Justice and our debt to Hillsborough


Justice 30 years later is scarcely justice at all, but those employed in the criminal justice system in May 1985, leading to the death of 96 Liverpool fans died at the Hillsborough Disaster, now face proper scrutiny for their actions. Charges have been brought against former Chief Superintendent David Duckenfield of South Yorkshire Police, who was match commander on the day, as well as five others.

Included in that number is former Chief Inspector Norman Bettison, charged with allegedly lying about what happened on the day. A subsequent inquiry into the disaster found that a conspiracy to blame dead and innocent fans, while deflecting from the actions of the police, took place.

Duckenfield is charged with the manslaughter of 95 victims. Then-Sheffield Wednesday secretary, Graham Mackrell, is accused of breaching Health and Safety regulations. South Yorkshire Police’s solicitor, Peter Metcalf, is charged with perverting the course of justice, as are two other senior former-police officers, Donald Denton and Alan Foster.

There is a long way to go before convictions are secured, but the dogged determination of campaigners and bereaved over three decades is remarkable.

I could add that irresponsible attitudes towards Health and Safety at football grounds, and policing cover-ups, was endemic prior to Hillsborough. Our game changed because of this tragedy as those closely involved were determined to ensure it would. We have a safer game and better-ordered society as a result.


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  1. TURKEYBHOY on 28TH JUNE 2017 12:07 PM


    Have to say,I think BR is living in a wee cocoon regards NI.This about sport uniting people,and Belfast not being the same City.Maybe I am imagining the bonfire piles with efigies wearing Celtic strips hanging from them.The sheer naked hatred for another religion that will be on display at Drumcree once again this year,and all across the Catholic enclaves.



    Might be a good idea for Brendan to go onto Munter Media for an hour or two,or FF,to see the joyful coming together they envisage.



    I am with TD on this one.Maybe the fans from The Falls will be fine,but the road from Larne to Belfast will be fraught with danger.One Celtic fan injured,or worse is a price too high for such a nonentity of a game.

  2. from Previous page





    no apologies to me necessary, but appreciated all the same.


    Look forward to catching up properly soon.



    One of the other forums I’ve known had a PM facility. I sometimes think this place would benefit from something similar. Different format here obviously, but i still really enjoy this place, and all that goes with it.

  3. ERNIE LYNCH on 28TH JUNE 2017 12:08 PM


    Once again.




    Paul 67,are you giving Ernie Lynch inside info on new articles?.


    I demand to know.


    Has anyone ever seen Ernie and Paul in the same room?



  4. Woke up with a broken tooth.


    Is this what happens when you laugh at your mate of 50 years?







  5. 50 shades of green on

    Justice for the 96.



    And families of course.



    Here’s hoping.




  6. So Dorrans reportedly joining the Huns.1.3 million being bandied.


    A sad day indeed.A Bar-L boy donning that abomination of a jersey.

  7. Apologies 1st, re-post from end of last thread…



    Hello team, a wee aside for emdy interested…



    I’m working in Qatar again for the moment. I haven’t been there for a while as I’ve been otherwise engaged in Kazakhstan, Dubai and Turkey up until 3-4 months ago, but I’ve been here again since then after a break from here of a couple of years-ish.



    Anyway, there’s quite a bit going on here at the moment with fall-outs between arab neighbours as everybody knows I’m sure, but it has a few interesting side issues. The KSA border, which is the only land border that Qatar has, is closed for now and has been for a few weeks. Neither KSA nor UAE is allowing exports to Qatar via land, sea or air, even if it’s just goods transiting through there to here, and it’s leading to some interesting situations. There’s also a ban in effect that precludes those countries exporting their own produce directly to here.



    As a linked in aside to that, Qatar is still friendly with Turkey who sent troops here a couple of weeks ago, there’s a separate history to that also, but I mention it just as part of the next thing… I didn’t notice much in the way of shortages in the shops here up until a couple of days ago, because although the selection of produce to what you normally see here in the shops is different, the last thing I expected to see was Saudi produce, because what importers have been doing here is sourcing foodstuffs and other commodities from other locations than they normally do. Hence the predominance of Turkish goods on the shelves here, right next to Saudi produce. I’m thinking that Turkey has been re-routing whatever they import from KSA to here along with whatever they are sending directly too.



    Pretty weird over here so it is, funny kind of atmosphere too. Anyway, I’m not making any big point, just thought I’d share in case anyone has an interest.




    Hail Hail,



  8. Ernie


    Correct – ECHR is different to and separate from the ECJ which is the EU ‘supreme’ court

  9. Kevinbhoy


    Rather you than me – seems like another Arab state pee-ing contest in the offing.


    take care

  10. Judgment in Supreme Court on the BTC will be handed down on Wednesday 5 July at 9.45am in Courtroom 2:

  11. Paul67


    Wonder why the approach to H&S in grounds didn’t change after the souls that were lost at ibrox.

  12. The Timreaper ” 12:42



    Depending on the size of the Headlines or the small print in the Scottish media, will we know the verdict of the SC on the BTC.








    Huge thumbs up,Philvis style,and grateful thanks.




  14. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Nobody cared enough.


    People’s lives mean nothing to those seeking profit.









    Its the culture of profit before people, nothing new.








    And to your good self too,I wish I could post on here a thumbs up Philvis style inspired by a famous painting.



    But a la Orville,I can’t.




  16. It does seem a bit high handed and patronising.



    A decision was made by CFC not to take or sell any tickets for that game if it happens, CFC want nothing to do with the tickets, Linfield (as I’m reading on here are welcoming Celtic fans with open arms) are selling them so? Problem solved. I have a picture in my mind of who ever the Linfield guy was that said that, had a Dick Dastardly laugh at the end of the statement, but I hope I’m 100% wrong and everyone is safe after we pump them 4-0.

  17. I heard a fireman sy on radio that the safety certificates were self-certified.. I.e. they ask the contractors if all the materials a re fire resistant. they say yes .. they get certificate. Which makes sense when you see 100% of tower blocks failing.



    Much like safety certificate for ibrox roof. They asked them if it was safe…

  18. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Is it safe to crack a gag yet?



    CQN: Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party



    TGM: I refuse to answer that question, except to say ‘Fishbones, Chopsticks, woof, woof’



    CQN: We are officially suspending your account, not because you have actually done anything. But because we dont like the words you are using, and how you use them.


    But subtle salutes to fascism, are ok:)



    TGM: Isnt that slightly unfair.



    CQN: No, Its the internet, its our blog, and we are the supreme arbiters of all known life, a bit like the ‘Borg’:)



    TGM: Aye awright, keep yer wig oan:)





  19. whitedoghunch on

    Chinese or Japanese chopsticks



    will the Linfield away game go ahead or are steps being taken to prevent it

  20. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Naw, it wiz Chopsticks fae Maryhill Rd:)



    Linfield. Lets just pretend they dont exist:)




  21. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Think you might be right.


    The huns have sussed im up to something.


    Ive tried all sorts of places, but i cant get the proper John Knox costume, especially the beard.


    Its a pity:)


    Still might be able to get there in a armoured Popemobile though. At least the local Williamites will be able to chuck as many bricks as they like. Good solution all round:)










    Thanks,mate. PAUL67 and I have mailed each other on the subject,with explanations and apologies from myself.




    He has been very gracious in his reply,and also very open.




    I apologise sincerely and genuinely to the blog for yesterday’s post. It was intemperate at best.




    At worst,well…





    I am very sorry blogger but,I cannot accept your apology it really upset me .



    upyoursyaswindonbam c.s.c

  23. 50 shades of green on

    So BTC result due just over a week before we go to play the Norn Irish huns, if result goes against the huns it could have got even uglier for our support ( is that even possible),



    Whilst I hate the fact that those who wish to go cant, I’m kind of glad our support wont be subjected to a backlash of zombie outrage if the BTC goes as we all hope.




  24. Margaret McGill on

    KevinBhoy on 28th June 2017 12:24 pm



    The lengths the House of Saud will go to shut down Al-Jazeera eh?

  25. whitedoghunch on

    The Green Man


    one feels naked taking a gamble down Maryhill road without a set of ivory chopsticks in one’s watch pocket:)


    btw I prefer chinese for all noodles, Hawaian style

  26. Trying to get odds from hill for next season, have a look at this, I didn’t get odds for us to reach the champions league 16, probably a good thing look at the odds for another treble, canny be right eh?



    Christian G: And this is the leagues for your concern right? Scots Prem/Scots FA Cup/Champions League


    Anthony Donnelly: And the other bet is for them to reach the last 16 in the champions League cup.


    Christian G: Yes, I need to confirm the first part Anthony.


    Christian G: The first part of your price request is to be founded on this link: http://sports.williamhill.com/betting/en-gb/football/OB_EV11261599/celtic-trophy-multiples-2017-2018


    Anthony Donnelly: Scots Prem/Scottish cup/ and Scottish league cup.


    Christian G: Oh, this is to be found on this link: http://sports.williamhill.com/betting/en-gb/football/OB_EV11261599/celtic-trophy-multiples-2017-2018


    Christian G: Scots Prem/Scots FA Cup/Scots League Cup is priced at 3/1.


    Christian G: For the 2nd part of your request, I am currently in coordination with one of my supervisor, please allow me few minutes.


    You have disconnected.

  27. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    When i stroll down Maryhill Rd, im usually wearing my rather Bohemian Green Velvet suit and cravat with matching sannies:)


    Sartorial elegance is a must as you converse with the local community about heedcases, vanishing zombies, mormonism, and of course Celtic:)


    Ivory Chopsticks. See you are a man after my own heart. Only the finest Chopsticks known to humanity:)


    Follow the yellow brick road:)




  28. traditionalist88 on

    tonydonnelly67 on 28th June 2017 1:53 pm



    Whats the odds for the league title only next season?




  29. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Wonder if there is a price for most penalties awarded next season.


    Be interesting to see if bookies fall for that one:)