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We live in a Health and Safety aware world.  This means that is someone with breathing difficulties can be harmed by an action, for example, lighting pyrotechnics in a crowd, that action will be subject to prohibitions (in this case, pyrotechnics need to be kept a specific distance from spectators).

I don’t suffer breathing difficulties, so I don’t have anything to worry about if a flare goes off close to me, but a few of us on here have a Celtic supporting pal with chronic lung disease, who would suffer significant distress if exposed to a flare.

If you are fit and healthy and don’t agree with Health and Safety rules, explain your objections to those with concerns.  Put your name to your actions and own your consequences.

I don’t know much about Health and Safety.  Fears over pyrotechnics may be overblown (my pal tells me otherwise), but no one is making the case that flares do no harm to those with impaired lungs.

This issue feels like an ill-considered action of the strong and healthy, insensitive to, or unware of, the reasons a rule exists.  If you think the rule is wrong, tell me you have read the research, don’t tell me you don’t care because you are healthy enough not to have to worry.

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  1. The place is full of unfortunate beings.


    Maybe our pyro freaks should visit a health care resource to witness some of the trauma suffered by the less fortunate.

  2. I wasn’t at the game, my two sons swiped the tickets, but they tell me the pyro display was excellent in that it emulated flashbulbs going off as had happened in the Ali fight. Very clever.



    So, health and safety eh. Celtic have pyros at the start and end of the season. No idea if the smoke that is emitted is of a safer variety than the the flares used by those in that area (or other clubs fans) or maybe it is a distance thing as Paul67 alluded to.



    If the former, then from a H&S perspective, can the right type of pyros be provided to the standing section.



    If the latter, then can those with health issues be allocated an area far enough away as to not be affected.



    None of the above condones the actions, merely joining in the discussion whereby, if safety is the reason for UEFA disliking them, then is there a safe version?

  3. I was at the game and the `flares` seemed different from the usual type. As Fred C Dobbs suggested, more like sparklers but maybe with a more flare-like after effect?




  4. After the amount of fines we’ve had in last few years,IMO there’s no chance of the Club sanctioning ‘safe’ flares to be used by fans.

  5. On the park matters, has there been any news on how the lad Turnbull is doing since his op? Any thoughts on whether we will go back in for him in January?


    I see the Wanyama rumour is back again too. That would be a powerful duo to sign in January, especially if we are in any way struggling . . . Maybe N’tcham out and Victor in with an option to buy (ok, I’m dreaming but he would be an incredible investment if he was here for 10iar and not just for the spring).

  6. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    I think the article is fine.



    I was at Tynecastle a couple of years ago – the eejits in the section near the pitch (all wearing fairly uniform green attire – don’t know which group they were from) – just below the walkway where the disabled fans’ wheelchairs sit – let off both smoke-bombs and flares.



    I’m sure it looked nice on the telly.



    However – it induced a large degree of distress for many of the immobile fans in the chairs. They share the space with other fans who use the walkway – many of whom also wanted to vacate the area pronto. Added to the crush, distress and danger. In the crush, I did catch a few laughing ” we don’t give a shit” faces from where the devices were set off.



    It was probably only a small area, and behind the smoke you couldn’t see it on the telly pictures later – but for those in there it WAS NOT FUNNY.



    I agree with SUPERSUTTON – the flares (and particularly the sparkly ones last week) do look good. They do also add (from a distance) to the overall atmosphere of the game.



    An alternative – visually stunning but safer – version would be brilliant.



    Analogous to extremely bright, but low heat / energy LED bulbs versus very hot / high energy halogen bulbs.






  7. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Wee BGFC texted me from school – tickets are in the bag. Girl in the offices’ hubby – goes to all the games home and away – missed out in the ballot again. Fingers crossed that Hibs return some of their allocation.






  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    If Cetic were to make an offer to the CO2 emitters at Euro games that the Club will donate 5,000 Euros to a charity on the condition that no flares were set off , its just possible that the uncaring self serving twats may be embarrassed into agreeing.


    And may even self regulate.



    Or maybe not.

  9. I didn’t realise my comments yesterday would bring such a response and indeed, a lead story from Paul67.


    I certainly don’t like having to come back and write on the topic again, however…. The Flares/Pyros are not “sparklers” as some of the more flippant contributors have espoused. Far from it.


    The smoke emitted can get trapped under roof of the grounds, as happened in Liepzig and creates a smog effect.


    I don’t feel I should have to go into detail as to my own illness, however, suffice to say, I ended up coughing violently, unable to breathe and , to be honest, a little bit afraid.


    Having left the immediate area and out onto the back of the stand, I got some fresh air. As my mate remarked, I was wheezing like a tinkers bellows! I spent the rest of the evening sucking a Ventolin inhaler between pints.


    Seriously folks, why should I or anyone else have to be put in a situation like this, simply because I want to watch the team I love ?


    Talk of old foggies and “establishment” is pure bollix. Pyros are anti-establishment?? Give me a break. They are the weapon of choice of people whose sense of their own importance is matched only by their need to be the centre of attention.


    Go out in 10 acre a field and fire them off. Will it take a death by inhalation or a fire , to get some people to understand that these are not toys for boys ???

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on 10th October 2019 1:20 pm




    Ballot for Semi Final tickets, now on sale .





    Thanks BB



    Tickets bought




  11. BB – I’m hoping that Wanyama might have a say in that as he clearly scuppered the transfer that Spurs tried to force him into at end of summer. Maybe a compromise can be reached :)


    I know there are good arguments for wage caps, but maybe players above a certain level justify not being subject to them – it’s all about egos within the squad, but would any of our senior players go in the huff if they were earning less than Wanyama (or Forster)? These are the guys that could make all the difference between securing 9iar and 10 iar or letting it slip through our grasp. Everyone would know and hopefully understand why they are on a different pay scale.

  12. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I see the State Broadcaster is persevering in describing an edited, abridged re-run of the Russia v Scotland game, that will be shown on TV later tonight, as “Highlights”.



  13. Mackay at 1.33, that’s a very decent shout.



    If the people in the Standing section wanted flashbulb effects as in the film of the Ali fight, they could have used, errr…flashbulbs as exist on practically every camera phone on the market. There was no need for pyros. They’d have got the same effect, but within the rules. And there’s the rub. They’ve got to be wee rebels.



    There’s a difference between breaking petty rules and being a rebel, though.

  14. I have no idea what dialogue exists between the Board and the GB, they normally seem to get along as if an uneasy truce exists. When the flares go off, can the security guards/police not lift the culprits there and then? I was of the understanding that they are watched throughout the game and filmed.

  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Bribery not something I would normally suggest.


    However …….

  16. I would have thought the risk of people being burned, clothing being set on fire by a flare would be obvious, the exposure of people with lung disease to smoke from flares is also totally unacceptable. Ban them keep them out of the ground, introduce a stadium rule that if you are arrested in possession of or using a flare at Celtic Park you will be fined heavily . This needs to stop now

  17. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Paul67 highlighting that pyros must be a certain distance from spectators is frankly risible. Celtic FC cannot control the wind .orthe direction of the smoke from their own displays. If the smoke is dangerous, ban them all. Celtic FC have a duty of care which is sadly lacking when celebrating title wins at Celtic Park.

  18. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    Paul67 highlighting that pyros must be a certain distance from spectators is frankly risible.






    What I took from that comment was that, where pyrotechnics are used in public, there are rules about separation from the crowd – such as is the case in public fireworks displays, etc.



    I don’t think he was suggesting that we could use them safely within the crowds at football.






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