Don’t expect an easy semi, James and Patrick, Here we go again


Kilmarnock had a pretty ropy start to the season, defeats to Motherwell and Ross County coming either side of a win at Hamilton, but they travel to Celtic Park tomorrow on a run of three consecutive draws.

They will be confident of scoring (scored in five of their six league games while we’ve yet to keep a clean sheet), and there is the added incentive that if results to their way elsewhere, a win could see they jump to fifth, behind Celtic, Hearts, St Johnstone and Aberdeen.

Brendan Rodgers will have a few selection options to consider with Champions League duty coming up on Wednesday. For these two games we’re going to perm two from Toure, Sviatchenko and Simunovic in central defence, one of Dembele or Griffiths as striker, while Gamboa could make his Celtic Park debut tomorrow. I’m hoping for a straight back four against Manchester City.

The other big area of outfield competition in the team is for the right midfield berth. James Forrest and Patrick Roberts both make good cases for inclusion. Don’t be surprised to see them subbed for each other in each of our next two games.

I see a lot of confidence after the League Cup semi-final draw, pitting us against Newco next month. This game will be six weeks after the 5-1 drubbing at Celtic Park, when a vast chasm between the teams. I expect us to win, but I also expect a considerably more difficult time.

We had the run of the show earlier this month. Moussa Dembele mustn’t have been able to believe the space he got, something denied to him by more tactically aware teams like Alloa and Inverness.

We benefited from the capitulation of one central defender, Senderos, shortly after his partner was subbed as part of a tactical change. The sight of Joey Barton unable to get off the ground to intercept Mikael Lustig’s cross for Celtic’s fourth is unlikely to be repeated.

In short, Newco’s mistakes were so evident and avoidable they are bound not to be repeated. The semi-final will be a different game.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist about last night’s draw but the League Cup has been a financial lifeline to Newco, who were rewarded with large home attendances for earlier rounds, and will already be busy selling premium hospitality content for the semi-final. There could be enough income in this one to buy more Velcro for the roof.

Here we go again………

Hot on the heels of that magnificent news from Mary’s Meals that we will be feeding 650 school kids in Liberia for the next year, I’m running the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon for the Foundation on Sunday, 3 October.

We’re getting to that time of the year when the Foundation’s plans to assist those most chronically in need in our own community need to kick in. The winter challenges aid providers. It kills many poor and homeless.

If you can help, please do. There’s a MyDonate page here. Your money goes straight to the Foundation, where it will used quickly.



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    TALLYBHOY 1205



    Knew you’d understand why I posted the artist,the particular choon was too good too pass up!



    Just arrived at Euston,train leaves in just over an hour. Shoooorly even I canny screw up from here(!)






    Jee-zoh,mate. I’m always grateful for my health. You’re dealing wi yours wi some fortitude. I pray your strength never leaves you









    I expect you’re in The Beatson right now. Like JIMMYNOTPAUL and HEBCELT,you’re three hard,hard men.



    Keep giving it back,fellas. You know we all have your back.











    You are right about the income stream provided. And with their fourth-share of net receipts,they can probably expect c£700k from this one.



    Win,they get the same again from the final.



    That last sentence is more dangerous to Celtic than all the players they can muster against us. It will concentrate the minds wonderfully in certain locations. Aye,we gubbed them in a league game,but they were never gonna win the league anyway.



    This is a one-off. A chance to make a difference with a good old-fashioned display of game management,unforeseen error,ooops-how-did-I-miss-that Scottish officialdom.



    No,Rangers don’t worry me. It’s their banner-carriers in position to make a difference who worry me.

  3. From previous



    AULDHEID on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2016 12:19 PM



    A wee reminder from E Tims on jiggery-pokery (or is it skullduggery ?) by SFA and STV iro Res12 in June



    It’s beginning to look like there is something to hide. If all is order in 2011 why not just demonstrate it, even if it makes SFA look accountable?









    BV next Saturday for the match,if yer up to it?



    If a late call-off,I’ll understand,but my Dad and I will 99% be there.

  5. Given Celtic’s woeful record at Hampden in recent times against weaker opposition then there’s no room for complacency. Hopefully Brendan emphasises this to the team and gets off to a winning start at the national stadium.





    Btw,easy semi?



    Is there such a thing as a hard semi?



    (You can delete that if you like. I’ll be neither surprised nor upset!)

  7. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    23rd October. A few questions before then.



    Will the Copeland Road Tax Dodgers have received their September wage transfers?


    Will Joey be back in the fold?


    Will the lying King risk a visit to the UK to attend?


    Can we utterly humiliate the new club again?



    1,2 and 3? Only time will tell.


    4? Oh yes. I believe we shall.




  8. FAC Open Meeting – fans of all clubs welcome.




    On Monday 3rd October there will be a FAC Open/Public Meeting in St Anne’s Primary School in Crownpoint Road, Glasgow G40 2RA at 7.30pm. Fans of all clubs and non-football fans are welcome as this is an issue which affects us all.The purpose of the meeting is to bring people up to date with the campaign to have the Offensive Behaviour Act repealed and also to highlight some recent and disturbing actions by the Police Service of Scotland against FAC activists.




    We have pointed out on many occasions the various ways in which this legislation has poisoned not only the relationship between fans and police but also the judicial system in terms of the collusion between police, prosecutors and politicians. The enormous cost of enforcing this illiberal legislation also uses resources which communities desperately need for their own policing requirements.




    We hope to see many of you there on the 3rd!





    I really fail to see why this is good for the Huns.If they had been kept apart,Hampden would have had around 100,000 attending,between both games.As it now stands,that figure will probably now be around 70,000.How is this of financial benefit to them?.The money is split 4 ways.Its of no use to any of the teams involved to lose around 30,000 paying customers.


    We have a lot more to gripe about than made up stories like this.Its not as if it is difficult to work out.If,as we should,gub them then they will lose out on the Final money.This does not fit in with the narrative we were getting before the draw,that they were a cert to get Morton.When that did not materialise the paranoid few went into deflect and forget about what I said,and went into other realms of fantasy like this story regarding the gate money.


    Some people dont like hearing the truth.Tough.

  10. Good afternoon all.



    Regarding Paul67’s suggestion that a game against Celtic would boost our opponents finances, aren’t the semi final receipts split 4-ways? If so then to get the largest TOTAL attendance across the 2 games would probably have meant pairing us with Aberdeen or Morton?



    See how easy it is to contrsuct a short logical argument without naming the remaining team? ;-)

  11. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Just watching the news there.


    Didn’t realise Mike Ashley was involved with prostitution?

  12. *** LAST MAN STANDING 8 ***



    If anyone knows the whereabouts of any of the following please remind then to get this week’s pick in pronto!



    Danny Mac




    Roundstone Cowboys












    A Source Said

  13. Good afternoon. If you haven’t completed the consultation survey on the repeal of the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act please click this link and complete it now. If you are unsure about what to write, this crib sheet will help. Remember you are agreeing that the act should be repealed. Also remember to click Complete Survey at the end or your views won’t be included!



    “Dollygate” and the arrest of yet another Celtic fan shows how important it is to get rid of this act!



    FAC the Act




  14. Any truth in the rumour that the semi final prices are as followings ?


    Celtic areas £ 49.00…….Newco “wrecking crew” Sevco areas, £549.00 ( just to cover the damage to seats and toilets !

  15. I noticed one of the stenographers (Chris Union Jack?), on the day after Sevco beat QotS, pointed out that none of the Sevco scorers in their 5-0 victory (Holt, Waghornpen, Halliday) started against Celtic in the recent 5-1 gubbing. I fully expect this will be their approach in the build-up to the semi final to give the hordes some comfort and hope.

  16. The reporters are camped on the front lawn. They have been there for a week now, asking if my Rangers career is over. The old Joey Barton would probably have stormed out and lamped the lot of them. Not any more. As part of my journey of personal development, I have been reading a lot of Eastern philosophy, and a lot of it is about avoiding direct conflict and letting nature take its course. So I set the dogs on them instead.



    Great wee bit of satire on JJ site today re Joey.

  17. Very hooooooopy birthday to Mrs Tallybhoy


    And all the very best to EDB, Hebcelt and Jimmynotpaul



    Will being missing the game tomorrow, and I’ve taken Celtic in LSM8, would like this sorted by HT ( halftime and not Hamilton Tim :-)) Brendan – much appreciated :-)



    Hail Hail





    Barred as a jinx in Autumn,mate. My sisters have a care in the community day,and will be in The Crown Creighton wi my Dad before the match,if you fancy it.

  19. Right heading for a wee walk down Puerto Mogan harbour with my


    persistence beats Res12stance t- shirt :-)



    Hail Hail

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