Faint fitness hopes. Organisational knowledge drain


Sunday will be six full weeks since Reo Hatate limped off with a hamstring injury. That’s too long for him to be anywhere close to fully fit, even if he has been working hard this week. We may be able to get 45 minutes out of him, but I know what you’re thinking, we rushed Aaron Mooy back from injury into a big game and he looked a shadow of himself.

I also don’t think we can use him as a second half substitute. The game may go to 120 minutes, we cannot have our subs expiring. If the game is tight, Reo will be used for the first half only, or extra-time.

Liel Abada’s last outing was the same day as Reo’s. He will surely be retained for a late cameo. Jota, on the other hand, was made for occasions like this.

After chairman Douglas Park and director of football Ross Wilson bailed out of Ibrox, chief executive Stewart Robertson yesterday announced he would leave the club in the summer. That’s a lot of organisational knowledge walking out the door at an organisation not known to possess a knowledge surplus. You are right in thinking this is a club unconvinced it is on the path to glory.

Robertson will be replaced by current commercial director, James Bisgrove, the man who did the deal for Newco to participate in the Ange Homecoming Tournament (Sydney Super Cup). Bisgrove was delighted at the deal until he heard our own man, Adrian Filby, negotiated a fee around twice as much and excluded the “Old Firm” phrase from the all promotions.

Bisgrove has been at Ibrox since 2019 and last year agreed a deal with a Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) company, which subsequently went bust. He was the club’s point man in the deal which saw Castore replace Hummel as kit manufacturer. This deal, of course, only last week hit the courts are administrators for Hummel distributor, Elite Sports, successfully asked the court to demand Newco hand over commercial records. He has a consistent touch, at least.

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  1. Lonely indeed THE BATTERED BUNNET.



    In my attic so I am truly “up there.”



    Alas, I must descend and get ready for work.

  2. Reo to start. With 5 subs we can replace him with Iwata if he feels so much as a twinge

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    I’d settle for a fairly fit Jota.



    An T @ 12:35 – Lol.



    The way you say it, sounds like the cadence of a song.



    New lyrics for the Billy boys perhaps?

  4. I don’t expect Hatate to start and I think we’ll only see him if we need to.



    Jota I think will start and he’s probably our most important player.



    We’ve nothing to fear from Sunday. Set pieces are a concern as the huns will undoubtedly play for them. But over the piece, we’ve the better players, the stronger squad and we’ve built up plenty of experience in winning these games.



    Start strong, impose our game and I think they’ll resort to a team of individuals looking to pass the buck.

  5. Sunday team…..no great mystery for me. Gotta be…





    Johnston, CCV, Starfelt, Taylor


    Iwata, McGregor, O’Riley


    Maeda, Kyogo, Jota



    Bench: Oh, Mooy, Haksa, Turnbull, Kobyashi & Bernabei


    Mibbees Hatate & Abada if fit.



    A much better place for the team than last year’s semi when we had Maeda at CF, Kyogo only on from the hour mark, Ralston on at LB, Welsh on at RB and the ineffectual Forrest coming on….they had 2 players in Aribo and Bassey they have failed to replace properly and we still should have gone 2 up with CCV missing a sitter in the box.



    3-1 to the Bhoys…




  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “we rushed Aaron Mooy back from injury into a big game ”




    Wasn’t it the Sevco game he came back in?


    Anyway, good to see we are still a stand-alone club!

  7. Tom McLaughlin on




    The best Edinburgh bar for Celtic games is Kitty O’Shea’s in North Hanover St in the city centre.



    I have booked a room for the Tynecastle game. You are welcome to join us. If interested, email me on…






    … and I’ll let you have details.

  8. Gosh, if all of that organisational knowledge leaves the room, there’s a danger that sevco repeat the same mistakes again


    And here’s me hoping they would make a whole raft of new ones



  9. bigrailroadblues on

    It’s time we stop


    Hey, what’s that sound?


    Everybody look, what’s going down?



    Hopefully the huns on Sunday.

  10. If Jota is fit;





    Johnston CCV Starfelt Taylor


    O’Reilly Iwata McGregor


    Jota Kyogo Maeda



    Subs: Hatate, Abada, Mooy, Oh, Haksa

  11. Just did my CFC POTY thingy





    Goal: Jota vs sevco in Aug


    Young POTY: O’Reilly


    Female POTY: Caitlin Hayes due to the last minute goal v Sevco


    Best Section of The Ground: 406

  12. Jota starts on the right, if at all.



    Maeda on the left.



    The manager knows best

  13. I haven’t got my dodgybox set up yet so am planning to watch the game at North Kildare CSC in Maynooth. I said I would not be doing that again (and i haven’t for over 3 years) but Sky gives me nothing these days plus it is Bank Hol on Monday.



    Mrs Coneybhoy not happy so I said she can pick me up at teatime if she wants. I think I’ve played a blinder there

  14. Tom McLaughlin on



    1264 tickets for Tynecastle



    Where did you get them? Can I have one?




    An T @ 12:35 – Lol.



    The way you say it, sounds like the cadence of a song.



    New lyrics for the Billy boys perhaps




    Maybeez aye maybeez naw :-))



    Oh we could do that ok :-)to silly boys





    We are up to our eyebrows in paper debt


    No liquidation, as we can’t die…


    We are gullible to every lie…





    Bye bye,bye bye,away and effen die


    Bye bye,bye bye,away and effen die


    Yir identity is toileted,now never to come back


    You are the gullible silly boys.



    👉insert verse :-)






    Ongoing since minty takeover 👇 :-)



    This is the mail.:-)






  16. Job opening, who is applying ? there must be loads on here that have the qualifications and experience given comments on team selection, individuals performance during games, and the coaching staff relevances.



    I am not applying myself, even though I once played football, as I think I would be found out at the interview stage as not knowing anything …………



    Applicants should submit their CV and covering letter to jobs@celticfc.co.uk


    Application deadline: April 28, 2023





















    Reporting to the Head of Academy, the Head of Academy Coaching will maintain a sustainable system and approach to coach development within the Academy in line with the Club’s philosophy and values.



    The post holder will develop coaches so that they improve and perform to the best of their potential and maximise the potential of the players that they work with.



    This role will require a coach who will seek opportunities for innovation, continuous improvement and assessment and implemention of best practice at the cutting edge.





    Contribute to the development of an elite learning environment, ensuring knowledge in relation to all aspects of coaching and coach development is up-to-date and forward thinking, including innovation, continuous improvement and best practice.


    Contribute to the development, delivery and on-going improvement of the Academy’s Coaching Curriculum, Playing and Coaching Philosophy, including alignment as appropriate from 1st Team game and training model to Under18 Team and below age groups.


    Training and development of coaches using a broad range of techniques e.g. demonstrations, verbal and digital feedback and mentoring role.


    Complete Training Needs Analysis with all coaches. Implement our Coach Competency Framework to monitor and evaluate coaches in order to develop Development Action Plan for every coach.


    Working with coaches to develop their abilities, potential, and Provide 1:1 sessions to coaches in order to develop the coach’s skills and competencies.


    Record training sessions and provide footage for coaches to evaluate Development Programmes/CPD events.


    Design and deliver development interventions based on the Academy Performance Plan and common aspects identified in the coach’s Development Action Plan: Design and deliver programmes of suitable development and CPD events.


    Ensure the qualification status of the Academy’s coaching staff are assessed and ensure all coaches hold required qualifications for their role and age group and have a CPD plan to ensure licencing is up-to-date.


    Multidisciplinary Team: ensure coaches working effectively as part of a multidisciplinary team: ensure coaches understand how to work effectively and can identify and believe in the benefits of doing so.


    Build relationships and utilise expertise of the Coaching Curriculum, Playing and Coaching Philosophy to ensure the 1st Team & Academy’s Coaching Curriculum is consistently delivered in line with the Academy’s and Club’s Playing Philosophy and Coaching Philosophy.


    Monitor and evaluate coaches’ session plans and delivery.


    Monitor and evaluate coaches’ game planning (match day/individual objectives) and management.


    Monitor and evaluate coaches’ feedback to players on a weekly basis.


    Contribute to the development of an autonomous learning environment where people take responsibility for their own development, feel able to learn from their mistakes and have opportunity to experiment outside of their comfort zone.


    Assist with Player’s Individual Development Plans and Individual training sessions.


    Support coaching sessions to maintain ‘hands on’ competence.


    Provide cover for absent coaches to meet Coach Requirement.


    Such other duties as may be appropriate to achieve the objectives of the post and to assist the Academy Manager.







    Coach Education Qualification


    UEFA Pro Licence with current CPD record


    Proven track record of working at a senior professional level, including coach development, youth/academy coach development, and youth/academy development football.


    Current working knowledge of Safeguarding and Protecting Children Procedures


    Experienced in Keynote, PowerPoint, Excel, Word and any other software as required in order to carry out the duties required for the job






    A relevant teaching qualification



    Additional requirements



    This role requires a driver’s licence and the post holder is subject to a drivers medical


    Some flexibility may be required in working hours by prior agreement, e.g. weekday matches


    Successful applicants will be subject to a satisfactory PVG/Basic Disclosure Check and must be eligible to work in the UK




    Attractive Annual Bonus Scheme


    Annual Leave Purchase Scheme


    Cycle to Work Scheme


    Dedicated Employee Assistance Programme


    Free parking on site


    Staff retail discount on Celtic and Adidas merchandise

  17. SAINT STIVS on 26TH APRIL 2023 3:09 PM


    Coneybhoy what is the sroty of not wanting to use the venue for 3 years ?




    My evidence based lack of adherence to predicted timelines and number of beers to be consumed😎



    Nothing wrong with the club; great lhads



    It’s OK if i am in Glasgow or in Dublin City of an evening but one has to think of the neighbours when staggering home very happy in the daylight – apparently

  18. CONEYBHOY on 26TH APRIL 2023 3:43 PM



    I suspected as much , but I did not want to dive in,



    I am at a crossroads myself with match attendance. Last 30 years or so my preferred Mode of Transport is my own car. I even dont mind going on my own.



    As much as I loved the daring do of a supporters bus and the camradarie it brings, I used to play a lot of football and work a lot of overtime, so being drunk was not part of the overall day. Being in control was. and


    being hen-pecked to do the right thing I did what i was told and took the car mostly.





    today after all sorts of health issues, I find the parking up and long walk to the park a real challenge, as I hobble towards my 60s its all a bloody chore, ok on a dry day, torture in the rain or cold.



    I have offers from pals and family, bus convenors and club presidents, that they will divert their supporters busses to my toon to pick me up and drop me off, and so very tempting it is.



    Much more though is a bus actually running out of Bishopton as we now have a CSC, unthinkable trun of events for the old blue meanies in the loyal persusion.



    So now the dilemma, keep doing what I do, put up with the long walk as it is the only exrcise i get






    join the supporters bus and add to the unhealthy drinking total for the week, because it will happen, I have no will power to resist.



    But thats next seasons transfer decision,



    onwards to Sunday, I will be in the car, park at asda, cover part of the number plates, and put up with the near mile walk to the south stand, hopefully with no icidents with the rutherglen pavement walkers.

  19. chicagobhoy1967 on

    Celts –



    I don’t believe I’ve posted before. I read daily, however (this and several other CFC blogs).



    I arrived a bit late to CFC, only learning of the club in my early 30s. Discovering the club history, ethos, missions, and commitment to social change stirred me. For two decades I’ve followed Celtic like none of the teams that I support in Chicago. I attended a match at Celtic Park a few years ago and cannot wait to return.



    As Paul wrote so eloquently just a few days ago: “What else explains the call Celtic has on us, even when living thousands of miles from Parkhead, when we have not seen the team live for years, when we mix with friends who find your green and white merchandise perplexing.”



    This captured so much of what I and many others feel.



    Anyway, thought I would share this. Like most states, Illinois allows car owners to personalize license plates. I was pleased a couple of months ago to learn that ‘COYBIG’ was available.



    If you spot me next time you’re motoring through the Chicago area, give a honk! HH




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