Ending off-piste


The January transfer window closed in an underwhelming manner last night.  Celtic concluded a straight four-month loan deal for Adam Idah (22) from Norwich City.  I started the week bemoaning how physically light we were, so the addition of a 6’ 3” traditional target man is welcome.  It is somewhat regretful that this is not a strategic acquisition; there is no option to buy and if the player is a success, Norwich will use this to prime his resale value.

We seem to have talked ourselves out of a left back.  From what I hear, that’s not as much of a stress as it sounds, as latterly we were shopping distinctly off-piste in the ‘clearly for backup purposes’ lane.

The only permanent and strategic signature was that of Nicolas Kuhn (24), from Rapid Vienna.  Nicolas arrived in the middle of the month and has already made his debut.  He is every inch the data driven dream: creates chances, is useful in possession and after an injured season, has been fit since the summer.  They are out there, if we are prepared to commit to the system.

A few eyebrows were raised at the reported £2m Cardiff City paid for the signature of David Turnbull, a player who has been on the fringes of the Celtic first team since his arrival from Motherwell four years ago.  We paid £3m to Motherwell for David amid high hopes he would become a mainstay of the midfield for years to come.  He is a player with great technique and was the best finisher at Celtic Park.  With only six months left on his contract I expected a fee of around £400k, so happy with £2m.

Our winger population was thinned out a bit yesterday.  Mikey Johnston (24) went to West Brom on loan and Marco Tilio (22) returned to his former club, Melbourne City, both are set to return to Celtic in the summer.

Not one of you wants to hear this, but playing on the wings is a really tough gig, especially at Celtic.  Mikey has talent, he reminds me of one of those five-a-side players you can never get the ball off.  Decision making and a good final ball is never an issue at fives, Mikey needs to improve on both if he is to reach his potential.

The window shut with Brendan Rodgers words reverberating, “Obviously, statistics will give you a lot, but I’m not driven by it.”. So we’re off-piste now.

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  1. Out with all the paranoia (and there is lots) and the huns/meedja winning the winter transfer cup (lol)



    Am still not sure if the huns will get it together enough to mount a challenge…..



    And by that I mean



    Will they go unbeaten for feb? feb and march???



    Not a chance



    They will drop more than we do



    By a country mile



    Keep the faith



    also quotes from unforgiven




    “Who’s the fellow that owns this shithole?”



    “Any man don’t wanna get killed better clear on out the back.”

  2. Best Western this century . . .



    Killers of the Flower Moon



    Leonardo DiCaprio


    Robert De Niro


    Jesse Plemons



    Warning: 3hrs 25min

  3. “Yeah, I would go with the supporters thinking we maybe could be a little braver in terms of bringing in another level of player.” Brendan Rodgers 2 February 2024




    Brendan was measured in all he said today. I wonder what level of player he had in mind.



    I feel that after saying the above, he should have elaborated and given us an example, not necessarily a specific name but a indication, e.g. an EPL player on a large transfer fee and EPL wages – was there one available and would they have wanted to come to Scotland? Is the Ibrox club braver than Celtic? We know it is a risk-taker and Celtic is not – could that decide the title? Is that what Brendan was driving at?



    I get the feeling of some kind of preoccupation hanging around at Celtic Park at this moment in time.. Brendan is being so inclusive and diplomatic about everything. Managers, jealous of their reputation, are usually less measured and less patient. I often wonder about why he returned. Could it be that he is destined for a bigger role at the club in future; is he looking at a bigger picture?



    I believe the biggest blow coming out of this becalmed window, is not lack of transfers, but the injuries to Hatate and CCV, probably ruling both of them out till March/early April. Nonetheless we must play the hand we have been dealt – who knows the outcome – every point a prisoner from now on.



    Anyway it’s not the end of the world; it could be the beginning of the end of our season, or, even the end of an era.




    Best Western this century . . .



    Killers of the Flower Moon






    I never enjoyed it



    Took far too long to get to the point



    Whole film was laboured



    Although it had a good story



    Just took to long to get there

  5. Best Westerns



    Heavens Gate- audio quality is shit but visuals are brilliant


    True Grit- the 2010 version of Charles Portiss book is even better than the Wayne version


    Unforgiven- more realistic about gunfights than most westerns



    Better than all of them – the TV series Deadwood



    Honourable mentions for Hell on Wheels and Soldier Blue- shit movie but Candace Bergen was beautifula and Buffy St. Marie’s theme song was great. Bone Tomahawk and the Ballad of Buster Scruggs were fine too. I would add Last of the Mohicans but I think that’s a pre-Western.



    Of the old ones- The Man who shot Liberty Valence and The Searchers and A Man called Horse

  6. bournesouprecipe on

    Shane ( wee Alan Ladd )



    The wee boy,



    “ Was that Jack Wilson the gunslinger (Jack Palance) ? – Shane “ who’d just shot him.



    “ Yeah,that was him,that was Jack Wilson “



    “ He was fast “



    “ Fast on the draw “



    Final scene as Shane heads off into the sunset,



    “ Shane come back “



    “ Shaaaaaannnnnnneeeee “



    “ Shaaaaaannnnnnne – I love you “



    Shane has a trickle of blood on his side and just holds himself on the horse, as he rides away.



    Happy clappers reckon it was just a flesh wound, Mineshafters are adamant he rode into the hills and died.



    Shaaaaaaannnnnnneeeeeeee – I love you.

  7. The greatest Western ever, was made by a Director, born In Rome, Sergio Leone….


    ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’


    Great story, great cast, and some of the greatest film music to ever accompany a movie

  8. Clunks



    Invites still open tomorrow or any away game


    Or home game


    A few others were seeking a ban for you,your use of english was a commentary on your own chaos,be glad of your family, you should offer an apology to those you slurred in your commentary


    I would rather you learn the pointers to cope.and dont type anything you wouldnt say sober/stoned/whatever you took to someones face


    I wish you well


    Good Luck




  9. BSR



    Shane-Alan Ladd



    He was Da to wee Cheryl(poison dwarf) of Dallas fame….dunno what made me think o her





  10. bournesouprecipe on

    Charles Bronson’s character in The Magnificent Seven was named Bernardo O’Reilly ( two thirds of tomorrow’s midfield )



    NotAlotOfPeopleKnowThat CSC

  11. fourstonecoppi on



    Liberty Valance deserved it.



    Although i love ‘Gunfight’, I must admit ‘The man who shot liberty valance ‘ is a killer

  12. AT



    Pad your kebab…..



    Big words in small sentences….



    Am assuming you were all for free speech and not for a banning lol

  13. fourstonecoppi on

    Right going to ma scratcher…Still sticking to “gunfight” although liberty Valance comes close and Shane is up there as is the searchers……….arghhh what have started



    i give you Jonny Depp.. Dead Man

  14. Just catching up with todays press conferences, thought Brendan and our new loan signing were excellent



    Our boss seems very focused … a bit surprised none of the “journos” questioned Brendan about the infamous whats app messsges from during the week circulating among the supporters …



    I take it the punters who thought Brendan was for the off must feel differently after listening to Brendan today …



    100% behind Brendan

  15. Clunks



    The offers there Clunks.


    I am for free speech,i would say to your face anything i type.I do wish you well,Hope thats a brief enough paragraph.




  16. some on her calling for my ban



    Glad you virtue signalled that



    Shariff Tearymann to the rescue….

  17. GFTB on 3RD FEBRUARY 2024 2:09 AM



    I think SFTB 11.03 covers it



    Bout all the DD meetings in Switzerland,flying straight out after the game.pash.


    He was showing his guests Cliftonville fc and their manager around CP.(same time he was at airport:-))


    It was last week of tfer window,some swallowed it,hook line and sink.pity


    Probs wi info age is people want more and cant filter the shoit/made up from fact.



  18. AT 2.25am



    Am only interested in who we have and not who we haven’t or could have had :-)



    Hope you enjoy and we collect 3pts in @ 10hrs time 🍀

  19. Clunks



    Read that morning agan,youll see what posters it was,it was they who asked moderator 67 to delete,ask him/her


    No childlike exhibition of name calling,


    No insecurity of saying what i meant,it was a poor blog by Paul67..


    Offers there Clunks.


    Its open




  20. GFTB



    Lets work towards it,Celtic run a tight ship media wise,reporters and bloggers are handy chatels,then look at McGoon this week,dont think he will be getting a call for afew weeks anyway.