Doncaster deal allows clubs to offer season ticket package


From what I hear, there has been a divergence in season ticket sales across Scottish Premiership clubs, some have sold very healthy numbers while others have scarcely moved the dial.  There are a number of headwinds but one particular doubt lifted yesterday – what will happen when games are played behind closed doors (BCD).

The League and Sky TV agreed that clubs will be able to sell streaming content for games played BCD to fans in numbers limited to last year’s season ticket sales.  This allows clubs to bundle watch-at-home rights to BCD games with season tickets.

On top of the SPFL agreement with Sky to limit rebate on last season to £1.5m (payable over 5 years), this is a great win for Neil Doncaster.  Many revenue streams will still be down at every club, watch-from-home will not fill club shops pre-match, sell food or lucrative hospitality seats, but clubs can offer fans a season ticket package.

In Scotland, season ticket sales are the most fundamental aspect of clubs’ income.  Apart from a couple, who budget on income from TV, pitch hire and three bumper away crowds per season, most Premiership sides need to sell consistent numbers of season tickets to maintain existing levels of spend.  This deal will allow most, including Celtic, to continue trading at something close to normal levels.

My suspicion is sales will be healthy at Celtic – it is THE season, we will all want to be there at it’s conclusion and see as much of it as possible when BCD.  Hibs sales are already healthy – I think of this as the Ann Budge Bounce, Dundee United will sell numbers not seen in a decade and Motherwell will see a bounce after such a good year.

My gut feel is that Newco will sell well.  If nothing else, they have played to their base in recent months.  Selling the Staunch ticket may be the only option open to them after all, there’s not much appeal in ‘Be here for Celtic’s 10 season, we’re sure to finish second’.  No more on their financial matters for now.

There are a clutch of clubs I expect to suffer, Aberdeen, St Johnstone and Kilmarnock.  Rightsizing the player pool will be a major challenge for each.

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  1. T,B & F


    Be honest. You don`t care about one off tickets. You just wanted a podium.

  2. McKenna for Ajer ????!!!!???



    I would ‘virtually’ storm the car park with my avatar pitchfork and torch if that was the case….

  3. Sevco are simply appealing to their support on the basis if you want s to stop Celtic buy a season book.


    Celtic need to be a bit more innovate, I think the virtual ticket to replace the actual match day experience at the same price is a bit much to ask.


    Obviously we don;t know when crowds will be allowed back & how many matches Season Ticket Holders will have the opportunity to attend, but some commitment is needed to add value to the virtual ticket,

  4. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    It’s really quite simple: if you think paying full price for a season ticket when the first half of the season is likely to be BCD, don’t pay it.



    The choice is entirely yours.

  5. Will I be able to buy a virtual season-ticket even though I am not an actual season-ticket holder? If so what will it cost me? this would suit my lifestyle very much as I can only very rarely attend a game.

  6. Hot Smoked 😊



    Podium Schmodium! 😊



    I live in England and am amazed that this supposedly forward-thinking VST proposal is simply not far-reaching enough. Whilst Celtic have fantastic good-will from their fans, I would not be surprised if a lot of families just buy 1 Season Ticket rather than 2, 4 etc. However, has anyone considered that one way of Celtic exceeding/smashing their current (new stadium) ‘Attendance Record is by allowing the possibility of allowing supporters like myself to buy a Virtual One-Off Ticket? Surely this would be a Win/Win/Win scenario for Celtic, the SPFL and Sky to gain much-needed extra income in the current unique climate? 🤔 (Now TV? 🤔) There are many fans world-wide like myself who won’t buy a Season-Ticket and who arrange trips ‘home’ to co-incide with a home match so that they can hopefully buy a one-off normal ticket to take in a match. I think I and very many others would bite your hand off for a sensibly priced one-off ticket. The current situation of match media rights, especially for those of us living in England, is just ludicrous and a stupid restrictive practice in the current situation…


    One-Off Virtual Tickets! – Come on Celtic, Sky, SPFL, MAKE IT HAPPEN! 😊



    Keep Safe, Take Care, God Bless and Hail Hail!



    Yours in Celtic,



    TB&F. 😊

  7. Celtic have their work cut out to get this virtual access to games right. Many folks are not internet savvy, may not have satellite tv, laptop etc so lots to be considered. I hope they look to help those who have made a big financial commitment to renew but don’t necessarily have the IT savvy or hardware to access…….

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Interesting analysis Pablo, and indicative of some serious homework having been done by our club?



    Perhaps “My gut feel is that Newco will sell well” could be contextualised?



    Newco will take money well. It has started already and refunds will not be provided – caveat emptor you mugs! (Google it)



    The quip at the end about Aberdeen “rightsizing” their squad concerns me.



    Purely circumstancial but suggests a deal could be done for a particular CH?



    Not convinced he’d improve our squad but, on the bright side, it could improve the environment?



    As petrol powered vehicles are phased out, this guy could pull my milkman’s cart.



    Opinions !!!



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  9. On Greg Taylor. He has lots of energy and personally think his delivery is very good, as he gets the ball in early. Pity someone couldn’t work on Boli, as there is a player in there.


    Ryan Fraser available on a free.

  10. Sevco will sell as many season tickets as last year. The Celtic deal has limited what they can charge as they cannot charge significantly more than the champions. I expect a virtual season ticket offering.



    They are not out the woods yet as details of Sports Direct and Elite/Hummell and the other court cases have not yet come out.



    Their ham fisted commercial efforts will continue but you cant get “blood out of a Stone”. The Albion sale and the new Castore deal cannot bring significant cash. I cannot see them buying in the Transfer market. Free agents only. They currently only have 20 players in their first team squad.

  11. RUGGYGMAN on 4TH JUNE 2020 11:51 AM



    Your prediction seems pretty sound.



    I dont think we will see Elyounnoussi back with us next season.



    However it is important we do source a left forward that contributes with goals. Similar to Sinclair and Moi .



    Mikey Johnston, is a good young prospect in my opinion. He is more old school winger. We need a player that can link with Eddy, can drift in field, and can contribute 12-16 goals to our 10 iar season.



    I dont think Jordan Ibe is that guy either






    Moi might be outside of our reach. Linked today with Real Sociedad. If he returns next season it will likely be a loan because nobody else went for him.



    You are right that we have a Sinclair shaped hole in the squad and it has to be a priority to fill it one way or another.



    Has to be our big signing one way or another

  12. The Moi we had at the Hibs semi-final and the EL games in late autumn was absolutely on fire.



    Get him back and get him fit and he’d ‘score for fun | Run Riot | insert cliche here’….



    I love wee Mikey, I’m neutral on Kris Ajer and hate the idea of McKenna with a passion…



    For the record.

  13. ….☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️..





















  14. !!BADA BING!! on 4TH JUNE 2020 1:40 PM


    Timaloy- from earlier, no names but in for 2 17 year olds in England.





    Ah I’ll keep an eye out. Would expect them to be development players but there’s always a chance a Frimpong can pop up.

  15. ernie, surely you mean Derby games.😁



    Thankfully ye are still here. CQN is losing too many Greats for my liking.



    Hail Hail Bro.

  16. So my season ticket is £666


    Generally a preseason game, and first round of Europe qualifier


    , plus 19 league games (17 for me, as I do not accept Sevco as real)


    So it’s just under £32 a ticket


    Is it to cost me the same price to watch the game on the tele ????





    Do you have the passing stats/ accuracy for the same group of Centre Halfs ?


    I read elsewhere on an analysis of McKenna, that Jozo had best passing stats in league last year for accuracy/ completion ??

  17. ERNIE LYNCH on 4TH JUNE 2020 10:31 AM


    AN TEARMANN on 3RD JUNE 2020 11:03 PM



    The jist of all that is that the memorial stone had to include an English translation of the Irish phrase used. It’s a bit of a stretch to regard that as an example of anti Irish racism



    Your opinion only my unionist friend :-)


    I disagree with your view.


    Hope your well




  18. EMERALDBEE \O/ A DOUBLE NINER!! on 4TH JUNE 2020 9:49 AM


    Dan, well done to you for posting that link



    “Why do we hate?”





    Mrs Emeraldbee stopped what she was doing and came in to listen. “Who’s that? That sounds amazing.”



    Amazing indeed.



    Ave Ave



    Thanks my friend it got me too.


    Ps thanks for your email I was bout to reply a d my fone dropped and broke so new one was needed.


    Hope all is well up your way


    Stay safe




  19. !!BADA BING!! on 4TH JUNE 2020 2:54 PM


    McKenna is a donkey





    Indeed he is.



    Buy French. Satisfaction guaranteed.

  20. I’d love Moi back.



    As it stands, he isn’t our player. Southampton paid £16 million for him and he’s on a contract of £60+ k a week.



    We will have to wait and see. I think another loan is the best chance we have to get him.



    Let’s not forget, he only played 19 times for Southampton in 18/19. He played 20 times for Celtic in 19/20. We might be lucky in that, no other club will have seen enough games to take the plunge and offer a good fee in the Covid downturn.



    We will see what happens but I’d suggest his future won’t be decided as quickly as big Fraser’s.

  21. I wonder how many players fit the criteria of players we “already know”



    If we are only looking at players scouted in person, how many is that?

  22. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    70 years, parkhead, that’s something else – please pass my congratulations on to him – I’m missing mass something dreadful – the Eucharist reboots me evry single time.




    I have just learned that a friend of mine, Fr Carlo Centra, from Donegal, is celebrating 70 years of priesthood today






    Best wishes to your friend Fr.Carla Centra in his celebration of his 70 years.God bless.






    It’s really quite simple: if you think paying full price for a season ticket when the first half of the season is likely to be BCD, don’t pay it.




    The choice is entirely yours.






    A club like no other.

  25. Ryan Fraser is a cracking wee player, wouldn’t mind seeing him take over the Scott Sinclair role. Wages, as usual, are the stumbling block, and, I don’t think he’ll be short of offers from not only EPL but Championship sides as well por cierto.

  26. There is a Priest in St. Michaels, Parkhead, who must have been serving for many a year, not saying mass anymore, but still helps out on the sidelines :) por cierto

  27. !!Bada Bing!! on

    PC- Spurs and Arsenal in for Fraser, will be funny money, never seen the attraction TBH

  28. BB – Seemingly Arsenal are cooling on him, but still way outside our budgets por cierto

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