Ending off-piste


The January transfer window closed in an underwhelming manner last night.  Celtic concluded a straight four-month loan deal for Adam Idah (22) from Norwich City.  I started the week bemoaning how physically light we were, so the addition of a 6’ 3” traditional target man is welcome.  It is somewhat regretful that this is not a strategic acquisition; there is no option to buy and if the player is a success, Norwich will use this to prime his resale value.

We seem to have talked ourselves out of a left back.  From what I hear, that’s not as much of a stress as it sounds, as latterly we were shopping distinctly off-piste in the ‘clearly for backup purposes’ lane.

The only permanent and strategic signature was that of Nicolas Kuhn (24), from Rapid Vienna.  Nicolas arrived in the middle of the month and has already made his debut.  He is every inch the data driven dream: creates chances, is useful in possession and after an injured season, has been fit since the summer.  They are out there, if we are prepared to commit to the system.

A few eyebrows were raised at the reported £2m Cardiff City paid for the signature of David Turnbull, a player who has been on the fringes of the Celtic first team since his arrival from Motherwell four years ago.  We paid £3m to Motherwell for David amid high hopes he would become a mainstay of the midfield for years to come.  He is a player with great technique and was the best finisher at Celtic Park.  With only six months left on his contract I expected a fee of around £400k, so happy with £2m.

Our winger population was thinned out a bit yesterday.  Mikey Johnston (24) went to West Brom on loan and Marco Tilio (22) returned to his former club, Melbourne City, both are set to return to Celtic in the summer.

Not one of you wants to hear this, but playing on the wings is a really tough gig, especially at Celtic.  Mikey has talent, he reminds me of one of those five-a-side players you can never get the ball off.  Decision making and a good final ball is never an issue at fives, Mikey needs to improve on both if he is to reach his potential.

The window shut with Brendan Rodgers words reverberating, “Obviously, statistics will give you a lot, but I’m not driven by it.”. So we’re off-piste now.

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  1. I don’t post anymore due to posters like An Tearman, who is an absolute tool and loves castigating posters. And, the host constantly sticking up for the board, who are charlatans!



    Anyhoo! This is one of the most depressing transfer windows as a Celtic fan I can remember since the Huns went bust. Given the last window, it is super-disappointing that we’ve been left with what could arguably be labelled a weaker squad. The Huns have strengthened and their board have backed them with the few remaining resources they had, whereas, our board have penny- pinched to keep us just ahead.



    I am totally sickened by it all for the umpteenth time and will not be posting again after this message (sorry AT). The people running Celtic at the moment are a disgrace and should be nowhere near the club, as the way can only see things in balance-sheet terms.



    Get them out! Get proper Celtic people in and move onto the next level. Lawell and co ain’t it!



    Tom, McLaughlin, will hopefully catch up in Edinburgh soon. Will keep an eye on the site, but won’t be posting. 😃👍🇮🇪

  2. I love your thimbles Melvin.do take them off


    I am hurt you wont be posting again,ever,ever,ever.


    Been typed worse.haha



    Til next time




  3. Clunks



    Data and feel.i know thats drumspeak



    There was an early 80s electro synth band called is/are Data plural! from Glasgow,


    They didnt make it

  4. Melvin 3.13am



    Our host is surely just a Celtic fan with his own opinion



    Canny understand the grief P67 gets … I like some articles, maybe not like others .. but some posters seem to take his every sentence to heart



    (No offence Paul) … but is P67 not just a Celtic fan with his own opinion who has gave us this space to offer ours



    Pittodrie … 9hrs n counting … the good old days with no responsibilities … the St James bus would be leaving around 5am for a 12pm kick off … :-)



    Although not sure of any Inverbervie stop off for a 12.30pm kick off

  5. Before I hit my kip .. the fans who are raging about the windae (& the board) we are not in Europe anymore so is it more scared of losing our league title of the Gers winning it …



    If you’re scared of Rangers … then so be it



    Am not … still 100% behind our manager 🍀

  6. GFTB



    I thought Melvins was a not bad flounce,seen better on here.i thought the thong was a little to tight on the tutu.i only castigate multi monikered fakes




  7. was always an oasis man



    Maybe I need to explore blur a bit more



    Smacked up damon was betterer than coked up oasis??

  8. AT 3.47am



    Am posting nothing .. had many a flounce in my early days :-)



    Celtic are in good place … 🍀



    I take pride in my happy clapping … (BSR)



    Love Celtic … the suits mean zero to me

  9. Clunks


    Sèen Pink Floyd @Earls Court in their day


    Prefer the homage to Sid Barrett-Shine on.


    Each to their own ear,you should listen to a lot more to Slow yo down i would suggest some MilesDavis


    A kind of Blue





    The more you listen the more youll get out of it,get outside the boundaries of what you listen to and learn






    Offers there



    Am away to close off



    There are several candidates, but for me it has to be …..



    ” MY DARLING CLEMENTIME”. from 1946 ( I Think ? )



    Henry Fonds as Wyatt Earp, and Walter Brennan as Old Man Ike Clanton…(.a real nasty piece of work ).



    As a BONUS…..VICTOR MATURE as ” Doc Holliday”….Big Victors BEST ever role.




  11. Its is my DA’s Funeral this Saturday Morning.



    I am hoping and praying that my EVIL Step Mother stays away, as ALL of my Family from my DA’s side really dislike her. Although I was maybe only around 3 or 4 years old when she met my DA, She always hated me.


    My Family ( From my DA’s side), are the Folk who brought me up, and spoiled me very much throughout my young life.



    IF this EVIL Step Mother DOES turn up, she will be IGNORED completely by ” My side of the Family )



    With a bit of hope and prayer….SHE will stay AWAY !



    I don’t feel ” UP” for this Funeral, but my Family are supporting me.



    I doubt that I will see the Aberdeen v Celtic game ?



    YNWA Alone DA.

  12. I will POST this message now, as I may not get a chance later on this morning….


    Aberdeen v Celtic.



    MON the HOOPS.






  13. Good morning all from a matchday morning in the Garngad.



    Let’s all get behind those Hoops today.



    3 – 1 to the Tic



    D. :)

  14. Big Jimmy all the best.



    You get that head up, shoulders back nd chest puffed out and even if your step mum does turn up you ignore her and do the best by yer Da.



    Show her you are not a wee bhoy that she can boss about anymore.



    God bless amigo.



    D. :)

  15. AN TEARMANN on 3RD FEBRUARY 2024 3:00 AM


    Sinead O’Connor & Chieftains







    Foggy Dew














    The FOGGY DEW was my DA’s favourite REB Song.


    He always claimed that he learnt it while he was in the British Army doing his National Service around 1957 in EGYPT.


    He and his Army Pals would sing it often.



    I dunno whether this was TRUE…?








    DAVID66 on 3RD FEBRUARY 2024 7:14 AM


    Big Jimmy all the best.







    You get that head up, shoulders back nd chest puffed out and even if your step mum does turn up you ignore her and do the best by yer Da.







    Show her you are not a wee bhoy that she can boss about anymore.







    God bless amigo.






    Cheers Bhoys for your words of comfort and support. I need that this Dark Morning.


    This Step Mother was/is pure EVIL. She hated me simply because I was my DA’s only child from his first marriage.



    How any woman could hate a wee Chil;d is beyond me ?



    HH Bhoys.