Football negotiations against backdrop of joblessness, poverty and death


Uefa’s videoconference yesterday moved the prospect of domestic league football in late summer a step closer.  It is likely the lockdown across Europe will be lifted gradually, with mass public events like football games being the very last permitted activity.

That being the case, it is likely that some leagues will be underway behind closed doors in July, with many more in August.  Football will be back, TV contracts will be compromised but not completely discarded, so there will be some income, but without ticket revenue, the consequences for most Scottish clubs will be significant.

Most Hearts players have taken a lead from the (odious, remember) Gordon Taylor, PFA chief in England, by offering to defer their wages, not take an actual cut.  Ticket revenue is almost an irrelevant figure for the English top flight, becoming less so as you go down the divisions, so a deferment works at the top level there.

But it is pointless to Hearts.  There is a real prospect that clubs will not be allowed to sell a match ticket this year.  As with England, those at the top of the tree will cope better, but all will face consequences and even the likes of Hearts will do well to survive without an insolvency event unless they can significantly cut their wage bill.

Gordon Taylor’s >£2m salary is not sustainable if his members are not earning full wages and paying significant union fees.  It is against his financial interest to acquiesce to calls from the English Football League for an across the board wage cut.  While this battle goes on in England, the same debate will happen in Scotland.

The crisis is likely to come to a head in the English Championship, which operates in normal times to the norms of voodoo economics, but will be wiped out without their normal income streams.  There, some well-off footballers will lose their incomes.  Below the Championship, it is hard to see a viable employer.  Ironically, lower league clubs in Scotland can furlough all their staff, including players, who will not be offended by a £2500 monthly cap.  The crunch in Scotland will come in the top flight, where valuable contracts are at stake.

It could take weeks for this to play out, with millionaires holding firm against the backdrop of horrendous levels of anxiety, joblessness, poverty and death in the community.  I predict Steven Naismith, who unilaterally accepted a 50% wage cut, is one of the few footballers you admire when this is all over, despite his personal history.  A phrase I never expected to type, but these are exceptional times.

I was shocked then angry when I heard the UK death figures yesterday, weeks before the peak is due.  Our governments and their advisers have no master plan out of this one, and there are too many people still taking risks.  Each household is on its own, so stay at home.

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  1. Neustadt-Braw on

    LENNYBHOY on 1ST APRIL 2020 9:42 PM


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    We’ll keep the donations open until Tuesday 31st March as it is pay day for most people.





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    CRC spoke with TET this evening asked him, the family are over the moon and pass on their thanks to their extended CQN family.





    I know we said initially we would close donations today and then changed it to Friday. However, we close donations tomorrow, Thursday 02nd April. So if any of you have a bob or two please donate by tomorrow.





    On a personal note I want to say thanks, I always profess that we keep the faith, I believe in that and my faith in you all has come to pass.





    Until we meet again





    Keep the Faith!





    regards to the smile




  2. AN DUN on 2ND APRIL 2020 10:01 AM


    Reading about Wimbledon being cancelled this year.




    Tennis seems to me to be a prime candidate for closed doors given the distances between only two players.




    If tennis can’t do closed door matches, I can’t see any hope for football doing so.






    The cancellation allows them to claim insurance, the R&A will cancel the Open soon for the same reason.

  3. Before football starts back I’d like to see some research into whether, and to what extent, matches played a part in the spread of the virus.

  4. Last week it was put across that June 30th was the cut off date. This appears to have changed. England particularly seem determined to finish this season whenever its possible and no matter how long it takes. They have an agenda regards Qatar 2022 timing so maybe something in that to work towards. I would be delighted to finish this season, if thats in August then so be it.

  5. bournesouprecipe on 2nd April 2020 12:26 pm






    Or Cheltenham races






    That was sheer lunacy.



    If Covid 19 was an equine disease it would have been cancelled.

  6. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    If anyone is seriously interested in understanding the culpability of China in this global pandemic , then watch this . Originally broadcast on Feb. 24 . Recorded I don`t know when .



    Produced by the far from right wing ABC in Australia .



    Watch , not for any party political or ideological reasons . This is a far too serious an issue to be sullied by petty politics.



    The reason ? Find the source of the outbreak and the cause and in that way we MAY be able to prevent a recurrence .


    Although virus mutation may well scupper that .



    Not pleasant viewing .


  7. Naismith made his many millions when he went to play in the EPL



    I don’t particularly admire him for taking a 50% pay cut tbh

  8. Paul67



    Wonderful gesture from Steven Naismith, though he’s not representative of your average Scottish footballer even though lots of them are paid fantasy wages.



    Naismith did ‘walking away’ wouldn’t tupe over, and got massive personal transfer fees out of the game, he’s well placed to relax wages, he doesn’t need.



    He’s also a odious diving, fawning, scroat with whoever he plays football.

  9. Bhoylo83 on 2nd April 2020 12:40 pm


    Naismith made his many millions when he went to play in the EPL




    I don’t particularly admire him for taking a 50% pay cut tbh







    He appears not to be the worst. From his Wiki page.



    ‘Naismith is an ambassador for Dyslexia Scotland,[10] launched a scheme to help ease the progress of injured ex-service personnel back into work,[123] and supports centres for the homeless in Glasgow and Liverpool.[124] In August 2014, he donated tickets for Everton matches to be distributed via Liverpool jobcentres to unemployed people actively looking for work.[124]’

  10. The Battered Bunnet on




    I’m not here to argue for Chinese food safety standards, but the common denominator in virtually all zoonotic diseases is human consumption of meat.



    From bird flu to swine flu, ebola to E. Coli 157, diseases have jumped species for as long as we’ve farmed animals.



    At least the Chinese weren’t feeding their pangolins with the rendered carcasses of scrapie-infected sheep. That would be cause for concern, wouldn’t it.



    If you want to reduce the incidence of zoonotic diseases jumping from animal to human, stop eating meat.

  11. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    TBB (from previous thread) – agree that the statement from German football is, at best, insensitive and, at worst, crass.



    That said, perhaps we shouldn’t conflate it with the German nation’s response to Covid-19.



    In short, they are the only western nation doing something anywhere near right.



    Huge number of reported cases (due in part to them actually TESTING)



    – using the data to inform next phases of treatment



    – including acute care and ventilator deployment



    – fewer deaths, more recoveries



    Fairly steady mortality rate (total cases/deaths) of around 1.3%.



    UK’s is 8% of reported cases.



    Fairly steady Mortality to Recovery ratio of 1:20



    UK’s is 18:1 !!! – but, again, based on reported cases which are undoubtedly lower than actuals because we are not testing.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  12. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on 2nd April 2020 12:30 pm




    And those practices have gone on for centuries.



    I haven’t seen anyone from the scientific or medical sectors look to blame China for what has happened. Most of them seem to support how the crisis has been handled.

  13. Ernie



    Naw I know about his charitable endeavours and fair play to him for that. A lot of players do it without the fanfare however



    Point is, he is unlikely to need the money at this stage in his career and is probably playing football because he still enjoys it not for monetary gain



    The other players at Hearts are not in the same position

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    All options are being explored and considered Peter, it’s in all our interests that STH’s are able to renew and retain their seats for next season so we will update on plans as we move through this difficult period



    A reply from the SLO to a Bhoy this morning re season tickets

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    TBB @ 12:48 – I hear you …



    But isn’t proximity of living animals and humans as big a contributory factor in some of these examples as human consumption of dead animals (CJD being a notable exception) ?



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Lots of food for thought there .


    Excuse the pun .


    You make good points .



    ” Meat ” is a big word.


    Which meat and how was it produced ?


    Meat has been eaten safely for centuries without necessarily causing infection or disease so I`m not sure about this assertion ;


    ” From bird flu to swine flu, ebola to E. Coli 157, diseases have jumped species for as long as we’ve farmed animals.”


    E.Coli , yes . The others ? Comparatively recent , I think .



    ” Factory ” produced meat , chicken farms etc. are of course a major concern .


    With any luck , the scrutiny required to ensure food safety standards will be stepped up in the wake of this tragedy .


    Because I`m afraid people are simply not going to stop eating meat .


    However good it might be for their health .

  17. NEUSTADT-BRAW on 2ND APRIL 2020 12:16 PM


    Thank you, today is the last chance to donate for anyone that has a bob or two.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  18. Probably not popular and definitely not diplomatic but I liked it:



    ernie lynch:



    “Hence the need to find a culprit to blame. To divert attention.


    The stupid fall for it.”



    Incidentally, thinking back on it, allowing the Sevco V Bayer Leverkusen game to go ahead seems even more ridiculous now than it did at the time….and it felt ridiculous then.

  19. The Battered Bunnet on

    Back to Basics



    The only reliable data in all of this is – regrettably – the number of deaths and the day of the week.



    Germany saw what was on the way and prepared by testing and kitting up their hospitals. The testing lets them know how big the surge will be the following week, and the hospitals have the beds, staff and equipment – esp ventilators – to deal with what they expect.



    The numbers in each country in Europe (and the US) are following the very same pattern though, and Germany is simply a little behind UK, around 5 days. We are about a week behind Spain, who are a week behind Italy.



    The virus is running its course in each country along the same pattern.



    The big influence now – and worryingly for the big UK cities – is the availability of hospital care. The pattern in the numbers cannot now be altered. We know that people who show symptoms today were infected 5 days ago, and 3 days from now those of them with severe infection will need hospital care. We know on average that those who die do so on average 19 days after infection, and that this occurs in around 15-20% of those admitted.



    We know UK started lockdown on 23rd March, and those who died yesterday were infected about 13th March.



    We know the infection spreads at about double every 4-5 days, and that this rate of doubling continued up to the lockdown date. We know that 500 deaths yesterday presages 1000 deaths in a couple of days time.



    The unknown is how effective the lockdown has been in slowing infection, because we don’t test in the community. We’re just waiting to see how many show up at hospital with severe symptoms. Those numbers are now in the post.



    Germany believes it has the healthcare resources to treat the numbers they expect to see in the coming weeks. Here in the UK it looks increasingly like we don’t have sufficient resources, we’ve run out of wings and we’re down to prayers.

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 2ND APRIL 2020 12:50 PM



    Criticism is muted when you want ( desperately need ) cooperation .



    Chinese medical personnel have been severe critics of the handling of this crisis by the Chinese authorities .


    Not difficult to find them.


    The attempted cover up by the Chinese authorities delayed the preparedness of other countries to deal with this disaster.


    Watch the program I recommended.

  21. Macjay


    Read TBB`s post @ 1:20 and maybe you`ll decide that blaming China is far from being No 1 priority .

  22. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    You obviously know what you`re talking about .



    Keep us informed .

  23. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    HOT SMOKED on 2ND APRIL 2020 1:25 PM



    Well aware it`s not the number one priority , but future prevention depends on recognising the source of the infection and the means of spread .



    Gene simply made a comment earlier with which I agreed .

  24. TBB



    We know that 500 deaths yesterday presages 1000 deaths in a couple of days time.






    That’s completely inaccurate




  25. Neustadt-Braw on

    ach come on now this is the wan with his hoof on the pulse of this Pandemic…



    DUP man blames COVID-19 pandemic on NI abortion and same sex marriage


    A publicly elected DUP councillor has blamed the COVID-19 pandemic on the reformation of abortion legislation and the legalisation of same sex marriage in Northern Ireland.



    smiley I wish him all he deserves from this life cycle thing




  26. The Battered Bunnet on




    How so? I’m content to stand corrected if what I’ve said is incorrect, but you need to prove your point.

  27. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    We`ll know tomorrow .




  28. The Onlooker on



    China may have covered up the extent of the virus in the beginning whilst they tried to identify contain and then tackle. Local authorities tried to deal with for too long before escalating.


    Even when the authorities here became aware of Covid-19 they were very ,very slow to respond.


    The government strategy has been all over the place. They are continuing to show appalling management.



    Businesses are working from home where possible. The government has closed for Easter recess !! they could be helping coordinate from their constituencies. Mind you ,it’s perhaps best that they stay out it.



    All of this is for the history books when they are written.



    All we can do is look out for ourselves and our families, help those around us who need assistance and keep ourselves out of the statistics.



    Stay safe



    The Onlooker

  29. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Can’t see the UK doing 500,000 tests a week anytime soon, like the Germans are doing.

  30. TBB



    We know that 500 deaths yesterday presages 1000 deaths in a couple of days time.






    I may have picked you up wrong. But from what you’ve posted. You’re saying the death rate doubles every couple of days, is that correct?




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