Shankly. Plump for BS.

  10. BRRB from yesterday .


    There’s only one King Billy ?


    Aye , and I see him regularly at Bellshill Cross, 20 yards from the Croon bar LOL


    Croon – courtesy of big Dan

  11. Darwin


    The only fully transparent way that fans and players understand about added time is not to have any! Let me explain, like in rugby for all of the above list of reasons when time is added, just stop the clock and let everyone know the clock has stopped both directly to players on the field and also on screens within stadiums. Like rugby also once the game gets to 90 minutes the game ends the next time the ball is out of play. We have a lot to learn from rugby especially hearing what the referee is saying to players as well as conversations with the VAR.

  12. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    AN TEARMANN @11:12


    We will never know the full facts that British government and it’s various secret agencies were involved in.

  13. MCPHAIL BHOY on 24TH APRIL 2024 11:08 AM



    Totally agree – but I think the clock would need to stop after 60 minutes in play not 90.



    I’d also stop the clock either automatically when a GK / throw in was pending or on the refs instruction if he felt a throw in / goal kick was taking an excessively long time (as often happens at CP).




  14. Let’s all do the huddle



    The hospitality packages you mention were def all sold within an hour. £210-£400 a head



    It seems the rivalry with which ever Govan franchise exists is massive box office.



    I can understand why. 22 years since we had a Scottish cup final against one of them and 35 years since we won v one of them. It will be my sons first Scottish cup final win v them since he was born and he is 28 ! There is nothing better than walking back down aitkenhead road after beating whatever version of that lot. Knowing they have all summer to ruminate and we can celebrate, hopefully a double. Despite our shortcomings. Knowing the size of the damage it does to them is nice too.

  15. Bada Bing



    I agree with you re u18 development. Although I don’t really fully know what qualifications these 2 guys have.

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