Echoes of 2003. You can take them, Brendan


European Union flagBayern Munich and Paris St Germain will bring some autumn glamour to Glasgow in the Champions League group stage. Bayern are second favourites for the trophy, PSG, fifth. The challenge to reach the knock out stage could scarcely be greater.

Anderlecht, by comparison, offer substantially less-ominous opposition, but a quick glance at their European form will dissuade anyone from underestimating the Belgian champions.

The group bears a remarkable resemblance to Celtic’s 2003 Champions League group, the last time we faced Bayern and Anderlecht, with another French side, Lyon, ending up as group winners.  All four teams finished within three points, with Bayern and Lyon both winning the final games by a single goal – dropped points would have seen them eliminated.  Celtic qualified for the Uefa Cup, courtesy of a superior head-to-head record against Anderlecht.

Anderlecht started last season slowly (as they have this season), failing to reach the Champions League group stage, but that only spurred them on for a memorable Europa League campaign. In Europe’s second-tier tournament, they won away in Azerbaijan before recording draws in France (St Etienne) and Germany (Mainz, whom they beat 6-1 in Brussels).  Fortunate form for trips to those two territories this term.

They knocked-out Zenit and APOEL Nicosia in the first two Europa League rounds before being eliminated 3-2 on aggregate in the quarter-final by Manchester United. Those are very decent European results, but it you want some comfort, Ajax went all the way to the final 14 weeks ago, and they were beaten home and away by Rosenborg this month.  It’s not about what you did yesterday that counts.

At Celtic Park, we have a punchers’ chance against Bayern and PSG, but our measure of progress this season will be determined by results against Anderlecht.  The night we beat them 3-1 in 2003 counts as one of our great Champions League performances, the stadium rose to a man and blew the Belgian champions away.  Watch the highlights if you are in any doubt about this.

The 2003 1-0 defeat by 10 men in Brussels still rankles as an underachievement.  Losing to an 86th minute goal in Munich, after being ahead with 17 minutes to go, and losing to an 86th minute penalty in Lyon, leaves me feeling we have some scores to settle.

Let’s take them this time, Brendan.  You know you can…



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  1. embramike says ” Yer team’s deid…Beat it!” on

    King of Kings star guest on Europa League group draw on BT Sport.



    Still looks fit enough to play for us. Sign Henrik, PL !

  2. Forget about Paddy,use Hayes and Miller,who can play on the wing,and they can defend,when need to , Something Paddy wasn’t up to at times.

  3. I think that if we continue to develop our deflected goal technique, we can take anybody on the day. :-)

  4. If qualifying has taught us anything it’s that luck will play a part.



    Each result will depend on which players are fit to play on the day and in what positions.



    Looking forward to the games and hoping we put on a show.

  5. Looking forward to the St Johnstone game tomorrow. I thought they played good football on their first visit last year. Hopefully big Jozo will be back.


    Any updates on the road closures/terror alert thingy?




  6. glendalystonsils on

    If we can finish all of our group games with 11 men on the park we will have a good chance of progresing (sp).



    Furrin referees might be more competent than ours but they can also be a tad more pernickity.

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “The group bears a remarkable resemblance to Celtic’s 2003 Champions League group, the last time we faced Bayern and Anderlecht, with another French side, Lyon”




    Just made that point on the last blog, Paul.


    Bayern are a lot better now than they were then and PSG are way ahead of where Lyon were.


    Anything above 5 or 6 points would be a good achievement.

  8. Go tell the Spartim on

    Whilst Ajax’s misfortune is most welcome, didnt they sell a fair few of their star performers from last year and i dont mean since their defeat last night.



    Celtic 3 Hammer throwers nil

  9. What is the Stars on




    If you are looking in




    Can you put me on the list for an away ticket to Munich



    See you tomorrow in Babbitys anyway

  10. Well that’s my rooms booked up for the home Euro ties,but I’ll have a look at 1 away game to travel too,Munich sell good beer,just wonder what gins they sell?.

  11. South Of Tunis on

    DAVIDOPOULOS — previous thread .



    Big thanks for putting me right re Anderlecht -Notts Forrest / Spurs .



    My addled ole bonce needs all the help it can get.

  12. Turkeyhboy



    Thanks for confirming 6 Quid a pint in PAris last time we played PSG.



    I was telling similar story to my bhoys and said we were buying a round



    Sure it was something like 50 Quid in center of town.



    Round was


    6 pints £6 a pint with two btls of red wine thrown in for a wee glow.




    One of my bhoys said he would have stuck to btls of wine !!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    For any bhoys travelling to Munich, there are good transport links from Nuremberg.



    Flights to Nuremberg from Manchester Birmingham and Stansted.

  14. traditionalist88 on

    Superscoreboard‏Verified account @ClydeSSB 2m2 minutes ago





    B Rodgers still looking to strengthen his Celtic squad. “No update” on P Roberts. R Coetzee medical at w/end & in after international break

  15. The articles about Socrates remind me of the time that Billy McNeill was doing some punditry, I think during the 1982 World Cup or suchlike. It was mentioned that Socrates wanted to go to a club part time, and continue his career as a doctor – Billy immediately said he cold come to Celtic and do whatever he liked part time. Alas it never happened but that would have livened things up at the time. Nothing wrong with ambitious signings.

  16. “Who’d win a fight between a haun-wringer a hun-ringer an’ a humdinger……?”




  17. mullet and co 2 on



    I posted some of the FTT decision this morning wrt Mr Red HMRC and the SFA.



    One of the key paragraphs was as follows –



    89. Further documentation had been obtained by HMRC via an enquiry conducted by the City of London Police. This related to a number of football clubs, and was not restricted to Rangers FC. Inspector 1 had noted also information obtained about the development at Bel Azur. Inspector 1 referred also to his notes of the interview with Mr Grey, the solicitor and football agent. This note had been prepared by him from contemporaneous notes and his recollections. His colleague, a Mr Luton, had approved its terms. (We note the contrasting evidence on this point by Mr Grey at para 34). Inspector 1 noted also that documentary information had been obtained


    from the SFA.





    You can imagine the reaction of the SFA upon being requested by HMRC to supply the information they had on Rangers contracts. Was it standard for HMRC to request this information from the SFA? Who received it and did they alert Rangers? Did the SFA discuss internally?

  18. Bateen Bhoy says PADDY COME HOME on

    South of Tunis @ 1.18pm



    Everybody talk about…..Pop Music



    Well, nearly :-)

  19. Bateen Bhoy says PADDY COME HOME on

    Tickets for Munich ( in Bayern, apparently )…



    “We’re gonna need a bigger allocation”

  20. Auldheid


    It would seem the SFA are still refusing an enquiry though, I wrote to PL, no reply , the SFA are hoping all this dies a death, to read the garbage told to the Celtic delegates by Doncaster and Mckenzie which was posted here tells me they are not for changing their entrenched position either, for them to say they would welcome an enquiry I do not believe this for one minute,if it took place it would be a sham like Nimmo Smith.

  21. South Of Tunis on

    Sorted for Paris and Munich .



    Memories from 95 of being well beaten by a team which included agent Paul le Guen .. Andy Walker missed a sitter



    Lots of good choon stores in Paris . I bought this and left it on the Metro . Took me ages to get another – the William Devaughn classic -Lee Scratch Perry style .



    Work done -scorchio -beach time



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