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  1. I just came back from a trip to Thailand and I was quickly surprised by the many Caucasians. I was then reminded that this is not the politically correct name for them.


    They would not like to be called Caucasians but Ladyboys instead

  2. never mind last night’s result we will have learned from the experience the players got and we will be the better for it next season , that’s if the players are still here also BR biggest mistake so far this season imo was to drop Hatate for Turnbull at the start of the season , reo has never settled since and wouldn’t be surprised if he moved on during the next transfer window.

  3. Good morning from a cold but sunny North Staffs.


    Well double disappointment for me last night with both Celtic and Vale losing. Vale has now gone 11 league games without a win. Something has to change.



    Any way had a quick read back –


    Mod 1888 – thought you were taking a break – may I suggest you take another – you get too involved.


    Surely if your not happy with a post – then delete it – and move on – you’re the arbiter of the rules.



    Pages 14/15 seem to have turned into mental hours 🙃




    A bit of retro moonhowliing

  5. Meanwhile……I thought Alistair Johnston looked much more like it last night,quicker and stronger, he’s not looked 100% to me since returning from injury

  6. We were pretty much coping with things last night , then at 80 mins we started hoping for a push on to try and get a winner (well I was 😕) then the not so mobile one does what goal scorers do and finishes us off . We need to find a way to get Kyogo firing again .



    Onwards to st Johnstone , the question is will the saints come out and play as we may be a bit jaded , or will it be 10 men behind the ball , and hope for a chance ?



    These questions — and many others — will be answered in the next episode of the Scottish premier league stop the tims winning ….



    Up the Hoops

  7. The usual comments when we lose a football match,we can moan till the cows come home ,but the truth of the matter we have been unlucky in this Champions League end off ,The league is our priority this season,starting up in Perth on Sunday,come the January transfer window for me the defence needs to be improved,some say another striker is required,I don’t think so ,we have one in Madea,also we have good players that play as wingers ,Abada ,Palma ,Yang ,Tillo ,we in time will come good,and Madea can play on the wing ,but for me the defence is the one that needs attended to ,

  8. BOGNORBHOY on 29TH NOVEMBER 2023 10:19 AM


    We need to find a way to get Kyogo firing again .



    yes a bit of a concern!

  9. We need to find a way to get Kyogo firing again .



    hot likely to happen until we get Hatate playing again.

  10. bournesouprecipe on

    Bluffers and £72M buffers,



    Played well did BR’s side, having predictably stuck with his preferred tactic, he did the same in his first spell, when he didn’t have the CL super heroes then either. That was us ‘playing to our strengths’ no point in lobbing in another striker, and no point either in trying to be a more defensive side overnight , we may have lost six oh wait . TNT at pains to diss Lazio , and the presenter’s ears were ringing with all sorts of damning new stats, about just how bad Celtic were.



    Two flawed wide outballers never got going till a spell in the second half when the third wide man took over with a trademark dribble, that ended familiarly. A lightweight top scorer, looking decidedly lightweight wasn’t supported, despite getting more space than he did on Saturday against lowly Motherwell, in the safety harness of the Premier League.



    The Celtic midfield three isn’t the best even when Hatate plays, support from marked absent ‘full backs’ isn’t enough, it’s just more graft and no craft. The type of player now required for the CL goes way beyond Odsonne Edouard’s record fee. BR has two windows to fix it, if he doesn’t he’ll get ‘emptied’ and he might or might not get back to the best league in the world, Ange might still be there with his new £49M wideman.



    That awkward Immobile moment was on the bench sitting on 200 hundred goals, the rest as they say, is now history, let’s hope the system holds out beyond the sieve.




  11. Perspective



    Champions of Holland Belgium Portugal Austria Switzerland Serbia all out already. Champions of Croatia Greece Sweden Norway Poland Czech didn’t even qualify.



    4 former winners already knocked out and 6 didn’t even qualify.



    The CL is the best club competition in the world. We do well to be there in the above context. We are a Pot 4 team in a transition season beset with injuries but have really been in with a chance of winning 3 of our games going into the final 10 minutes. We have been competitive despite these issues.



    We could still win our final game which on paper is our easiest one.



    Next year, if we make it, the lack of impact of seeding helps us. Playing a spread of pot 1 to 4 will give us better chance of success.

  12. onenightinlisbon on

    RC on 29TH NOVEMBER 2023 10:01 AM


    never mind last night’s result we will have learned from the experience the players got and we will be the better for it next season





    Not a hope in hell.



    This line is pushed at the end of every single European failure we have.



    It’s not about our players “learning anything”. The ones at our disposal are simply not good enough to compete at the highest level.



    Any “learning” that needs to be done is but our custodians and that is most certainly not on the agenda.



    Tune in this time next year if we win the league to another “we will learn from ” this after another European humiliation….

  13. We’ve certainly learned after each campaign that we’re short of a couple of quality players. Doing something about it is the difficult thing.



    We were a bit closer this year and certainly hadn’t any good luck.

  14. BURNLEY78 on 29TH NOVEMBER 2023 10:56 AM




    Brilliant post and has cheered me up a bit.








    Room adjacent to Paul VI Audience Hall


    Wednesday, 29 November 2023









    Dear friends,



    I am pleased to welcome you here to the Vatican, during your stay in Rome following your UEFA Champions League match with Lazio yesterday evening.



    While it is true that winning rather than losing a match is always preferred, it is not the most important aspect! More vital is the example you give when winning or losing, both on and off the field. An example that embodies the virtues of courage, perseverance, generosity and respect for the God-given dignity of others. Indeed, Celtic Football Club was founded in 1887 with the specific goal of alleviating poverty in the City of Glasgow. This was truly a charitable undertaking for the sake of the most needy of our brothers and sisters. Yet, how much the world of football has changed since then. In particular, the financial footprint of the “Beautiful Game” has greatly increased, and at times can risk making football only attractive for reasons of monetary profit.



    The valued legacy of your Club, then, places a heavy responsibility upon your shoulders, reminding you to be good role-models, especially for young people. The standards you are called to set concern not only your abilities as sportsmen and the classic qualities required to excel, but are also about your personal integrity. In this regard, men and women should see in you not just fine footballers but also people of kindness, big-hearted men who know how to be wise stewards of the many benefits you receive from your privileged positions within society.



    With these brief remarks, I pray that you will continue to remember and bear witness to everything that makes sport genuinely good and noble. May Almighty God bless each of you and your families. I wish you a safe journey home to Scotland, and ask you, please, to pray for me!






    Impromptu words of the Holy Father



    Good morning!



    Please excuse me; with this cold I can’t speak too much, but I am better than yesterday. Thank you for your visit. The father will say what I should have said to you.



    Reading of the greeting in English



    I will speak to you in Italian. I wanted to say one thing to you. In sport, the most beautiful thing is gratuitousness, that beauty of playing together. Please, never lose the amateur spirit! This is the beautiful thing: the amateur spirit, where sport is for sport. This means a great deal. Thank you for this. It doesn’t matter if we have won or if we have not won, it doesn’t matter. Everyone struggles to win, but victory is not the goal, that can be defeat: victory is the entire process of playing together, playing as a team. Maintain the amateur spirit. That is the most beautiful thing about sport. Thank you for this visit.



    Now, I would like to greet you one by one.



    The Pope greets the players



    And a final piece of advice. It has come to my attention that you have in your land a very important speciality, a special “milk”… A little is fine!






    Holy See Press Office Bulletin, 29 November 2023

  16. From BognorBhoy to Spikeys, it’s like the Melbourne Comedy Festival on here.



    Nice work bhoys !! 😂

  17. bournesouprecipe on

    “ It doesn’t matter if we have won or if we have not won, it doesn’t matter.“



    We don’t care if we win lose or draw?



    As ever CSC

  18. Another frustrating euro result. I actually thought Brendan set the team up well. We were always in the game as Lazio were bang average .It was so frustrating because we just did not have the quality to win. Sub standard players in the right set up. Could possibly have won had we our missing first starters. Then again. This result (and others in the CL) illustrate just how poor our summer transfer dealings were. This project philosophy is hamstringing us and leaving us with a bloated squad, many of who will never make it at the club. Brendan has alluded to needing quality in. It is imperative that in the January window we buy at least 3 quality first team starters. And in the summer rinse and repeat though the requirements will be different. I am so sick of failing against teams we should be putting away. In Brendan we trust. Not Lawell.




    I would not hold my breath for a big Jan window – the suits will (rightly) surmise we should have enough of a squad to win the SPL – why chew up lots of exey wages for a shoo-in campaign.? Summer may be different.


    There may be one or two winter warmers (to placate fan angst) but BR said more needed to out elsewhere.


    Siegrist, Kobayashi, Berni, Welshy, McCarthy, Kwon, Tilio – comprise a chunk of wages.


    Won;t generate much of a transfer ROI to my eyes.




  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good morning – for ten more minutes – CQN.



    I know Paul will be putting up a new article soon but. ….



    having just read back the posts from c.10:30pm last night ….



    IMHO, this gem from Carpe Diem deserves a repost






    CARPE DIEM 63 @ 1:20 AM



    In the morning I will be an unrepentant follower of our beloved team …as I will on every morn till the day I die 🍀

  21. Why is our manager coming out with this ?



    We need to add quality. That’s the glaring thing that stands out,” the Celtic manager said.



    Nice confidence builder for the weekend !



    This will all end in tears just a matter of when , I’m afraid.

  22. garygillespieshamstring on




    I understand that things were getting a bit heated last night but I feel the “kojo is deid” comment was out of order.



    While I disagreed with a lot of stuff he posted towards the end of his time on here, he also made a lot of good contributions when he posted.



    I had gleaned from here that he had been ill and had passed away, but no-one seemed to know for sure.


    He may well be still reading the site. I think you could have used a better way of making your point than using the death of a former contributor to the blog.

  23. onenightinlisbon on

    EKBHOY on 29TH NOVEMBER 2023 11:57 AM


    Why is our manager coming out with this ?


    We need to add quality. That’s the glaring thing that stands out,” the Celtic manager said.


    Nice confidence builder for the weekend !


    This will all end in tears just a matter of when , I’m afraid.




    Totally agree. He knows how to play the game. The “it’s not my fault” game begins….