Halloween in July


At the end of last month, looking ahead to the Miydjitlland tie, I predicted, “a Halloween movie awaits”.  Home and away, Miydjitlland created few chances until late in normal time, when Celtic tired.  They were unable to sustain periods of pressure and will surely not lay a glove on PSV Eindhoven in the next round.  Still, we endure Halloween in July.

The young and inexperienced defenders performed well, this one was not on them.  As did Scott Bain, whose confidence to drop the shoulder before playing a 30-yard forward pass, created our best chance of the game.  He also made two fine saves, which makes me wonder what could have been had we never embarked on our Greek Odyssey.

Callum McGregor’s goal was sublime; he placed rather than blasted his shot, one of the few occasions we tested a keeper who never convinced.  Anthony Ralston reminded us why we had such high hopes for him a few years back, while Stephen Welsh and Dane Murray outperformed expectations.

James Forrest should have put the tie beyond the Danes shortly after coming on but poked his shot wide.  Within seconds, Miydjitlland were level.

Like Celtic, Miydjitlland were short of reinforcements, but started extra time with four substitutes on the field, including an 18-year-old debutant, Victor Lind.  The teenager repeatedly mishit the ball whenever he got near it, but he and the other subs managed to provide what proved to be crucial energy.  Celtic made only the one change, Forrest for Liel Abada, until after they went a goal down in the 94th minute.  When energy sapped from ever-busy Ryan Christie and David Turnbull, the writing was on the wall.

Even though Celtic closed the game unable to pass out of their half, Ange Postecoglou stuck to his game plan.  Teams on their way out of a cup invariably go Route One in the final minutes, not so this time.

I am sure none of us had Champions League expectations; we are not at PSV Eindhoven level, but Europa League group stage qualification is crucial for financial, competitive, coefficient and recruitment reasons.  That would have been achieved with a win last night.  Two qualification rounds now have to be negotiated, you have more fraught evenings ahead.

I remain hopeful the squad we have on 1 September will be significantly better that that available last night.  Whether that will be sufficient to take the Champions League bounty available to this season’s Premiership winners is another story.

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  1. Among the teams who lost in hte Europa 2nd round qualifying tonight were:-



    Steau Bucharest


    Hadjuk Split




    BATE Borisov


    Austria Vienna




    and Maribor



    AEK have been taken to extra time and Feyenoord scraped through with a 90th minute winner. CSKA Sofia needed a penalty shoot out.



    The teams that knocked them out were unexceptional





    Tobol Kostany










    & Hammarby

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    “I charge anyone to read recent pieces by Bill Leckie, prior to last night’s tie, and Tom English, today”



    No thanks.

  3. PARK ROAD 67 on 29TH JULY 2021 9




    Read the article and then tell us all what and where you disagree.



    I read anything by anybody, even you, and then make up my mind….give it a try!

  4. SFTB,



    Do you have the same PayPal account set up that Marc ( CRC and Bateen Bhoy ) had ?



    It makes payment so much easier.




  5. Park Road 67 on



    Mr Leckie and I have exchanged views in the past , I take it he’s still working for that rag ?

  6. It’s a funny old game, as someone first said, never mind boardrooms and shareholders and paranoia.

  7. I don’t argue with close-minded folk – but don’t assume that loud is strong and quiet is weak!







    He looks the part.



    Here’s hoping!

  9. PARK ROAD 67 on 29TH JULY 2021 9:31 PM


    Mr Leckie and I have exchanged views in the past , I take it he’s still working for that rag ?




    That is of no consequence – it is the veracity of a one particular article that I refer to – read it, and Tom English’s one today – it cannot hurt you, or, cost you money.

  10. I have given up on reading anything by Tom English.



    Simple reason…would he dare do a warts and all piece on the Huns?



    Would you Tom?



    with respect my friend.it was Labours Merlyn Rees as the unions Sec for N.I who


    1.Ended political status.mar 1 1976.(it was announced in the ‘cages’



    later that year,Denis Healy introduced montarism.


    yep.twasnt Thatcher she was able to say her cuts(monetarism) was not as swinjin as Labours Denis in 1976.



    who’d a thunk it? safegaurding the rights of capital over ‘labour’ lol by introducing monetarism



    not as spectacular as oor Gordon and bailin


    out banks in 2008.


    1920/30s labour mp went onto lead the british union of fascists.around the same time Wolfe was vomiting his fascist bile.



    it hard rejecting the moral crusading everything must be in a wee box


    when every time they govern they betray and defecate from a great height on their own.


    They will never be in power again.


    its a real pity with the rampant fascism and centralisation goin on right now with boris.



    The left is now right.(lost)


    the poor.weak.needy.exluded are still there.


    still gettin dumped on



    Was at Glasgows famine memorial today.a worthy visit.The mark and symbol of a unions genocide.alas with all thing tyrannical in the unions civilization process, ownership and insight into its own actions are somewhat limited.



    Hope all is good in the 4th green field :-)




  12. Oh these parargons of virtue…!


    ……….with their simple swords of Keltic truth………….. balanced perfectly…… in even-handed reasonableness……..


    “Who me? a Hun…..never, perish the thought!”



    All those challenging narratives…………………, those unflinching opinions……………… brandished with regularity………..all for own guid.




  13. SFTB,



    Thanks for that. I don’t do online banking ( To be honest my wife deals with all that ) .I tend to use credit / debit cards and PayPal.


    I arrived home yesterday, so if necessary I can make a bank visit )




  14. Celticrollercoaster supporting The Walk With Shay Legacy Fund on

    Good Evening CQN



    Fail to prepare…………………



    Ach, we know, but every year we play the same risk game. Good luck Dom in trying to modernise our old firm loving board. Feel sorry for Ange, but also worry at the same time he is out of his depth



    Onwards to Saturday and Sack the Board



    Leader is weak in putting criticism where it belongs , but not surprising!








    ps Lenny on 5live tonight analysing where it has gone wrong.

  15. An Tearmann on 29th July 2021 9:40 pm





    As I said before, I am not a political animal, and if it wasn’t for Celtic, and my Aunt Isabelle who owned a shop in Glasgow (opposite the BBC and included King Billy Mc Neill and Billy Connelly as regular customers), I would have zero interest in Scotland full stop. So sorry if I offended you. I used to lurk on this site but got pi##ed off with the Trojan Horse postings, the conspiracy theories and the Glasgow Hibs posters who want to sanitise the club and recreate the OF. But thankfully, there are obviously genuine folk here who also happen to follow the Cellic. An affliction that brings joy and pain.



    I keep thinking this is Friday, and I have unfortunately had too much red wine.



    Still optimistic, blindly so, and hoping that Saturday is the start of something new. The present Board is probably the least of all evils. (Ask the Huns how they feel about owners etc)







  16. Park Road 67,



    Correction — biggest hun apologist is Lawwell who should give the club back some of the millions he looted.

  17. sftb



    can i just do the donation thingy?



    ma da had me pick his 10 draws in littlewoods pools.it done ma head in lol




  18. Celticrollercoaster supporting The Walk With Shay Legacy Fund on

    GREENPINATA on 29TH JULY 2021 9:31 PM





    Do you have the same PayPal account set up that Marc ( CRC and Bateen Bhoy ) had ?



    It makes payment so much easier.









    Paypal options available for Tony’s wonderful competition




  19. love Ange ripping into the bbc churnalist who described the resukt as a catastrophe



    Its not even august yet



    Chill the feck out

  20. Go tell the Spartim on




    English has previous for running his stuff by Hun board members before publishing, he works for the BBC, that should say it all.



    As for the woman from ACSOM on the tv tonight, it only goes to prove that she talks as much shite as any man regarding Celtic

  21. Go tell the Spartim on

    It to put it another way talking shite about Celtic is not gender / non binary specific

  22. Toaty Trumper / ex mini Maoist @ 9.40



    You talk some *hite for an accountancy trainee.


    Your “DH introduced monetarism” rears its ugly head again.


    For a start you do not understand what monetarism is / was / will be.


    It all sounds like the bitter ramblings of the Tory publican class who ran the old board.



    Whatever next …



    How Ayn Rand was the girl for me?


    Setting a rate is just the work of capitalist roaders?


    I want an omelette but I don’t want to break eggs.


    They shoot journalists don’t they — anyway she deserved it.



    Failing that — any thoughts on the club / the players / the football?


    Or is it a case that you don’t get to see much football under that bridge of yours?