Killie, United, the SFA will relegate a team this season


Celtic won the match, we were awarded a penalty and our opponents had a man sent off.  VAR spotted an incident missed by the referee, fans and (it seems) all of the players, including the one fouled, to correctly call a penalty to Hibs.  VAR also correctly informed the referee his decision to award Celtic a second penalty and book David Marshall was wrong.

No complaints then.  But take a look at the other Premiership games on Saturday and it is difficult to argue that the standard of refereeing and VAR is not at the required level.

A win would have put Kilmarnock three points clear of the play-off spot.  They were denied this as the ref and VAR failed to notice St Johnstone defender, Andrew Considine, fully extending his arm above his head and punching the ball inside his own 6-yard box.  The ref was not even asked to look at it.

Dundee United are bottom.  A win would have taken them level on points with Ross County.  They were leading until the 73rd minute when Curtis Main took an unprovoked flop inside the box.  That the referee thought it a penalty is concerning enough, but the VAR agreeing makes a mockery of the sport.

Fir Park was again the scene of a remarkable off-side decision, this time a goal was given.  Lines were drawn by VAR before the moment the ball was released; Newco were allowed the goal that put them in the lead.  Lines draw at the moment of release show the striker a yard of daylight ahead of the last defender.  Todd Cantwell is one to watch.  His side were two goals ahead when he fell to the ground clutching his face.  His face, dear readers, was untouched.  VAR declined to advise the referee to take another look.

What’s it to us?  We are top of the league and aspiring to win everything this season.  But if you support Dundee United or Kilmarnock, Saturday’s mistakes could see you relegated.  Refereeing like this causes distress, mistrust and is simply not good enough.

If only Kyogo would score a goal the SFA head of refereeing, Crawford Allan, thought was offside, he might be gracious enough to comment publicly on the failures of his organisation.

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  1. bigrailroadblues on

    And the huns think that the refs, media and SFA are all against them. Ffs no arguing with imbeciles.

  2. Brrb



    Wish they would fix that toilet door, still a nailed bit of wood



    Still one of my favourite Glasgow pubs

  3. Brrb



    Never! I loved the soup, pie/peas/chips and rice pudding for £1.50 back in the 80s.



    Top pub

  4. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Tom McL..,


    “Celtic could start by announcing that they will refuse to pay for var next season on the basis that it is not fit for purpose.”


    I disagree with the suggested statement, also disagree with your implied ‘not fit for purpose’, IMO it is fit for purpose but we are back to who makes the decisions, there is no longer a valid reason to have only local national officials review VAR.


    We are in exactly the same place as the “Dougie Dougie” episode and never moved on, making VAR decisions should be made by completely independent officials not connected with the national authority, especially in countries like Scotland where there is no requirement for officials to declare any allegiances. The level of communications can make that happen, Scottish refs can look at Danish, German, in fact any country in Europe without causing any or much delay, while we could be officiated by any ref association in Europe. That way the VAR officials would not be out of pocket as I suspect that would be one argument and a strong one to pull on the SFA’s innate greed motivations.

  5. can anybody find and repost the spreadsheet with rangers penalties on it, i cant find it.



  6. Kenny of the Celtic




    Kenny scores for Celtic reserves against Rangers in 1971. Check the size of the crowd for a reserve game. Lou Macari and Vic Davidson are the other two Celts and between the three of them they scored over 100 goals that season at reserve level.











    Replying to




    Inside eight days they won 7-1 and 4-1 at Ibrox in the LCF and league. They then rounded it off with a 6-1 win over a very strong Rangers team at Celtic Park in the second leg.



  7. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    From a finally sobered up Melbourne household.


    Time to reflect and deal with tasks put aside for a three day


    Paddy fest, oh ! ! ! ma heid.


    Good hard fought win for the bhoys, and like most on here


    thought Hibs tactics were a disgrace.


    The break comes at an opportune time for us, with a lot of


    niggling injuries to hopefully clear up.


    Then just watch us go..Oh..Oh.. Oh.


    H H. Mick

  8. as they have a weapon (Tavernier or Barasic)…



    All the Huns are weapons …😜😁😂

  9. Melbourne Mick on

    Reading back now.


    a big hearty Happy Birthday for AIPPLE. 🥃



    H H. Mick

  10. Happy Happy Aipple………Keep those podia ?….comin’.




    Re The Various Hunnned-up chicanery.



    Fix Fitba’ and Var……Empty Hampden.



    BTW – as an aside, embdy in Ireland if ye can catch RTE’s prog on Sebastian Barry – well worth a look. Fabulous.




  11. Thanks MM!



    Thanks also to everyone for the messages. Now pondering where to hang my new flag which my Loovul lover keeps insisting is a banner, not a flag. It’s blocking a cool new Celtic t-shirt.






  12. Bankiebhoy



    Would you have a time,date it was on?


    Rte docu on sebastian barry.


    Hope all good in Corcaigh




  13. AT



    RTE One this evening – 9.30 to 10.30 or thereabouts.


    He’s the missus favourite author.


    I’m about to start Secret Scripture….though herself has perhaps given the game away, so taken by the programme. A very ordinary human genius (sebastian, not the missus). :) The way he talks about his craft, so matter-of-fact….he’s without any “notions” as they would say here. His description of his relationship with his mum and the converse vis a vis his Da’ had the missus in tears. Powerful, moving strangely uplifting.



    All good here in The Rebel County – having just about dried out from a gargantuan Paddy’s weekend – Hope you are good Bhoy?




  14. Bankiebhoy



    Think ifs tomorrow before i get it here



    All good Celt,quiet paddys weekend for me,changed days lols.




  15. AIPPLE on 20TH MARCH 2023 11:02 PM


    Thanks MM!







    Thanks also to everyone for the messages. Now pondering where to hang my new flag which my Loovul lover keeps insisting is a banner, not a flag. It’s blocking a cool new Celtic t-shirt.


















    I had to look a few times because I thought it was a young ” PIERCE BROSNAN” in the Photo ?




    HH Mate.

  16. SCULLYBHOY on 20TH MARCH 2023 10:06 PM




    GREAT PICS yet again Mate.


    I dont know how you do it ?




  17. Good morning all from a dry at tge moment, damp underfoot and grey skied Garngad.



    Belated happy Birthday Aipple.



    D :)

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