Marketing and Branding Celtic Football Strategies for Online Casinos


PLENTY of online casinos today use different strategies to market their football sections. However, not all of them bring the same advantages. Keep reading to see how to market and brand Celtic football with top casino marketing strategies.

Research the Market

Before taking any step on your iGaming marketing journey, you need to know everything about the market you want to enter. It includes the target audience, possible profit sources, etc.

Let’s take casinos that accept eCheck, for example. If you want to create a casino marketing strategy for an eCheck casino, you first have to know which individuals you’ll be targeting. Are you searching for people from a specific region? Do you want to target users of other payment methods, or just those who prefer eCheck payments?

The same applies to marketing Celtic FC as part of your casino betting options. Start by choosing the geographic reach of the sport. Then, select an online gambling marketing research strategy (survey, studies, etc.) that would best find your target demographic. Once you have all the information, begin working on the bigger picture.

Devise a Content Strategy

When you know where you’re heading, Celtic football marketing for casinos becomes easier. And it starts with creating good content. An online casino should give all the information about their Celtic football services. You need to show what makes your operator better than the rest when it comes to betting on this sport.

Work on Partnerships and Sponsorships

Sports shops, clubs, cafés, etc., serve as great partners or sponsors. Since they already have the wanted target audience, presenting your Celtic FC section to bettors becomes 10 times easier. Plus, establishing a physical presence for your casino shows that you’re serious about the business.

Take Gaming Innovation Group, for instance. At the end of 2022, GiG partnered with News UK, so they could deliver sports content, including football, to readers of The Sun and listeners of talkSPORT.

Use Influencer Marketing

A good and effective gambling marketing strategy for football is using social media influencers. Many famous sportsbooks like BetKing have used influencers to promote their sites and reel in more bettors.

To tell players of a specific region about the football section in your casino, you can find an influencer based in the country. You also need to look for Celtic football enthusiasts who have a bigger follower number and employ their marketing services.

Use Email Marketing

It may be an old trick, but email promotions are a good strategy. If you’re targeting older generations, social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter might not be familiar to them. Besides, you may use the same list to further promote any casino events that may be of interest to Celtic football fans.

Promote Football Bonuses

One of the best online casino marketing strategies is to promote football bonuses that can be used to bet on a Celtic match. All bettors care for security and payment methods, but ultimately, what reels them in are the types of bonuses they get when they join the casino.

It would be even better if the football bonus is tied to a casino one. Or if players are able to use their already funded accounts in the casino sections of the site instead of only on a sportsbook.


Studies indicate that sports are growing as the target for online casino marketing. There are many strategies that you can use to boost your football section and target Celtic fans.

Using several interchangeably to push your brand into the spotlight is best. However, researching the market and devising a plan are the initial steps on which you can keep building your Celtic football gambling presence.


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