Emenike, Ashley and only Montrose


I suppose we should start by heading the warning from Sevconian under-performer, Ian Black, who suggested that the Third Division is harder than the SPL.  By this logic, Second Division Arbroath will terrify the life out of the Celtic defence ahead of their Scottish Cup tie tomorrow, they did, after all, put three goals past Inverurie Locos in the Third Round tie, and again in the replay.

Only Montrose

Having previously experienced the delights of Brechin, Forfar and the Dundee clubs, after tomorrow, the only Tayside club I will not have seen will be Montrose.  These opportunities don’t come around often enough!

In all seriousness, Second and Third Division football is not difficult, it is essentially Keep Fit on the cheap.  Celtic must deal with the sincere endeavour of their opponents while giving an opportunity for several fringe players to grace Celtic Park.

With our midfield already stretched by injury and suspension ahead of the Spartak game, Neil Lennon will want to guard this area of the team in particular.  Spartak play their last game before heading to Glasgow tonight, at home to Zenit, who sit five points about them after 17 games.  This is a huge game for Spartak and interim manager Valery Karpin, who will either succeed as interim, and be made permanent boss, or to fail and to also lose his general manager position.

Unusually for the Champions League, they have five days to recover before facing Celtic, a game Karpin is keen to win.  Celtic will technically only have four days rest but the bulk of players likely to play in midweek will surely be rested tomorrow.

Spartak will be without striker Welliton, who travelled to Germany for an operation this week.  Emmanuel Emenike, who scored twice against Celtic last month, is likely to lead the line.  Emenike is a penalty box striker who is more than capable of exploiting gaps in the Celtic box.  Karpin may instead opt to play target-man Artyom Dzuba as a sole striker.  Dzuba is not a prodigious goal-scorer but he is able to hold play up and bring others into the game.

I loved media suggestions today that Sports Direct have a fight on their hands from other firms if they want their brand used to rename Ibrox.  You have to admire the intellectual endeavour that goes into news coverage in this country.  Sports Direct area THE key business partner for The Rangers.  The only issue open to question is how much skin they are in the game for and what they get in return.  Remember this when you’re buying sports kit for Christmas!

Unlike the CQN Annual, the perfect Christmas present, available here and not found in any Sports Direct store.

Lower league clubs will all surely be quaking in their boots at the news The Rangers will not only bring in well over £20m in a share issue, but could also earn countless riches from stadium naming rights.  The leaked IPO PowerPoint presentation suggested the Offer for Subscription would commence on Monday. I am sure it is on-plan.

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  1. jc2



    My addled old bonce thinks Celtic 1 — Stranraer 0 .



    McAvennie scored early . Stranraer hit the woodwork . Bonner saved a penalty . A dreadful game

  2. From previous..






    >Its listed under Work and Education so possibility.



    Id still like to email the principal to make enquiries though.



    Lennon n Mc….Mjallby



    >Considering the harassment our fans have faced in recent months youve got to ask how could police and stewards turn a blind eye to this at the time? Probably didn’t walk in to the ground like that…I don’t know maybe he did…but you cant miss a Celtic top amongst hearts fans surely.

  3. The Battered Bunnet,



    I think we should call it the “Trapezoidal Bonny Bristles”



    which can be shortened to the TBB’s “TBB”.



    That’s all I have CSC

  4. In this instance, trapezoidal is given to mean a “quadrilateral that has no parallel sides”, but you knew that of course!




  5. The Pantaloon Duck on

    Montrose is French for Pink Mountain. I have never been there, but I have an image in my head of what it must be like.

  6. Thanks Paul, regards the Spartak game – we have nothing to lose and everything to gain – regardless of our or Benfica’s score – by playing the game the Glasgow Celtic way for which we were once renowned.

  7. \o/ Mr. Whippy Coming at you!! on




    Spartak will be a very intriguing game. Very interested to see NFL tactics on the night and the shape of the Spartak team. They can hurt us, no doubt, let’s hope reports suggesting their foreign players lining up moves away a true. Morale must be very low, hopefully to our advantage.



    If you have time, could you email me the PowerPoint presentation too?




  8. Ten men won the league



    Just checked and you are correct. But I am sure it was late on when we scored maybe Macca ?



    ps I wouldnt have felt the cold as I would have been fuelled by Cider/wine cocktail. None of that stuff for ruffians Buckie more a Merrydown/Lambrusco(red) combo.




  9. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on

    The Battered Bunnett






    Remember The KOK had a tache?



    Does anyone know any journalists personally? Cos the guff they write is incredulous ..



    They must be ” interesting” people.



    The Herald weekly Sevco hype EVERY Sat with journalists is a laugh out loud read..



    Bet they don’t mention Spartak!




  10. Going Xmas shopping with my daughter on Thursday. Looking for sports gear for the son in law but will certainly be avoiding Sports Direct. Does this clown from Newcastle realise what he is doing?

  11. The Battered Bunnet on

    Vmhan – not only do you read my drivel, you actually remember it! Brilliant.



    Canamalar – More like snotter catcher tbh



    PFayr – cracker



    Ritchie – understated elegance as ever.

  12. Bawsman


    12:32 on


    30 November, 2012


    I’m hearing they (Inter Rangers) have only shifted 10k of tickets.




    How many of those tickets are freebies, the 80/20 rule mibbee.




  13. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    its seasonal,


    tis the season to be snottery


    fal lah lal lah la


    la la la la

  14. “Remember this when you’re buying sports kit for Christmas!”



    Thank God for Amazon!

  15. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    TBB- Call your Mo Bangura.



    I’d like to contribute an emolument, do you have a link?

  16. South of Tunis






    I remember it(obviously not too well) when thinking back at end of the season that the Double could have went that day and the blow could even have derailed title challenge.



    Huns would have ended up with 11 in a row.

  17. Things to do in Montrose –



    Go to the harbour . See the statue of a Norwegian dog called Bamse ..



    Bamse is Norwegian for teddy bear .

  18. harryhoodsdugbitme on

    All I wanrt for Christmas is the mast 16, the last 16, the last 16…..repeat ad nauseum HH

  19. playfusbal4dguilders on

    Been and done the SFA football survey.



    Took me about an hour, (may just be my computer)



    Badly constructed (may just be my computer)



    leading questions



    Asked to rank topics rather than give your opion



    No oppertunity to say how poor referee’s are



    little opportunit to vent spleen at SFA incompetence in all matters




  20. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    winning captains,


    Ashley has been linked for a wee while now, including buying shares, he has never publically denied anything said, I suspect there could be information about him, being withheld from the authorities which requires his continued silence and agreement.


    Just a scurrelous suspicion mind you but it could account for his silence everytime his name is mentioned as part of their ongoing fund raising fiasco. They seem to have the power to bandy his name about with every new hairbrained scheme, innnit

  21. Montrose has a fabulous beach, a magnificent Golf Course and the widest High Street in Britain,




  22. ……and when they play local rivals, Arbroath, their fans chant : You only sing when you`re fishin`. This is followed by the slightly more ribald : You can stick your effin smokies up your a***.




  23. playfusbal4dguilders,



    Likewise, although didn’t take me as long – and I agree with your criticisms.



    Asks you to rate your club on a number of issues including transport to games, policing and standard of refereeing. None of these are the club’s responsibility.



    Still, it’s an opportunity to put a low rating at everything to so with the SFA and referees!

  24. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Gordon J – who do you think is a good alternative to Amazon? I’m thinking of range, as well as price.

  25. I see the forgetful SAS man was freed after all. Illegally smuggles a handgun and ammo into the country yet we’re fed a campaign by news outlets to feel sorry for him.



    Anybody else would have been hammered.

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