Do it for Jinky, for the fans, but players must do it for themselves


We have no right to expect anything against Atletico Madrid tonight.  They are a side packed with tier-1 winners, who are enjoying their best season in years.  Griezmann, Morata, Koke, Llorente, Azpilicueta, Oblak and the rest have played at the top of the world game for years.  They have seen it all and fancy their chances of winning La Liga this season.

By contrast, the Celtic team that takes the field tonight have everything to prove.  But what better an opportunity could they have?  Kyogo, Cameron Carter-Vickers, On-Fire O’Riley & Co. are winning plaudits and attention across the globe.  They are cutting it up in Scotland, often without effort, and – we think – are capable of great things.

Prove it tonight.  Hurt Atletico for their brazenness in digging up 1974, for the Celtic fans who were denied a European Cup Final in Brussels, for today’s fans, who hold them in such high regard, for the memory of Jimmy Johnstone, a heroic performer in green and white hoops.  Mostly, do it for themselves.  A result tonight is a marker in their own careers – and it is just about achievable.

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  1. My youngest boy’s football 🏈 team beat the best team in the league last night by 22-8.



    They took full advantage of two uncharacteristic defensive mistakes by the opposition to score, then kept the game simple to get the win, while defending resolutely.



    I hope Brendan made it over to the game, then had a word with our coaches before heading back to Celtic park 😉



    Mon the hoops!

  2. We have witnessed death, violence and destruction in the Holy Land in recent weeks, with thousands of people – men, women and children – killed, injured and displaced. We are witnessing a tragedy of horrendous scale. As it continues, everyone at Celtic prays for all who have been affected. We also hope and pray for peace, and for humanitarian support to reach those who are in need and in fear. Many of our colleagues, supporters, friends and families have been affected by these events.



    Against this backdrop of conflict and pain, sport can promote peace and demonstrate humanity and empathy for all who continue to suffer. For the Club’s UEFA Champions League match against Atletico Madrid this evening, Celtic and Atletico Madrid players and coaching staff will wear black armbands, as a show of respect and support for all those affected by the conflict. The Club is also making a contribution to the International Committee of the Red Cross to support people affected by the humanitarian crisis in the region.



    The Club recognises that our supporters hold personal views to which everyone is entitled. As a club open to all, we all belong at Celtic Park. Celtic Park is where we come to support our football club. Recognising this, respecting the gravity of the tragedy unfolding and its impact on communities in Scotland and across the world, and in line with other clubs, leagues and associations, we ask that banners, flags and symbols relating to the conflict and those countries involved in it are not displayed at Celtic Park at this time.



    As we approach this crucial fixture, as ever, we sincerely thank our fans for their positive support of the players and the team.



    We thank you very much for your continued support of Celtic Football Club.

  3. Farmeloan Rd is/was closed due to a police incident, worth checking later if that’s your route to CP

  4. An excellent statement?


    The club is saying Don’t take sides. People who say that during a genocide are taking the side of the oppressor.


    I’m sure there will be lots of Palestinian flags on display tonight. That will win us friends all over the world.

  5. Hot Smoked on 25th October 2023 12:28 pm



    !!BADA BING!! on 25TH OCTOBER 2023 12:16 PM



    Well done ,Celtic FC.







  6. “79CAPS on 25TH OCTOBER 2023 12:41 PM


    An excellent statement?


    The club is saying Don’t take sides.”



    I would say it is saying: Take sides if you want but, for such an issue, somewhere other than Celtic Park

  7. P67


    “it is just about achievable”



    I like your optimism! :)



    I’ll still expect the worse and hope for the best as I do with any Euro game – when the group was drawn I thought AM would win all of their games (at least until they qualified from the group).



    I still think that despite them losing two goals to Feyenoord and their away draw to Lazio. Hoping Celtic prove me wrong tonight though and at least I will go with hope in my heart and beer in my belly thanks to my neighbour sorting me out with seats on a supporters bus tonight :)




  8. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Play to our potential tonight and the only source of embarrassment will be the fleg wavers.

  9. Tom McLaughlin on




    You got me thinking so I checked back.



    On 22nd October 2013 Celtic defeated Ajax 2-1 at Celtic Park in their last Champions League group stage home victory.



    In the intervening decade Celtic have qualified for the group stages 3 times only.



    2016 we drew home and away with Man City



    2017 PSG put us to the sword



    2022 Real Madrid beat us home and away



    So your point stands. In the last 10 years Celtic didn’t make the group stages 7 times.

  10. My friends in Celtic,



    An excellent statement by the club before our crucial high profile football match.


    A game where legends can be made.



    I hope we are talking about a memorable Celtic victory tomorrow.



    As a passing thought, interesting discussion yesterday about Ajax. I can’t help thinking that a section of their “support” has contributed to their current demise.



    HH and COYBIG.

  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I reckon we will score tonight. But can we keep a clean sheet?


    I worry about Morata’s movement and our ball-watching. Not a great combination.


    Need to be absolutely spot-on tonight if we are going to get anything.




    Good work. So in those 10 years we were only beaten at home by the Galacticos of PSG and Real Madrid, and drew with the runaway EPL winners home and away. In 6 of the other seasons we weren’t even competing in the group stages.



    Puts the SMSM spin in context doesn’t it?

  13. The board’s statement is mealy mouthed nonsense and will be ignored by large sections of the support. The GB are obviously being lined up for post match action by the board. I don’t always stand with the GB but when it comes to what’s happening in Gaza, I think the GB will be on the right side of history.



    As for the game, huge task ahead of us. If we have some luck and cut out the mistakes, I think there’s a point there for us tonight.

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Excited just to see the game.



    Some teams in big leagues who, domestically, are tearing it up or punching above their perceived weight … are not doing quite as well in Europe.



    Could be that the intensity and consistency of preparation …. to beat really good teams with a certain style of play one is familiar with at home …. is dominant …



    …. making them less adaptable to unfamiliar threats from foreign teams.



    We’ll see in six hours time.

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    RAB HAWE on 25TH OCTOBER 2023 1:55 PM



    One banner for tonight.



    Give Peace A Chance, with accompanying song.









    Even if the suffering of innocent people caught up in conflict is of a 10:1 ratio …..



    …. acknowledging and deploring the suffering of 11 rather than 10 is, IMHO, the right thing to do.

  16. fourstonecoppi on

    First they came for the Communists


    And I did not speak out


    Because I was not a Communist


    Then they came for the Socialists


    And I did not speak out


    Because I was not a Socialist


    Then they came for the trade unionists


    And I did not speak out


    Because I was not a trade unionist


    Then they came for the Jews


    And I did not speak out


    Because I was not a Jew


    Then they came for me


    And there was no one left


    To speak out for me.

  17. Agree with that 100% Paul



    Their left back is injured and it could be Galán or Riquelme who takes his place. Galán is a natural left back but Riquelme has been converted into playing that role. That would be the flank to hit them on, with Johnston trying to get forward too, getting past Saul or Barrios.



    On the right flank Molina and Llorente are very speedy but Maeda is on that side and he can cover a lot of ground. Koke and De Paul will play in midfield and Hatate and McGregor have to win that battle. O´Riley needs to play like Griezmann, in reading and controlling the game and Kyogo needs to match Morata in goal effectiveness.

  18. “RAB HAWE on 25TH OCTOBER 2023 1:55 PM


    One banner for tonight.


    Give Peace A Chance, with accompanying song.”



    That, IMO, would be superb.



    Be interesting to see how the MSSM reported it !

  19. VALE BHOY on 25TH OCTOBER 2023 2:07 PM


    You can still wave your Ukrainian flag.





    From March 2022.



    Football teams in the UK and across Europe have been showing their support for Ukraine following Russia’s invasion.



    In England, there was a minute’s applause before each game.



    Fans have been holding up pictures of the Ukraine flag, while Premier League captains have been wearing yellow and blue armbands.



    The Premier League released a statement, saying: “We call for peace and our thoughts are with all those who have been impacted.”




    Nope. Me neither.




  20. BIG WAVY on 25TH OCTOBER 2023 2:57 PM



    I know. It is quite ridiculous, isn`t it?


    And people think they can think for themselves !!!!


    Time for me to depart and am hoping we get the `luck` the other two teams have had against us ie Atletico get two men sent off and we get a last minute winner !


    Cheerio for now.

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