Killie, United, the SFA will relegate a team this season


Celtic won the match, we were awarded a penalty and our opponents had a man sent off.  VAR spotted an incident missed by the referee, fans and (it seems) all of the players, including the one fouled, to correctly call a penalty to Hibs.  VAR also correctly informed the referee his decision to award Celtic a second penalty and book David Marshall was wrong.

No complaints then.  But take a look at the other Premiership games on Saturday and it is difficult to argue that the standard of refereeing and VAR is not at the required level.

A win would have put Kilmarnock three points clear of the play-off spot.  They were denied this as the ref and VAR failed to notice St Johnstone defender, Andrew Considine, fully extending his arm above his head and punching the ball inside his own 6-yard box.  The ref was not even asked to look at it.

Dundee United are bottom.  A win would have taken them level on points with Ross County.  They were leading until the 73rd minute when Curtis Main took an unprovoked flop inside the box.  That the referee thought it a penalty is concerning enough, but the VAR agreeing makes a mockery of the sport.

Fir Park was again the scene of a remarkable off-side decision, this time a goal was given.  Lines were drawn by VAR before the moment the ball was released; Newco were allowed the goal that put them in the lead.  Lines draw at the moment of release show the striker a yard of daylight ahead of the last defender.  Todd Cantwell is one to watch.  His side were two goals ahead when he fell to the ground clutching his face.  His face, dear readers, was untouched.  VAR declined to advise the referee to take another look.

What’s it to us?  We are top of the league and aspiring to win everything this season.  But if you support Dundee United or Kilmarnock, Saturday’s mistakes could see you relegated.  Refereeing like this causes distress, mistrust and is simply not good enough.

If only Kyogo would score a goal the SFA head of refereeing, Crawford Allan, thought was offside, he might be gracious enough to comment publicly on the failures of his organisation.

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  1. Right that’s podium taken care of.


    Now I’ve just watched “Smiler, Neil Mochan” on you tube. Worth a watch especially for us older gentlemen. 2 medals with Celtic before making his debut at Celtic Park

  2. Roll on the corrupt Champions League.



    They are masking their bias towards thems.



    60000 isnae ever being beat.

  3. glendalystonsils on

    Paul , don’t worry about any injustice to Motherwell caused by that clearly offside goal or cheating by C*ntwell ………… the Motherwell management are not bothered enough by it to comment . As for Killie and Dundee Utd , their silence leaves us as a lone voice apparently , so don’t expect change any time soon .

  4. Paul you are so wrong – Crawford Allen’s organisation is not failing the team that matters to them

  5. Weebobbycollins on

    Glendalystonsils…sorry, but I heard both Kettlewell and McInnes complain about those decisions.

  6. Weebobbycollins on

    Re Kettlewell and McInnes…I think perhaps the media don’t give much emphasis to their complaints.

  7. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Difficult to have sympathy for the didi teams., Paul. They’ve been happy to sit back and say nothing about corruption right before their eyes.



    You reap what you sow.

  8. Weebobbycollins on

    Plus Dundee Utd are asking for talks with sfa, spfl about VAR. That suggests they are bothered…and rightly so.


    BSR comes out of hiding…

  9. On the touchline at Tannadice on Saturday Dave Bowman, one of Dundee Utd’s coaching staff, had it out with the officials (4th and linesman) at the time of the penalty – “It’s ok for you but you are playing with people’s livelihoods”.

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    A lot of comments on the 3 huns on Sportscene this weekend. This is obviously deliberate, and aimed to bury the the contensious VAR decisions, we see every week ,so VAR is working perfectly, nothing to see,and any bad news is buried.Radio Shortbread have also given the odious Stuart Dougal his own slot,to bat away any pro hun VAR decisions, has anyone ever heard him shout for a decision, that goes against the huns? No…….job done,again to reinforce the myth that all is perfect in Scottish football, all accommodated by the BBC.

  11. Bournesouprecipe, are you a hun? 🤪


    Only kidding, not seen you post for a while.


    Welcome back

  12. International breaks.



    never understood why teams that dont have players away on duty do not get allowed just to play fixtures,



    stupid restriction of trade.



    who is away for celtic ?






    Tickets are on sale now to eligible Season Ticket holders for the upcoming Glasgow derby at Celtic Park on Saturday, April 8 (KO 12:30pm). These tickets are available to Special Season Ticket holders, and Concession Opt-Out Season Ticket holders only (one per STH) and are available to buy online now.





    £52 – Adult


    Match tickets will be posted to Opt-Out and Overseas Season Ticket holders. Print at home is not available for this match.



    These tickets are not available from the Ticket Office and can be purchased online only.

  14. Who knew that refereeing ability has nothing to do with which funny handshake you can muster and not knowing and applying the rules fairly without exception?


    VAR has just demosntrated by slow motion, freeze frame that you can see (or not see) what you think. They don’t care about being ‘caught’ as everyone is involved. The apologists in the BBC/STV/Sky and print media are all part of the anyone but Celtic cartel. I find it hard to have sympathy for the other clubs they knew what they were doing by going along with ‘Celtic and Rangers* always get the decisions’. Anyone with eyes to see knows full well that only one Klub has benefitted from VAR and it’s not Celtic.

  15. First-team Celts on their international travels


    By Joe Sullivan






    Although Aaron Mooy has had to withdraw from the Australian squad for their two home friendlies against Ecuador in the latest international break, there are still no fewer than EIGHT first-team Celts who will be on duty with their national sides.



    Top of the tree is Hoops captain, Callum McGregor who is in line to win his 50th Scotland cap as the national side prepare to take on both Cyprus then Spain in home Euro qualifiers over the next two midweeks.



    Furthest travelled to home base will be Daizen Maeda who has been called up for Japan’s Kirin Challenge Cup games as the national side host both Uruguay and Columbia, while, not very far behind him in the travelling stakes is Hyeongyu Oh, as South Korea take on the same two teams in friendlies.



    The Celt who will travel furthest between games is defender, Alistair Johnston who will represent Canada as they take on Latin American country, Curacao, both home and away in the Concacaf Nations League.



    Closer to home in further Euro qualifiers, Liel Abada will be with the Israeli squad as they host Kosovo then travel to Switzerland, while Sead Haksabanovic travels to link up with the Montenegrin squad for their qualifiers away to Bulgaria then at home to Serbia.



    Sweden will be at home to both Belgium and Azerbaijan with Carl Starfelt making their squad while goalkeeper, Conor Hazard travels to San Marino with the Northern Ireland squad before they also entertain Finland at home.



    Everyone at Celtic Park wishes each of the Celts the best of luck on their international travels over the next two games.



    Once all the Celts return, the first domestic action will be when the Hoops travel to take on Ross County in Dingwall on SPFL duty on Sunday, April 2.

  16. glendalystonsils on




    I didn’t hear the comments from these managers but I’m very heartened if people are starting to speak out . It will take a concerted effort by all clubs if we are to have a system fit for purpose .





    Good to see you back on .

  17. Tom McLaughlin on

    It seems some people on here watch Sportscene with the sound muted. Richard Foster was calling var ‘madness’ over various decisions, especially at Fir Park. He also ridiculed Cantwell of Sevco for ‘conning the referee’.

  18. Weebobbycollins on

    Re Richard Foster, I think he tries hard to be fair in his VAR reviews but his ex-referee counterpart Stuart Dougal is nothing but an apologist for his ex-cronies. He comes across as a smarmy git.

  19. bournesouprecipe on

    VAR continues at pace, sucking the lifeblood from the game, with ridiculous decisions see Dundee Utd verse St Mirren this weekend. Better still catch Sevco for any home or away, “ Oor Baw Alex “ caballic extravaganzas.

  20. So if we believe his agent Li’l Abner wants out, ok then welcome back a lad who wants to play for is Mikey Johnston

  21. Weebobbycollins on

    Richard Foster said Main and Cantwell were cheating…he said CCV used the situation to gain a ‘soft’ penalty. He did not stop short of calling him a cheat.

  22. Referees and referees now equipped with VAR are a bunch of cheats they know it and get away with it. all the clubs who are the SFA should tell the SFA no more of your referees and the job lot goes to an external contractor, monitored externally for performance and application of the Laws of Football without prejudice.


    Then we will see how the can afford the lifestyles and homes they live in.

  23. Weebobbycollins on

    So the DUP have knocked back the government’s Windsor Framework…surprise, surprise!

  24. Possibly the worst VAR weekend yet. This league is an utter farce, despite the fact that we are winning it.


    If the entire hope among the other clubs has descended again, to anyone other than Celtic, we should give the whole thing up. The cheating is in plain sight yet the other clubs only care about their 2 home games against ” the Old Firm”. As Paul says today, a few might get the wind up now with a chance of relegation but where are they when other clubs are in trouble? The SPL is an ” I’m all right Jack/Billy ” set up, always has been, always will be. Why have our Japanese and American player not been selected? Their managers have probably looked at the league!! It’s far too easty to be insular in football but it is doing Celtic no good at all to exist in this league.

  25. SAINT STIVS on 20TH MARCH 2023 2:05 PM



    and he said the same about CCV. just stopped short of calling him a cheat.



    *bet he widnae say that tae his face another kid on hard man

  26. and I quote –



    Richard Foster goes one further than McCann and accuses CCV of essentially cheating by ‘throwing himself to the ground’.



    Foster piped up: “I agree with Neil. It’s very soft. Initially Hanlon isn’t looking at the ball and could impede him but I don’t know if the ball is in play at that moment but Neil is right, he then hooks his arm and uses that to spin off and then throws himself to the ground.




    “For someone as big and strong as him, Hanlon has not thrown him to the ground, he’s thrown himself to the ground.”

  27. boondock saint on



    Neil Mochan is a true Celtic legend. I can honestly say that my short time at Celtic was made so much more memorable by Neil and interacting with him everyday. He treated apprentices, Reserve players, first team players, and the managment with the same cutting sense of humor. He always set players up to have a laugh. Afet a game at home vs St Mirren when Mark McGhee had scored a hat trick, he told me to take the match ball up to the dryer and stick it in there so that it would be dry enough for his fellow players to sign it for him. I put it in the industrial dryer and the feckin thing was bouncing all over the place making a helluva noise. I then heard Neil’s highpitched squeal of a laugh and knew he had got me. He used to let me walk around to the jungle during games I was helping him, as long a s I came back to the dressing room after the game:))) he used to call me Mr. Celtic. What a true Celtic legend!!!



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