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  1. Matthews ball watches far too much and it has cost us on a few occasions this season, especially in Europe. Hear Hear



    He has no positional sense of his or the opposition players , poor crosser and throw-ins of the ball.

  2. Biton, Forrest amd Mathews don’t take any responsibility. Mathews isn’t fit, Forrest is hiding and Briton is too laid back for the scottish game.

  3. Ref has made some odd calls, but I think he got the penalty call right…. Was shoulder to shoulder … Iwould be upset if that was given against us

  4. saltires en sevilla on

    Izzy starting to fly down our left – whipping crosses in across 6 yds box



    We are getting 2 and 3 running onto them



    It’s gonna come

  5. saltires en sevilla on

    Jamesy is getting joy on right cutting across – so far no joy on final pass



    It will come



    Stramash off line there – almost nae luck celts