Lagerbielke arrives not a minute too soon


Celtic’s summer spend continued yesterday with the arrival of 23-year-old Swedish central defender Gustaf Lagerbielke from Elfsborg for a reported £3m fee.  At 1.93m, Gustav is tall, 8cm taller than Cameron Carter-Vickers and Maik Nawrocki, only Christopher Jullien (1.96m) was taller in recent times.

Across the squad Celtic are a small team.  Purists who still marvel at that Barcelona side will tell you they were the best team ever and the shortest European champions of the 21st century, so height does not make a difference if you are good enough.  You will, though, remember that Celtic scored three goals against Barcelona in our 2012 Champions League games, two were from high crosses.  At the very least, we need tall central defenders, if not full backs and strikers.

When all are fit and games really matter, Maik and Gustaf will compete for a spot beside Cameron.  Normally, I would be reluctant to push a new arrival straight into a big game, but Sunday is worthy of consideration.  Cameron retired at halftime after straining a hamstring at Pittodrie, he is not out of contention for the trip to Kilmarnock.  He is, however, so critical to Celtic, if he misses the important games next month, it would be a huge blow to the club.

If this was a league game, I would have no hesitation in playing both new central defenders, it is early enough in the season to be able to take a risk.  Our League Cup is, however, on the line.   I dont’s subscribe to the ‘It’s only the League Cup’ view so cherished by losers.  If Celtic were knocked out of a cup tournament in August, it would give an unwelcome boost to everyone else in Scottish football.  Fragile managers would see their chance of survival by winning a few more games and collecting some silverware.  Brendan has a big decision to make.

Welcome to Celtic, Gustaf.  Your arrival is not a minute too soon.

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  1. Big Julien,



    tallest and widest player in some time,



    and yet some didnt rate him, slated him for not being tough enough, and claimed he had mysterious injuries and ignore him clattering off the post and taking serious damange for the cause.

  2. Prestonpans bhoys on

    From the DR


    “Celtic are set to tell Rangers and the SPFL there is NO CHANCE Gers fans will be allowed into Parkhead for the December derby clash.”



    My understanding is that Celtic have never taken this stance, last season or this. Looks more DR made up pish….

  3. Welsh and Big Mick a cert for Sunday IMO, Gus on the bench, the pace of Scottish football can be a shock to newbies

  4. How mant songs are there with Lager reference?



    1. Underworld – Born Slippy (trainspotting). “Lager, Lager, Lager . . .”


    2. Chumbawamba – tub humping “He drinks a Whiskey drink, he drinks a Vodka drink


    He drinks a Lager drink, he drinks a Cider drink . . .”


    3. Splodgenessabounds – Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps please . . .”

  5. ALMORE – I will do, thanks. I have a friend who is trying to source me a couple. Should know by the weekend.

  6. I wonder how much of a difference it makes to the players if there are no fans there? It must give the home team at least some advantage. Both grounds can generate astonishing levels of noise that can intimidate the away players – but an early away goal or two can also leave the atmosphere completely flat or even hostile to the home team.


    Would be good to hear what our players think. The ex-players all seem to be in favour of going back to the old allocations if 7-8000 tickets.

  7. Seen a few mentions of Parky earlier. BBC4 showed some of his classic interviews not so long ago, probably still on the iplayer. Classics such as Orson Welles and Peter Ustinov both great raconteurs. Jimmy Stewart another of his favourites, and great story teller, eg had the same horse in all of his Westerns. Would like to see his interview with Jimmy Cagney, if still on tape, can never be sure with the Beeb.


    RIP Michael Parkinson

  8. Just watched a few seconds of Sportscene. Considering the other candidates available for the Award, Neil McCann can feel a bit special in that I find him the most nauseating,repulsive,loathsome, conceited wee twat of all the Scottish pundits.

  9. Hot smoked


    Don’t wrap it up – what do you really think



    From earlier Biddulph is on the Cheshire border don’t you know

  10. GENE on 17TH AUGUST 2023 7:44 PM


    I refuse to reveal what I really think. You`ll just have to read between the lines.





    The one for the most nauseating, repulsive….

  11. hot smoked



    Thanks for that, great little clip of Jimmy there.


    Wee memoir on Beeb1 9pm, which Parky did a couple of years back

  12. Happy to support Hearts here (I just can’t hold them in the same contempt as the maxi-huns).



    Good goal from Shankland but at times they are looking so ordinary against (by all accounts), a pretty ordinary Rosenborg that is no reflection of their previous euro-record.



    At home they should be better (expect when we are there, of course).

  13. hot smoked



    The clip reminded me (though it ruins the joke) of a Cagney impersonation popular in Scotland back in the day…


    “You dirty rat, you killed ma kid brother”


    “He was only ninety four”

  14. Prestonpans bhoys on




    Got you now 👍



    As for Hertz, those of us living up here always enjoy them getting beat from anyone, apart from the obvious one, which rarely happens.

  15. bournesouprecipe on

    Still doing drink here



    Peter BEERdsley



    Daryl Murphy’s



    Joe MILLER



    Mark Vodka



    Derek Whyte Lightning

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