Killie, United, the SFA will relegate a team this season


Celtic won the match, we were awarded a penalty and our opponents had a man sent off.  VAR spotted an incident missed by the referee, fans and (it seems) all of the players, including the one fouled, to correctly call a penalty to Hibs.  VAR also correctly informed the referee his decision to award Celtic a second penalty and book David Marshall was wrong.

No complaints then.  But take a look at the other Premiership games on Saturday and it is difficult to argue that the standard of refereeing and VAR is not at the required level.

A win would have put Kilmarnock three points clear of the play-off spot.  They were denied this as the ref and VAR failed to notice St Johnstone defender, Andrew Considine, fully extending his arm above his head and punching the ball inside his own 6-yard box.  The ref was not even asked to look at it.

Dundee United are bottom.  A win would have taken them level on points with Ross County.  They were leading until the 73rd minute when Curtis Main took an unprovoked flop inside the box.  That the referee thought it a penalty is concerning enough, but the VAR agreeing makes a mockery of the sport.

Fir Park was again the scene of a remarkable off-side decision, this time a goal was given.  Lines were drawn by VAR before the moment the ball was released; Newco were allowed the goal that put them in the lead.  Lines draw at the moment of release show the striker a yard of daylight ahead of the last defender.  Todd Cantwell is one to watch.  His side were two goals ahead when he fell to the ground clutching his face.  His face, dear readers, was untouched.  VAR declined to advise the referee to take another look.

What’s it to us?  We are top of the league and aspiring to win everything this season.  But if you support Dundee United or Kilmarnock, Saturday’s mistakes could see you relegated.  Refereeing like this causes distress, mistrust and is simply not good enough.

If only Kyogo would score a goal the SFA head of refereeing, Crawford Allan, thought was offside, he might be gracious enough to comment publicly on the failures of his organisation.

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  1. Sorry AIPPLE, wasn’t on much yesterday, so Happy Belated Birthday. Hope you had a Fandabydozy Day! por cierto

  2. Thankfully all will be well with VAR. According to the Constant Gardener what would fix the VAR decision making and controversy is former footballers who would oversee its operation.


    Is this the same former footballers when co commentating or giving their ‘expert opinion’ on incidents during games don’t know the rules? Genius!



    And the huns think that the refs, media and SFA are all against them. Ffs no arguing with imbeciles.



    BRRB, reading back this morning and picked up your comment. My reaction to that is ….. “Naw they don’t. ” It’s a distraction, an attempt to deflect from any truths being revealed, because they know full well those august bodies are stuffed full of their supporters and former players. But, your second comment is 100% true! Reminds me of the old adage about never wrestling with pigs; they’ll enjoy it and pull you down to their level.



    Have a happy tour today, wherever you end up.



    Ave Ave




    Great music choice last night!



    My kinda songs!!



    Hope you are good Pal!

  5. Belmontbrian/Philbhoy



    Woman by Anti Nowhere League is a trillion times better than Lennon’s. IMO of course😎

  6. AN TEARMANN on 21ST MARCH 2023 8:09 AM








    God bless and support Tom Boyd today as he lays his dad to rest 🙏











    I am very sad to read that Tommy Snr has passed away.


    I had the pleasure of being in his company at Celtic Park at a Champions League game against Villareal in late 2008 ( I think ?)



    I had won a Competition and VODAPHONE had sent me FOUR FREE Tickets for the Lower North Stand for the game, so I able to ask THREE old friends to join me that evening. i invited a couple of friends who couldnt get to Celtic Park too often in those days, ESPECIALLY as a FREE MEAL ( EAT as much as you like ) and FREE DRINK was part of my Prize, before, during and after the game.


    One of my oild friends was/is the Brother of Tommy SNR.



    My old friend ( unknown to me), had TOLD his Brother Tommy SNR in advance of my prize and our night out.



    All Four of us got into the Lift and as the Lift Doors opened on the restaurant floor..there stood waiting for us was TOMMY BOYD Snr, TOMMY BOYD Capt…and his wee SON….TOMMY Jnr.



    As we stepped out of the Lift, my old friend said to me and my TWO other Pals….” There you go Bhoys…..THREE GENERATIONS of BOYDs waiting to welcome us ” !



    TOMMY BOYD Capt…was in fact on ” HOSPITALITY DUTY” that night, but he made sure that he spent as much time as possible with his DAD, UNCLE and his own wee Bhoy….PLUS the Myself and my other TWO GUESTS at our large round Table.



    The CHAT was FANTASTIC ALL Night.



    I MUST have had THREE PORTIONS of the LAMB CASSEROLE, as it was SUPERB…..and I can STILL taste that LAMB, 15 Years later….my mouth is watering as I type this !





    TOMMY BOYD Snr, you have now passed, but thank you for helping to make our evening so special with you and your familys company on that memorable evening. You were a TRUE Celtic Man, and an absolute GENTLEMAN.


    TOMMY SNR….You were are STAR on Earth….now you are a STAR in PARADISE.



    Celtic won 2 – 0 that night, and obviously we were all happy, however SHAUN MALONEY Scored the TWO Goals that night….and I had a BET on for ” MALONEY FIRST GOAL….and Celtic to win 3 -0.


    My mates knew about my Bet, but NONE of us knew the ODDS………It was the next morning in my local Bookies I was told that the Bet that I had on was in fact….150/1….but celtic only scored TWO Goals that night, so my Bet was beat….but I didnt really care, as we all had a GREAT Celtic Night out.


    I never did get to meet up with TOMMY Snr again after that evening, but we had several chats about Celtic on the Phone.



    He was a TRUE CELT….and such a lovely Man.



    TOMMY BOYD Snr….R.I.P.






  7. OOOPS….Sorry, but VODAPHONE did NOT send me any Tickets for the game………they ORGANISED some Gorgeous Vodaphone Female REPS to ” Meet and Greet” us at the Door, and welcome us Four into Celtic Park.



    I can STILL taste that LAMB CASSEROLE….Fantastic it was.





  8. Big Jimmy



    Thanks for your post on your experience of Tom Boyds dad, i can do nothing but echo it too.👍💚


    A fine man,humble and content who was great to chat too and noticed me being in awe of the late Steve Chalmers when he stopped to chat at our table to Tom wasnt hard to notice my starstruckedness(jaw open lol;-) but Tom snr involved me in the convo,lovely memories. That was thro at Murrayfield Bjimmy,legia game,was corp with a few ex cqnr’s.Like yourself,great night in great Celtic company,rip Mr Tom Boyd snr Rip 🙏



    Hail Hail



    Ps bigjimmy word in east end is they bookies have a few hitmen oot fur ye :-)) no happy wi last weeks dent in profits :-)))

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