Implicit backing for Neil after a long 48 hours


It was a long 48 hours before yesterday’s statement from chief exec, Peter Lawwell.  He explicitly acknowledged “hurt, disappointment and frustration following the team’s recent results”, but the implicit backing was there for “Neil, the players and the backroom staff”.

I have been critical of Neil’s decision in recent weeks, team plans change every hour but we do not appear to know how fix the fundamental problem.  What actually is wrong? is a harder question to answer than it appears.  It was not playing three at the back (or four), nor was choosing one player over another.  If only it was as simple as a solitary scapegoat in the team.  There is bigger question: Is the problem actually the manager?

It could be.  Responsibility to fix team structure certainly lies with Neil, but there are doubtlessly other things going on that few of us are aware of.  Neil carries the can, but he would be gone if the board thought that was all there is to the story.

Winning the league is going to take a huge effort this month and successful recruitment next month.  Having been denied the opportunity to scout players during the spring and summer, a great deal of work has gone into preparing for January.  Do the club have faith in this work?  Would another manager ‘put his name’ to those targets blind?

Your recruitment strategy goes out the door with the manager.  My suspicion is the club weigh the need for squad additions higher than changing the manager.  These are the questions that separate those who are paid the big bucks from those who write blogs.  Thankfully……

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  1. So the scouting work (I know) has been done since football returned; those identified as within the CEO’s price range and sell-on model will be bought; and we can’t bring in an independently minded manager now because he won’t put up with PL having decided who’s being bought in January.




  2. Oh this is absolute bollocks I’m afraid.



    The idea of giving Lennon MORE MONEY just so he can sit players on the bench?



    Have you lost your marbles, completely, or what?

  3. “Your recruitment strategy goes out the door with the manager. My suspicion is the club weigh the need for squad additions higher than changing the manager. “



    Paul, I respectfully disagree with the first sentence bearing in mind the CEO’s recent activity

  4. ST TAMS on 2ND DECEMBER 2020 12:31 PM



    Results are what matters, they were very good until the derby defeat

  5. The Battered Bunnet on

    We spent the budget over the summer Paul, Lenny got a whole new set of toys to play with. We are out of the UCL, there is no gate money from the Europa League, we’ve increased the wage bill and the business is burning its cash reserves backfilling losses.



    In those circumstances, I’m not expecting very much in the way of January business.



    Meantime, the manager is failing. He hasn’t failed yet, but there’s a decision to take on whether he is thanked sooner – when there is still life in the league campaign – or later, when it’s all over.



    January? It’s not happening, is it.

  6. prestonpans bhoys on

    Can’t be the only person worried about the sentence below:



    My suspicion is the club weigh the need for squad additions higher than changing the manager.




    I can’t be the only person who read it and let loose a string of expletives.



    It is undilluted bullshit.



    Paul67 is insulting us writing crap like that.



    Is Lennon the problem? Is there a Celtic fan who ACTUALLY still questions that?



    The biggest pile of pro-Lawwell, steaming excrement I’ve read anywhere since this began.



    I mean it, that is absolutely ridiculous … laughably bad.

  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Why is anyone surprised? If they wanted us to have a good manager they would have kept the previous one..

  9. Those pushing for their refunds and cancelling subscriptions, those hammering the board on social media, those fighting for the SOUL of our club right now … keep on doing what you’re doing.



    Ignore this kind of slavering guff.



    Eyes on the ball.

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Oh, and if going 17 years without winning a European knockout tie is “sustained, unprecedented success” I sure hope we don’t drop off in form!

  11. AIPPLE on 2ND DECEMBER 2020 12:28 PM





    ‘What larks lay ahead today?’








    What you’ve got to remember about larks, and this is what Dickens was meaning when he talked about them, was that you hear them far more often than you actually see them.



    So an entirely appropriate question given the state of things at the moment.

  12. In January, if we are now in solution mode beyond Neil, then I’d expect the wonderfully named ‘wantaways’ to be gone thus funding us for the arrival of people the existing manager can trust, like a Martin Boyle for example.



    Plan A has run its course, seemingly to the most surprised people in the house – the board. There is no plan B beyond a handover to Kennedy in the summer in their eyes. The players aren’t robots. They’ve grown tired of the incompetence of this regime repeating the same errors and I fully expect more defeats in Europe and at home.



    What an end of an era.




  13. CELTIC40ME:



    Do you know something? Respect was Monday. Until Monday’s editorial. Yesterday’s was a piece of deflection where the big questions were hidden behind a charity appeal. This one today is the most insulting by far.



    When Mr67 shows respect to his readers he can have some back.



    That is patronising, insulting, pish he’s written today.



    And if he doesn’t like that he can remove me, or get in touch with me, anytime he likes.

  14. James Forrest on 2nd December 2020 12:41 pm



    “those fighting for the SOUL of our club right now”



    What exactly constitutes ‘fighting for the soul’? Writing a blog? Abusing other bloggers? Keen to hear the moves you are making to save our club.



    Are you marching?


    Writing stern letters?


    Peaceful sit ins on the Celtic way?


    Boycotting matches?


    Burning your strips?



    Serious question mate.

  15. HOTEL DE PARIS on 2ND DECEMBER 2020 9:19 AM


    I used to regularly contribute to the Foundation’s fundraising activities. However I elected to stop when the Celtic Board decided it was appropriate to reward its Chief Executive with a remuneration package more than the Foundation’s annual revenues. I now contribute primarily to SCIAF and the Glasgow Mission. For supposedly Chairing a few Board meetings each year, Ian Bankier receives in excess of £20k more than the Foundation’s hard working highest earner.





    hi mate sound post.i am trying to see a set of foundation accounts.any pointers? thank you




  16. James Forrest,


    on Monday you were finished with this blog once more,what changed that,


    guess you have to hang about when you have your own blog to promote.

  17. James Forrest on 2nd December 2020 12:48 pm



    Not being facetious mate, I know you write. blog, I used to read it every day and still do on occasion, was just curious what else fighting for the soul entails outside of writing your view on things.

  18. GORDYBHOY64:



    My own site does just fine, whether I post it here or not. If you really believe I get a lot of traffic from this site, where most of those who are vocal on it, plainly can’t stand what I produce you are mental.

  19. Talking about squad additions in January is all well and good but the same players were here last season and were able to defend a lot better than what they currently are.



    The structure hasn’t been right for months and hoping it gets better under the same manager seems a rather feeble response given what’s at stake.



    If the Board genuinely believed in Lennon then the support would be explicit not implicit.



    The league will be over this month should Neil remain in place.



    Our window for salvaging the season is rapidly closing.

  20. Paul 67,



    Neil Lennon will be replaced. I think that is inevitable and desirable.


    But he should not be hounded out. Chants and chanters of Lennon, Lennon GTF cannot be allowed to dictate policy.



    If and when we beat Hearts will be the perfect timing. And by God the board better have this date etched on their minds.



    ” Is the problem actually the manager ”



    There is no doubt Neil Lennon is part of the problem, but there are certain players and background staff who have to be shown the door.



    Certain players who should never have the privilege of donning a Celtic jersey in the first team ever again.


    Yes that strategy will cost money but as their value drops dramatically, maybe not as costly as you would think.



    The team tomorrow night should reflect a reaction to huffy, petulant, non trying, overpaid and frankly useless players.



    HH to all.

  21. * he would be gone if we had a Plan B



    Fixed that for you Paul




    We have been buying ‘blind’ no matter who the manager is for years.

  22. James,



    Keep within the rules and I’m sure you’ll be fine. I like your writing and agree with much of it but you’re now defending your conduct instead of your views which seems a bit of an own goal and bit of a waste imho.




  23. The Battered Bunnet on 2nd December 2020 12:48 pm



    Aipple! ‘ksake man.






    8am here, coffee kicking in,

  24. Interesting take Paul



    The transfer window could be critical , your basically throwing it away if we appoint anyone new at this juncture.

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