Lagerbielke arrives not a minute too soon


Celtic’s summer spend continued yesterday with the arrival of 23-year-old Swedish central defender Gustaf Lagerbielke from Elfsborg for a reported £3m fee.  At 1.93m, Gustav is tall, 8cm taller than Cameron Carter-Vickers and Maik Nawrocki, only Christopher Jullien (1.96m) was taller in recent times.

Across the squad Celtic are a small team.  Purists who still marvel at that Barcelona side will tell you they were the best team ever and the shortest European champions of the 21st century, so height does not make a difference if you are good enough.  You will, though, remember that Celtic scored three goals against Barcelona in our 2012 Champions League games, two were from high crosses.  At the very least, we need tall central defenders, if not full backs and strikers.

When all are fit and games really matter, Maik and Gustaf will compete for a spot beside Cameron.  Normally, I would be reluctant to push a new arrival straight into a big game, but Sunday is worthy of consideration.  Cameron retired at halftime after straining a hamstring at Pittodrie, he is not out of contention for the trip to Kilmarnock.  He is, however, so critical to Celtic, if he misses the important games next month, it would be a huge blow to the club.

If this was a league game, I would have no hesitation in playing both new central defenders, it is early enough in the season to be able to take a risk.  Our League Cup is, however, on the line.   I dont’s subscribe to the ‘It’s only the League Cup’ view so cherished by losers.  If Celtic were knocked out of a cup tournament in August, it would give an unwelcome boost to everyone else in Scottish football.  Fragile managers would see their chance of survival by winning a few more games and collecting some silverware.  Brendan has a big decision to make.

Welcome to Celtic, Gustaf.  Your arrival is not a minute too soon.

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  1. Ok well done Hearts going through


    They are a dirty angry team modelled on there boss.


    Devlin is the luckiest player alive tonight


    Should have been red carded for a shocking tackle first half


    Rosenborg were nearly as bad as Servette


    Good for the coefficient


    HH 🍀

  2. AURORABOREALIS79 on 17TH AUGUST 2023 3:00 PM




    “I see Jack Butlin is getting rave reviews for them”


    So did joey barton






    Good retort. Do i hope he’s as ineffective as Joey B? Sure I do but a bit of context from me: A football pal is a Palace fan. Says Butland is the read deal. Only unlucky to be at clubs w really great first choice keepers. Experienced ex-England international. 30 years old. Keen to be no1 – the kind of signing we’re surely hunting to replace Joe H.




    BTW; all the beer puns are lovely. Peroni the lonely…Duvel in disguise. 🤣




    “I beg your pardon, I never promised you a Hoegarden.”

  3. QUADROPHENIAN on 17TH AUGUST 2023 10:59 PM




    On that note:


    Crowded House


    I’m really close tonight, and it feels like I’m moving in cider!



    I’ll get my coat. 🧥




    As a big Jam fan, I’d also need to have:



    ‘Booze Of The World’ ;)

  5. Jack Butland broke and dislocated his (left I think) ankle early 2016 in a friendly against Germany. He did so by stopping a low hard driven shot from distance, with his ankle. Compounded (I know) the problem by briefly continuing playing. He had surgery and a relapse in September of that year. He has played relatively little football in the last few seasons and he will not be playing for England any time soon. Very difficult to fully recover from that kind of injury, and even more difficult to get through a full season though he may well do. Unlikely though.




    He’s had more clubs than Jack Nicklaus which makes it all the weirder so many sports science bods passed his fitness as good enough to get signed up repeatedly. Course, mibby his lack of durability was behind the number of moves he’s had. For every Butland, there’s a Craig Gordon (who no-one would touch with a bargepole until we did)

  7. quadrophenian



    Suppose it is all about stress. Probably not something easily measured.


    Funny thing though, when he got injured back in 2016, he was only playing because Joe Hart was out with a strain at the time. Be up against each other in a couple of weeks.

  8. aipple



    The Fulton County indictment is an incredible document, or series of. I do not think I have ever seen anything like it or close to it. Amazing too that it is in the public arena, got it off the CNN website on the day it was released, printed it out today, nearly 100 pages in total. Giuliani in the frame too. Not sure if omerta will work for him.




    It’s somewhat ironically huge or rather ‘bigly’ huge.



    We need this, people will no doubt fight on the streets but we need this.




    One of the times I have had a gun pulled on me (I know) was when I was caught out on my bike going around my hood here with a stencil I made over spraying ‘Trump InfoWars’ sidewalk graffiti with ‘Love Spreads’ with a wee heart cutout.



    It was a wee open carry fecker that was doing it as well. Thought he was in the Wild West.



    I introduced him to Glasgow justice. Got in a wee scuffle on the day Trump got in.



    The lady that approached me and told me she was carrying has a permanent Trump sign in her yard. took my photo and I made her take it again with my sign in front of me.



    If you are lurking dad, you have seen I am safe over here. Ha!

  11. Aipple



    Skill , top man but stay safe



    Love Spreads is a belter, hopefully Hendrix approved of the Roses homage

  12. AIPPLE


    “We need this, people will no doubt fight on the streets but we need this.”



    The concern has to be any jailing will catalyse more than ‘fight on the streets’…



    You have to wonder about something truly toxically tragic arising from some of his more zealous defenders.


    I really pray not.

  13. Shame a mass disarmament and lobotomy programme wouldn’t get thru Congress.


    Be safe in Loovul.




  14. Watched Derry tonight, great game, both teams having a go



    Derry reminded me of the women’s teams in the WC. Good shape, defend well , some skills on the wing but none of them have shooting technique.



    Makes me appreciate all the unheralded guys who could score regularly for us. Not easy



    McGarvey, Creaney, McCluskey, Commons, Griffith etc

  15. Aipple and all – on a plane to SC and reading back.



    I guess not surprisingly, I agree with your thoughts on the orange bawbag.



    I live in an area of TX where I don’t have to look at Trump signs but I couldn’t imagine doing what you did without bodily harm, because statistically they are living among us.



    There will be a price to pay but “lock him up” – most of the extreme loonies are already in jail after Jan 6, so maybe not too bad a reaction perhaps.



    Between kids getting older and naturalization we have 5 voters for 2024, it won’t be enough to turn Texas blue but I’d like to give them a scare.



    Btw I’m a centrist, I just don’t respect what 🍊did to the country.

  16. Good morning from an overcast North Staffs – off to North Wales for the weekend later.


    We’ll done to the Edinburgh clubs last night – good for the coefficient. We need our clubs to go as far as they can in European competitions ( except the newclub)

  17. Good happy Friday morning from another dry morning inbthe Garngad.



    A big game on Sunday on a carpet.



    3 – 1 to the leather belts.






    D :)

  18. paulsthroughball88 on




    Love Spreads is a belter, hopefully Hendrix approved of the Roses homage





    More than a nod to a certain Jimmy Page in there too. Guitar sliding note 2min 30″ in straight outta Whole Lotta Love.

  19. Grey and dry today here in Fife.



    Very interesting sporting 17 days ahead.



    By then we will know if we are still on for a treble and in the league cup Qtrs. Even more important this season due to the total trophy side issue.



    If Scotland has 5 teams / 4 teams / 3 teams in the group stages of Europe ? And which competitions are they in ?



    If we are the sole representative in the CL ?



    If we are 8 points / 6 points / 5 points / 3 points or even just level with the newco after just 4 games of the league campaign ?



    Finally we will be clear on the make up of our squad to deliver another dominant season domestically and (if we get a decent draw) some European good times too ?



    Oh and all the rugby World Cup legal mess will be sorted with the games about to start, US Open Tennis and Woman’s World Cup Final stuff are all lovely wee side dishes.

  20. To the tune of The Hollies, ‘Bus Stop’…







    Gustaf, game day, he plays, we hail:


    “Gustaf Lager Be-yelker”


    Gustaf defends, plays well, both ends


    “Gustaf Lager Be-yelker”



    All the season, we enjoyed him


    In wind and rain and shine


    In centre defence, we deploy him


    Cos Gustaf plays real fine !



  21. paulsthroughball88 on

    England looking to become the most successful Rugby Union World Cup nation at the end of this year’s tournament.



    It would be their second, but they’re going to add Australia’s two to give them a total haul of four, thus overtaking those pesky All Blacks and Springboks with three apiece.



    Unless. . . . . .

  22. I had the Correct Score with Hearts last night ( 3 – 1 ) at odds of 16/1. I got the ” single” but I also have it with the Engerlund wummins scoreline v The Aussies a couple of days ago at odds of 22/1.



    I got the HIbs scoreline WRONG last night, but no matter., can’t win them all.



    However, I am waiting on a Correct Score for Celtic on Sunday, and also a Correct Score for the Wummins World Cup Final on Sunday….EITHER Celtic or Engurlund…or BOTH Correct Scores on Sunday, will provide me with a RIGHT FEW Quid back ?


    So far…


    PSV v Strum Graz…Correct Score at 14/1.


    Engurlund Wummin v The Aussies…Correct Score at odds of 22/1.


    Hearts v Rosenburg….Correct score at odds of 16/1.



    Fingers crossed for CELTIC and the Engerlund Wummin games on Sunday.




  23. I have a good friend who is a died in the wool Wolves fan, and says he’d be gutted if Prodence left as he really rates the guy




  24. Surprised by Welsh. 24 this season, minimal appearances last season and our 4th pick at CH. Player in there but not enough to get near the top 2 we need for some impact in Europe.



    Thought he’d take the Italian route and improve as a first teamer.



    With Lawal gone on loan (my punt for 4th choice), I’d expect Scales to go to Aberdeen and Kobyashi back to Japan (sadly as a player in there but not for Scotland)…



    CH least of pur worries. Let’s get that GK, LB, LW and CAM upgrades in.




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