Killie, United, the SFA will relegate a team this season


Celtic won the match, we were awarded a penalty and our opponents had a man sent off.  VAR spotted an incident missed by the referee, fans and (it seems) all of the players, including the one fouled, to correctly call a penalty to Hibs.  VAR also correctly informed the referee his decision to award Celtic a second penalty and book David Marshall was wrong.

No complaints then.  But take a look at the other Premiership games on Saturday and it is difficult to argue that the standard of refereeing and VAR is not at the required level.

A win would have put Kilmarnock three points clear of the play-off spot.  They were denied this as the ref and VAR failed to notice St Johnstone defender, Andrew Considine, fully extending his arm above his head and punching the ball inside his own 6-yard box.  The ref was not even asked to look at it.

Dundee United are bottom.  A win would have taken them level on points with Ross County.  They were leading until the 73rd minute when Curtis Main took an unprovoked flop inside the box.  That the referee thought it a penalty is concerning enough, but the VAR agreeing makes a mockery of the sport.

Fir Park was again the scene of a remarkable off-side decision, this time a goal was given.  Lines were drawn by VAR before the moment the ball was released; Newco were allowed the goal that put them in the lead.  Lines draw at the moment of release show the striker a yard of daylight ahead of the last defender.  Todd Cantwell is one to watch.  His side were two goals ahead when he fell to the ground clutching his face.  His face, dear readers, was untouched.  VAR declined to advise the referee to take another look.

What’s it to us?  We are top of the league and aspiring to win everything this season.  But if you support Dundee United or Kilmarnock, Saturday’s mistakes could see you relegated.  Refereeing like this causes distress, mistrust and is simply not good enough.

If only Kyogo would score a goal the SFA head of refereeing, Crawford Allan, thought was offside, he might be gracious enough to comment publicly on the failures of his organisation.

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  1. ADI_DASSLER NOT FOR 2ND BEST20th Mar23 1.58



    And some thought Var a gòod decision





    Awrite Adi



    I think var is a good thing.a good use of tech.


    Good on definitive y/n questions but collapses as soon as we(humans) are introduced to it,with all our subjectivity and that throws up stat bias here on pens as posted by St.Stivs and SFTB earlier.



    Scunners me mostly at game,being in the unknown,sittin bout as minutes,never to be fully added on pass,and no replay,no feedback,no mic’d up feedback,knowing those watchin on telly have angles from all sides…@CelticPark






  2. Boondock Saint



    Top post on Neil Mochan.👍👏



    Fess goin to watch that thanks



  3. Only reason the Huns are anywhere near us is thanks to the refs and VAR. They’d be on 40 points max, behind Hearts and Aberdeen.

  4. Garngad to Croy on

    Fantastic levels of consistency from Celtic and brilliant use of the match squad by Ange. I thought David Turnbull excelled in the later stages of the game.

  5. FASSREIFEN on 20TH MARCH 2023 2:54 PM



    Only reason the Huns are anywhere near us is thanks to the refs and VAR. They’d be on 40 points max, behind Hearts and Aberdeen.



    *absolutely so when slevein was greeting about the gap between us and the rest and advocating we both leave he should be reminded of this.

  6. GARNGAD TO CROY on 20TH MARCH 2023 2:56 PM



    Fantastic levels of consistency from Celtic and brilliant use of the match squad by Ange. I thought David Turnbull excelled in the later stages of the game.



    *I’m stunned at those who are advocating his leaving and then I remember there hunposters on here, we need local talented lads like him, and Mikey Johnston, tae make up our quota of home bred players

  7. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    St Stives,


    I didn’t know Kosovo had a national football team, they’re no even a nation, who says FIFA and UEFA don’t do politics eh.

  8. BRRB 3.11pm



    Some of us still need to work for a living …



    Canny beat a wee Monday lunchtime pint

  9. When watching the Sportscene on playback over the weekend, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when their 3rd goal was not called offside. It was clear to the naked eye that when the ball was played to the winger he was off-side. Then they showed the freeze frame with the line drawn which also confirmed he was off-side, but they allowed the goal to stand. I suspect that they allow someone to draw the line manually, because it was in the wrong place and it wasn’t even straight. It was like a dot-to-dot exercise for 4 year olds, taking the toe of the winger and connecting it to the fingertip of the defender and trying to make it look a straight line. I’m not even sure the defenders outstretched hand is allowed to be used?



    If ever there was an example needed why the technology is not working in Scotland then this has to be it.

  10. MNCELT


    as an outfield cannot use the hand legally during the match (Goldson the exception) then it cannot be considered as part of the body which could be playing on or off side, therefore offside.

  11. kevinlasvegas on

    There is incompetence and cheating going on, it’s hard to tell what is what. Bring in this new new state of the art technology and get a PE teacher to run it.



    I think this is their last stand a vote of no confidence must be on the horizon and bring in trained officials, far too much money involved now for clubs to look the other way.






  12. Joseph F McGroary


    -Born : Milton 1865 son of Bernard&Mary


    -Originally Mountcharles Co.Donegal


    -Educated St.Aloysuis college.


    -Began law apprenticeship 1880 @ JoeShaughnessy


    1883-5 law studied @GlasgowUni


    -1887-qualified as a writer


    -traineeship completed @JoeShaughnessy


    -Served along with Joe Shaughnessy on our first committee.


    -As member attended opening of original Celtic Park on 8:5:88


    -12:8:88 marries Catherine in Mountcharles Co


    Donegal,returns to live at St.Georges rd.


    Committee member til 1891 AGM


    -opposed ltd liability at 93 agm from the floor


    -95 regained a place on gen committee lost it 96.


    -involved in local&national politics active Catholic


    1898-Emigrated to New Yoik,stayed there til 1935


    -returned to Mountcharles,ďied 1937


    Rip at Frosses Co.Donegal




  13. kevinlasvegas on

    If you read anything on the Internet about sevcos new guy, fly and lazy are often used.






  14. WEEBOBBYCOLLINS on 20TH MARCH 2023 2:16 PM


    Re Richard Foster, I think he tries hard to be fair in his VAR reviews but his ex-referee counterpart Stuart Dougal is nothing but an apologist for his ex-cronies. He comes across as a smarmy git.



    BOBBY, I firmly believe in letting ‘personalities’ alone when they are out and about, doing normal run-of-the-mill things, especially if they are with family.



    That resolve was sorely tested one day when I saw Dougal in a local supermarket. He was strutting around the place, looking around to see if he was being recognised, smarmy in everything he was doing. A contemptible cretin of a man.

  15. kevinlasvegas


    We should be calling an emergency meeting to have VAR suspended. As usual if you aren’t part of the problem….

  16. Happy first day of spring all which also coincides with my birthday!



    Woke up to some Celtic FC gifts from my Loovul lover. I see an early finish in my future.




  17. bigrailroadblues on

    Aipple 4.36


    Early finish at what?🤔




    Spell birthday boys name correctly. Ya dumpling. 😂

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    It seems some people on here watch Sportscene with the sound muted




    Cheers Tom.



    I might be one of those people.



    Grateful if you could enlighten me.



    When the opening sequence with musical overlay ended and the camera cued to the host did the programme begin with.



    “Hi (big smile, no beard) I’m Stephen Thomson ex-R@ngers”



    “Welcome to the show”



    “Joining me tonight are …..


    Richard Foster (ex-R@ngers) and


    Neil McCann (ex-R@ngers)”



    “All three of us had EBTs”



    “We begin tonight with R@ngers …..”

  19. AIPPLE on 20TH MARCH 2023 4:36 PM


    Happy first day of spring all which also coincides with my birthday!







    Woke up to some Celtic FC gifts from my Loovul lover. I see an early finish in my future.











    I hope that you have a very Happy Hoopy Birthday young Fella !


    Get as Drunk as you like.


    ALL the BEST to you Mate.



  20. bigrailroadblues on

    Back to basics


    I would rather those three stooges were muted, terminated and sent to Botany Bay. In a leaky rowing boat.

  21. I was one of those who mentioned there being 3 ex-deid team pundits on Sportscene. Actually, I think Foster tries hard to be fair. But why oh why did they think it acceptable to have all 3 pundits from the deid team?



    No need to search hard for the answer……



    VAR: get rid of soonest. MIBs: get rid of sooner.

  22. Tom McLaughlin on




    It would only be you if you were one of the posters who claimed var won’t even mentioned on Sportscene on Saturday night.

  23. It’s good to highlight what is going on in other games with the use/omission of VAR. Meanwhile Crawford Allan plays the nowhere man.

  24. Prestonpans bhoys on

    If any of our officials think that the introduction of VAR would help them get uefa/fifa gigs…..then think again.



    No Scottish officials in attendance this international week, I wonder why 🤔

  25. Tom McLaughlin on




    Agree re David Turnbull. A great player to have as backup in the squad. Some supporters think if a player isn’t playing every week he should be hunted.



    Hatate went off with an early injury. Turnbull stepped into the breach and played very well. He assisted in two of our goals.



    Also, you never hear him complain about lack of starts and I know for a fact he and his family are eternally grateful to the club for waiting a year for him after he failed his first medical.

  26. Happy Birthday serial podium Maestro Aipple.



    Ange will be working this exceptional Celtic team so hard tactically wise over this International Break.You just know it.👍

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