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The January transfer window closed in an underwhelming manner last night.  Celtic concluded a straight four-month loan deal for Adam Idah (22) from Norwich City.  I started the week bemoaning how physically light we were, so the addition of a 6’ 3” traditional target man is welcome.  It is somewhat regretful that this is not a strategic acquisition; there is no option to buy and if the player is a success, Norwich will use this to prime his resale value.

We seem to have talked ourselves out of a left back.  From what I hear, that’s not as much of a stress as it sounds, as latterly we were shopping distinctly off-piste in the ‘clearly for backup purposes’ lane.

The only permanent and strategic signature was that of Nicolas Kuhn (24), from Rapid Vienna.  Nicolas arrived in the middle of the month and has already made his debut.  He is every inch the data driven dream: creates chances, is useful in possession and after an injured season, has been fit since the summer.  They are out there, if we are prepared to commit to the system.

A few eyebrows were raised at the reported £2m Cardiff City paid for the signature of David Turnbull, a player who has been on the fringes of the Celtic first team since his arrival from Motherwell four years ago.  We paid £3m to Motherwell for David amid high hopes he would become a mainstay of the midfield for years to come.  He is a player with great technique and was the best finisher at Celtic Park.  With only six months left on his contract I expected a fee of around £400k, so happy with £2m.

Our winger population was thinned out a bit yesterday.  Mikey Johnston (24) went to West Brom on loan and Marco Tilio (22) returned to his former club, Melbourne City, both are set to return to Celtic in the summer.

Not one of you wants to hear this, but playing on the wings is a really tough gig, especially at Celtic.  Mikey has talent, he reminds me of one of those five-a-side players you can never get the ball off.  Decision making and a good final ball is never an issue at fives, Mikey needs to improve on both if he is to reach his potential.

The window shut with Brendan Rodgers words reverberating, “Obviously, statistics will give you a lot, but I’m not driven by it.”. So we’re off-piste now.

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  1. Timbhoy,



    Might well ask what James Forrest has got against Paul.3 times he has been on slagging CQN this week.


    Any,what I have got against Mr Forrest is the question I asked him today.Not that any of this is your concern,but I am being polite in answering.

  2. TURKEYBHOY on 2ND FEBRUARY 2024 8:34 PM





    What is an ” Inside fire pit”?Is it the one in centre of a table?.



    That’s it. I bought a larger type….expecting more heat…..no heat at all…looks pretty though

  3. Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers has said that he was “taken aback” by the attributes offered by Republic of Ireland forward Adam Idah, after the Norwich City man joined the Scottish giants on loan for remainder of the season.



    Idah makes the move north in the hopes of kickstarting his career, after seeing his playing time dwindle at Carrow Road in recent months.



    His was the second arrival at Celtic Park during the winter transfer window, after the club signed winger Nicolas Kuhn from Rapid Wien on a five-and-a-half year deal.



    “He’s the level of player that we would liked to have brought in,” Rodgers told Sky Sports on Friday.



    “I’ve mentioned before that we could only really bring in what I felt was quality signings and I think the two guys that we’ve brought in over the short and longer term can do really well for us.



    “Adam is a young player that I had seen in the Premier League breaking through as a youngster and I’ve got to say that I was taken aback by his attributes. I think through one reason or another it hasn’t quite worked out for him so far at Norwich, he had some injuries and whatever else but there’s absolutely no doubting his talent.



    “He’s a big, big talent with huge potential still and at 22, a player that has great years ahead of him. We’ll work with each other and see if we can maximise that talent. I know he’s delighted to be here and I’m delighted that he is as well.”



    Idah so far has 22 caps for Ireland, scoring three goals, and an upturn in club fortunes would bound to be beneficial for his international prospects, with a new manager set to come on board in due course.



    Idah got “goosebumps” when he first ran out at Celtic Park and is even more excited to be able to fulfil his lifelong dream of playing for the cinch Premiership champions.



    He could make his debut at Aberdeen on Saturday, said: “The last couple of days have been very stressful but I’m so happy to be here.



    “I found out there was interest on Monday morning and from there it kicked on and I was here, there and everywhere.



    “It was a no-brainer. I have always said I wanted to play for Celtic.



    “It’s such a big club and the gaffer here has an amazing history. With him developing all these young players, it will suit me to a tee.”



    The Cork native added: “With the Irish background and my friends and family back home, we all support Celtic.



    “We played Celtic in pre-season last year and when I walked out into the stadium it was a big shock to me and just gave me goosebumps.



    “I always wanted to play here, I just didn’t think it would be this early, so I am even more excited to be here.



    “My phone was popping off on Thursday night and all the messages from the fans have been amazing. I am very thankful for their big welcome and I am looking forward to seeing them in person.”

  4. The Judge who ruled Hun not sectarian ruled Famine Song was racist


    Thread starterCoisty09 Start dateToday at 6:33 PM










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    Today at 6:33 PM




    And that is not Lord Calloway’s only previous anti-Rangers judgment.



    BBC NEWS | UK | Scotland | Glasgow, Lanarkshire and West | Judges brand Famine Song ‘racist’





    He also threw his toys out of the pram when another judge contested his SFA tribunal ruling that Rangers should not be allowed to make to make transfers for 12 months





    Exclusive: Two withdraw from Appellate Tribunal to rule on Rangers


    Lord Carloway and Craig Graham, the chairman of Spartans, will be replaced if or when the SFA’s Appellate Tribunal reconvenes to consider the…


    http://www.heraldscotland.com http://www.heraldscotland.com


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    Today at 6:36 PM




    Sure he was the one who ruled against Rangers citing “common sense”


    rather that law. :oops:


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    Today at 6:36 PM




    I completely understand why this board has certain filters, but it feels like we are criminalising ourself while they get away with absolutely everything. Disgusting rats.


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    Today at 6:39 PM




    I’m not surprised, the Scottish judiciary is full of Tims, all part of their plan to influence everything in Scottish society by getting into these positions of power.



    I don’t even get angry about it anymore, just apathetic.


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    Today at 6:39 PM




    There were two other judges – Lord Matthews and Lord Boyd.



    Hard to see the former being sympathetic towards Rangers fans.













    Clement: I can’t explain handball rule…

  5. completely off piste.



    i had to go to crieff today for a personal matter.



    drove up through killearn, blair drummond route.



    i was a wee bit taken aback by several random union flags up poles in rural areas.



    any locals, and i know it is a big area tell me the sentiment in these communities ?



    and indeed crieff itself ? very tory gentrified and farming or any celtic connections at all ?



    general interest.

  6. My favorite



    Today at 6:59 PM




    deBoersHeader said:


    For a small percentage of the population they are quite well represented in positions power.



    Almost as if it’s by design.


    Exactly the same as in Ulster while we sung songs and paraded the streets they got an education and placed into positions of power.




    Off piste



    It has a great 18 and 9 hole golf course. Great for outings. Already half pissed after the 18 hole first round, 9 hole second round is perfect for getting back to the clubhouse bar in good time to get royally pissed

  8. Exactly the same as in Ulster while we sung songs and paraded the streets they got an education and placed into positions of power.







    it is a weird thing this, but ………….



    when lots of posters tell us the people in the scouting, coaching, football, analytics, sports science jobs at celtic plc, are all rubbish at their jobs and just there because of their da.



    well on linked in, they have high level university degrees in their chosen subjects, years of experiences elsewhere, been succesful, trained, have awards, some Phd’s,



    but they are all shite by the way.

  9. Today at 1:59 PM




    I find the bit about us calling them huns laughable. Aye we called them huns Cos they had the nazi flag at parkhead. Thats not why they call us it though so whats the relevance


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  10. Finally,the Penny drops,




    Captain_Buns said:


    Protestants are second class citizens in Scotland.


    Add Northern Ireland in there also

  11. Thomas Detry leading the AT &T


    Højgaard brothers 2nd placed on DP World and PGA tours last week


    European golf is on the up and up


    Bring on the Ryder Cup

  12. Brendan n KT waiting for summer to get the deal done….let’s get behind Greg Taylor and the rest and win this 🍀🍀

  13. The original ” Awe did ye,Aye.




    Today at 3:30 PM




    I was in a pub in Alness 2 weeks ago.


    Tuesday around 12 ish…


    7 people in bar,one female, 5 pension age.



    Within a 5 min period I heard Hun…. Hun Bastards numerous times..


    I left said bar and reported it to the owner saying this is not acceptable. If it was black bastard or pakki bastard would it be OK.



    In fairness she did reply saying the staff should have interviened and stopped it.



    But now I’m taking from this it’s open season on Huns..


    Should have stuck to my 1st thoughts and smashed the dirty 19th Century Terrorist bastards.


    No cool story guys it happened.


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  14. Tom McLaughlin on





    I’m guessing Mr Foster held his head in his hands when he watched a replay of that interview.



    In 1985 Scotland faced Australia in a World Cup play-off for Mexico86.



    Scotland won the first-leg 2-0 at Hampden. The second leg in Melbourne was 0-0.



    Foster was a studio pundit on Aussie TV for the game in Melbourne and after the game I thought he was going to cry. He was absolutely gutted and got tore into the Scots, calling them hammer throwers and a pub team.



    There was an ex-pat former Scots player in the studio — can’t remember his name — who just laughed at him and told him to stop embarrassing himself.



    I didn’t move to Australia until 2005 but someone showed me a video of that game.



    So funmy.

  15. Tom



    I remember that play off. I thought the Aussies were the better team over the two legs


    I was genuinely worried we’d get done in Oz

  16. TB


    Aesthetically it looks the biz


    I’m sure she’ll say the same. As a heating device it’s a no no

  17. Tom



    Probably none of my business….but why did you leave the sunny climes of (Melbourne,right?) Oz?

  18. Tom McLaughlin on

    I’m delighted to see a lot of unity and support for the team tonight after days/weeks of recrimination and infighting — I include myself in that — between the so-called malcontents and happy-clappers during and after the January window.



    When the window closed, I was dreading logging-in this morning, but after a frenetic first couple of hours I am pleased to note that for the most part, the blog is much more positive and getting behind the team, starting at Pittodrie tomorrow.



    We’re all Celtic supporters at the end of the day and when the going gets tough, that’s all that matters.



    Here’s hoping we can start our run-in to the title with 3 points and a few goals tomorrow.



    Hail Hail.

  19. Tom McLaughlin on




    We returned to Scotland in 2014 because my wife and I had a grandchild — our first — on the way back in Edinburgh.



    We both, especially the missus, didn’t want to miss out on grandchildren and having been in Oz only 9 years, it was no great wrench coming back to Scotland.



    We now have 2 grandsons and 1 granddaughter through our 2 sons and they all live fairly close by and the grandkids are our pride and joy.



    They’re all Celtic daft as well and have several Celtic kits although the boys’ other grandad is a Jambo season ticket holder. He knows the score.




  20. I;m an old man working from memory here, but I’m sure on the way home from Oz, McAvennie, made a complete tit of himself on the plane and never played for Scotland again.

  21. Tom



    You done well. 9 years



    A friend of mines mother and father retired to Cyprus back in the day. Their idea, live in the sun and have sons daughters and grand weans visit on a regular basis.


    They lasted 3 months. They missed them all so much even a few weeks without seeing them was too much

  22. FAIRHILL BHOY on 2ND FEBRUARY 2024 9:32 PM


    TURKEYBHOY, B78, STIVS and any other board arse licking sycophant .



    Shame on you



    Save time, ink and finger/thumb working by adding the word “little”


    ie ….board arse licking little sycophants