Incremental gains required


Before the weekend I argued against the early return of Cameron Carter-Vickers against Motherwell on Sunday.  Cameron’s injured hamstring has hampered the player throughout the season and the best remediation for a hamstring is rest. Returning to action before it is absolutely necessary is a risk.

My thoughts on when “absolutely necessary” is has moved since.  One central defender will not change the way the team plays, he will not stop a cross coming into the box or be at the back post to stop a header, but Celtic are in desperate need of incremental gains.  As well as performing traditional defensive duties very well, he is comfortable in possession and can help transition the ball forward.

He would also be a confidence boost to players and fans alike.  Let’s hope we see him on Sunday.

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  1. Timbhoy



    Thank you.



    My problem is having to much faith in the inherent goodness of human nature so your post strengthens that faith.



    Sure we all make mistakes but at the core rightness prevails.

  2. The Emirates Arena across from Celtic Park ,next Wednesday supporters bus won’t be allowed to park there ,Nuneaton Streets and nearby streets there will be plenty of spaces to park cars and buses there ,at the corner of Springfield Road and London Rd nex to the emirates there is a waste ground there for parking,why over the years it hasn’t been looked at and who owns that land.

  3. I’ve heard, #cough, people have gotten barred off this site for less than what was said to Auldheid last night.



    It’s always fun watching someone getting biatch-slapped and clunked around the head without them even knowing it.



    One should always remember that these days that people don’t analyse; they absorb the headlines, and then regurgitate whatever misleading propaganda it is pushing.

  4. R12 folks resolution didnt happen AH,longgrassed til club were ready


    R11 Celtic backed resolution passed



    The request to look into a deceased club res never happened by sfa.Hence what we learned put intk r11. Which club backed as you point out




  5. An Tearman



    As a CST member why so keen to discredit the efforts of the very type of shareholders the CST are keen to recruit?



    You mistake me for the shareholders myself and 3 other requisitioners represented.



    The ones who pledged £20k for a legal fund to ascertain Directors Responsibilities and small shareholders rights but were rebuffed by a CST misrepresentation of what those shareholders sought. Its a matter of record.



    Apart from that unless you were in conversations with PL and MNand yhey told you Res12 was long grassed then apart from that making you a Board lackey, it remains uninformed opinion compared to the informed opinion of those who dealt personally with PL and MN.



    So who to believe?



    The true closure narrative is on the Res12 Archive and I’ll post a link to it.



    For those who do read it there is a link at the end that rebuffs the attempts of a hun over the years to discredit Res12 based on nothing but lies.



    Not the sort of company to be associated with.

  6. An Tearman



    Again you misrepresent what Res12 sought.



    It asked UEFA to investigate the licensing process the SFA conducted to grant RFC a licence.



    Get it – the SFA licensing process that threw Rangers a lifeline in 2011 that would have prevented insolvency had Malmo then Maribor chucked them out of Europe.



    Res12 provided Celtic with leverage to tackle the SFA that met PLs request in May 2013. That Celtic never used it is up to them but in PLs defense (yup I just said that) it was UEFA who did not want raking over coals that would have led to discovering Rangers use of ebts over 10 years which again to PL’s credit UEFA had been notified of in May 2012.



    SFA reform is what was long grassed not investigating RFC.



    Facts are chiels that winnae ding.

  7. AN TEARMANN on 20TH FEBRUARY 2024 12:12 AM





    I know your work is highly informative.



    As you know imo r12 i think was doomed as soon as it was long grassed at its first agm.



    Dermot does not take any dissent in any of his dealings in the corporate work,



    His interview at the Dunhill golf tournament



    ‘Great club with great traditions’ was pointing out Celtic as a clubs direction of travel.



    From that first agm continuation of our business model was prime and somewhere along that line trfc would re-enter the league.That they did in 2016 after serving their new club 3 year european ban,the longer r12 went on the more the pointers proved the long grass had done its job,the nimmo smith consultancy starting with an answer(no title stripping) and obfuscating back is just an example of doing business here.



    Nimmo smith was never re looked at, even when HMRC won all its cases and appeals against.Our major shareholder did not want it,and Peter done his bidding until some 8 or 9 years later it was defeated by shareholders 99.5% to 0.5% (approx)



    Celtic as a company can barely handle a resolution for a disabled section,Dermot as 44% s/h hasa majority and dint want any corporate linkage to the deidyins,their demise is wholly owned by them,Dermots 44% is a majority as their are 22% share purchased in 95 that have not been updated and serviced so by the rules their vote defaults to the PLC board hence those massive majorities against r12 when it was finally voted on.



    I would urge every shareholder to update their shares and default their voting rights to the Celtic Trust,setting up alternate groups only serves Dermots divide and rule strategy.



    Make the 5% target and things will start to change.







    Thats my first post in this discourse with yourself


    My view is Dermot did not want it- get it.


    Peter does what Dermot tells him-2013



    It got deferred,shelved,longrassed whatever you want or dont want to call it,the resolution at agm2013 did not happen/occur in 2013.



    If Dermot had found it important to his s/h he would have been in fast like at the Coral agm



    Once our agm was over that was it imo but as you point out we learned bout governance



    When i say thats it 👇r12 did not happen


    It requested that UEFA establish if the licensing cycle process that granted a UEFA Licence to then Rangers FC PLC in 2011 had been applied as UEFA intended by the Scottish Football Association Licensing Committee.



    They wurr deed!




    No action again by DD(majority s/h)


    When HMRC cases concluded


    No titles in Consultamt Nimmo Smith farce


    Treveso letter tap in


    Legality of 5wA



    Thing in common is in s/h terms i would suggest DD may have wanted continuation of business for major s/h in that club thats all he needs to look after,worries bout the self harming to an ignaminious death is not his business look out.


    As you point out governance and compliance has improved,still not as transparent as i would wish-everybox ticked for fans to see.



    AH i am not running any false narrative but use away as a lightning point to inform,



    3rd time-I am not,nor never have been a member of Celtic Trust,i speak for myself,you have met them more than me,i outlined the times i have said hello.



    No misunderstanding misrepresntations falsenarratives


    Just power getting what it wanted imo


    Dermot is that power in CFC.



    My view



    Hail Hail



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