Killie, United, the SFA will relegate a team this season


Celtic won the match, we were awarded a penalty and our opponents had a man sent off.  VAR spotted an incident missed by the referee, fans and (it seems) all of the players, including the one fouled, to correctly call a penalty to Hibs.  VAR also correctly informed the referee his decision to award Celtic a second penalty and book David Marshall was wrong.

No complaints then.  But take a look at the other Premiership games on Saturday and it is difficult to argue that the standard of refereeing and VAR is not at the required level.

A win would have put Kilmarnock three points clear of the play-off spot.  They were denied this as the ref and VAR failed to notice St Johnstone defender, Andrew Considine, fully extending his arm above his head and punching the ball inside his own 6-yard box.  The ref was not even asked to look at it.

Dundee United are bottom.  A win would have taken them level on points with Ross County.  They were leading until the 73rd minute when Curtis Main took an unprovoked flop inside the box.  That the referee thought it a penalty is concerning enough, but the VAR agreeing makes a mockery of the sport.

Fir Park was again the scene of a remarkable off-side decision, this time a goal was given.  Lines were drawn by VAR before the moment the ball was released; Newco were allowed the goal that put them in the lead.  Lines draw at the moment of release show the striker a yard of daylight ahead of the last defender.  Todd Cantwell is one to watch.  His side were two goals ahead when he fell to the ground clutching his face.  His face, dear readers, was untouched.  VAR declined to advise the referee to take another look.

What’s it to us?  We are top of the league and aspiring to win everything this season.  But if you support Dundee United or Kilmarnock, Saturday’s mistakes could see you relegated.  Refereeing like this causes distress, mistrust and is simply not good enough.

If only Kyogo would score a goal the SFA head of refereeing, Crawford Allan, thought was offside, he might be gracious enough to comment publicly on the failures of his organisation.

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  1. Tom McLaughlin on

    I will hold my hands up and say that up till Saturday I saw dodgy var decisions as sheer incompetence, while assuming that offsides will always be adjudged correctly due to the linear technology involved.



    Having watched Sportscene and observed the scandalous awarding of Sevco’s third goal, there is no doubt in my mind that blatant cheating and skullduggery were at work. An absolute disgrace and I believe it is now time for the clubs to pull the plug on var.



    Celtic could start by announcing that they will refuse to pay for var next season on the basis that it is not fit for purpose.

  2. Prestonpans bhoys on

    On the whole VAR issue, there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s the (.)(.) Reviewing it that is……..

  3. paulsthroughball88 on




    ” That the referee thought it a penalty is concerning enough, but the VAR agreeing makes a mockery of the sport.”




    Scoddish football officially recognizes a 10 year old club as having “won” 55 league titles.


    It’s about as much of a sport as professional wrestling. Entertainment a-plenty, sport,an empty. Hence the ease with which they cheat.

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Tom dipped at the line at 5:34 and beat my post by photo finish.



    Should read



    Tom @ 5:16pm








  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    BTW – I feel quite comfortable reconciling two apparently disparate themes



    “We’re not paranoid enough”






    “Poor other teams”



    Either by cultural stance or economic necessity one club is helped to the detriment of all others.



    When it comes to allocating that detriment to all others



    the biggest club ….



    .. as the biggest threat to the competitiveness of the second biggest club ….



    … gets the biggest slice.













    Ducking out of work early, don’t tell the boss. I’ll be wearing my new Celtic flag.









    The pursuit of drunkenness starts in 105 mins. Not that I am counting.


















    I’ll be back for the podiums as soon as your clocks go forward! It’s really messing with my mornings.









    My parents messaged me saying they are shopping in Glasgow today for Celtic t-shirts to being over in summer.









    Beers soon! Still mental we met up in Skye!









    Cheers mate! So glad we got to meet this year.









    I often get compliments in my Celtic track top. Can’t be another one like it here.

  7. There may be some additional tickets coming available to season ticket holders for the game on Apr 8th. If anyone has the opportunity to apply, even though you already have a ticket, I would be eternally grateful if you could on my behalf and I will figure a way to send the money so that you are not out of pocket.

  8. mncelt on 20th March 2023 5:50 pm



    There may be some additional tickets coming available to season ticket holders for the game on Apr 8th. If anyone has the opportunity to apply, even though you already have a ticket, I would be eternally grateful if you could on my behalf and I will figure a way to send the money so that you are not out of pocket.






    I, like everyone will on here, will try and get an extra ticket for yer Good self. It really is about being there @ the right time. Hopefully someone can get ye a ticket.



    The recents… 3-0,4-0 I know I know.



    There is nothing stopping us getting 10… goals in any given game.





    We missed a trick when Brendan was here.



    No Danger Ange’s team will take the foot aff the pedal.

  9. Mncelt



    St Stivs posted earlier that the ‘special’ ST guys now have a chance to buy a ticket for £49, whoops, £52 (force of habit!)



    Some of them may not take it up and release some for sale; or they might get one to pass on . A slim but actual chance you might get sorted

  10. bigrailroadblues on



    Am I posting to your Mum’s or otherwise. Can deliver to your Mum’s when I’m in darkest hunshire. Thanks again M and see you in Dub.

  11. BRRB


    I was just thinking about that! I’ll email you my Irish address, outside chance I won’t make it to mam’s on the morning of the game.



    PS us Glasgow blow ins rule Ayrshire.

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Crawford Allan will only appear from under his rock / lodge/19th hole,when a VAR decision goes against the huns……so very little chance of him appearing anytime soon….

  13. Prestonpans bhoys on

    I take it these £52 tickets are in 120 (hun bit) and the part of 119 which would be the partition between our ST’s and the hun bit.



    I know we charge the huns £52 but this is our own bhoys in those vacated seat. So why are they so expensive?

  14. !!BADA BING!! on 20TH MARCH 2023 6:42 PM


    I wonder if we will get other posts,re the £52 tickets….?



    Yes, we will. Not until around the witching hour though.

  15. BBC Scotland has just said VAR is not going to go away and that the clubs voted for and pay for it. Why can’t the clubs now vote to get rid of it and refuse to pay for it. SFA claim VAR gets 98% of calls correct. I very very much doubt that, especially as they claim that is an improvement on the 91% that was the norm before VAR’s introduction.



    Surely we are not the only team being cheated?

  16. I always say…. Pray for yer Leaders.



    CA isnae Good at All.



    frae what I can gather.



    CELTIC is Magiical.



    They are throwing Everything against us.



    It is isnae our fault….. they are a Basket case.



    Hopefully MNCelt gets the Ticket.

  17. paulsthroughball88 on

    Before anyone complains about the price of 52 pound tickets, please bear in mind that the price covers not only admission to the stadium but also a rabbit hole.

  18. They cheated us before Var, they cheated us with Var, if we get rid of Var they will just go back to cheating us anyway,



    I think at least the VAR decisions are getting more publicity, they are like Dracula they hate the light & the publicity,



    I don’t know the stats for recent years but I suspect the key indicators Penalties for & against, Red Cards for and against are stacked in their favour year after year.



    If those figures are as stark as I think they are, then get Paddy Power to quote the odds in a fair League of one Club of something like this happening,



    Publicity & constantly highlighting the stats are the only way to make progress.

  19. Prestonpans



    Those ST are discounted at that rate so if they don’t go, they have a cheap ST

  20. With or without VAR , Govan Sevco dont concede penalties in the league .


    That is a fact


    Last penalty against was away at Aberdeen, a year past on January .


    Remarkably, they were on a 44 game run without conceding upto that penalty.


    Even my bookie is getting para now .


    9/4 for tavpen to score anytime is very short odds for defender


    Its fast becoming a popular bet for many

  21. bigrailroadblues on





    Who you two anyways?🤔


    Bad enough with one of ye. 🤣

  22. Corkbhoy



    Celtic play a possession game; same under Deila, Rodgers and Postecoglou



    Produces less penalties and free kicks around the box



    Newco Rangers have played more direct under Gerrard and Beale and look for frees and penalties as they have a weapon (Tavernier or Barasic)



    The stats are not as bad under Van Bronkhorst who seemed to rein in the diving



    Not all down to refs i think



    O’Neill played direct for frees and penalties and got them



    I’m unconvinced that it is all down to refs; a chunk of it is of course

  23. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Corkcelt-i get what you’re saying, but from Day 1,the blatant cheating has been in your face,they are totally shameless, and front it up,it’s all there in plain sight.

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