Never change, Dave.


You can tell when a crisis is brewing at Ibrox, the emergence of a spontaneous statement is a sure giveaway.  Far from apologising for using club funds in an ultimately pointless legal defence of Sports Direct’s enforcement of a contract signed last year, chairman, Dave King, reacted to the reality that Newco will complete at least four years of his tenure trophy-less by threatening Sports Direct with further legal action.

This time the action is over a lack of accounting information on the performance of that merchandising contract from a year ago.  It is almost certain that Sports Direct are obliged to provide a sales reports and some form of audit, this would be the basis of any sales-linked bonus payments.

Dave’s court action is likely to be the most expensively purchased accounting report in history.  All this gunboat diplomacy may seem wasteful but some clubs cannot exist without a bogeyman.

Celtic are now in the League Cup Final.  Those inside the club will realise there is a lot of work to do to complete the first leg of the treble treble, but the majority who traipsed out of Hampden on Sunday will consider the matter a forgone conclusion.  They saw a green and white future; the very real prospect of another treble while the chairman with the reverse Midas Touch controls Ibrox.

Fergus McCann built a new stadium and had league trophy in a cabinet in the boardroom when he left Celtic five years after taking control.  This character will be at Ibrox four years come March and the greatest achievement in his tenure was a semi-final penalty kick competition win.

Never change, Dave.

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  1. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    From previous article:






    Indisputable facts? That’s quite a high bar you are setting in order to criticise Pedro. Too high in my opinion, as a lot of opinions will be drawn from the readily available (but incomplete) information.



    Link to Celtic’s annual report 2018 on the website-



    A point of note is that Pedro received £2,573,729 (inclusive of remuneration and bonuses). That’s a healthy 2.5% of our turnover paid to our CEO.

  2. THC … @ 12.06



    Always surprised at the number of cap doffers that we have in the support.


    People who give PL the benefit of the doubt no matter the carnage his low rent bean counting ways is inflicting on the club.



    My point — He has been in the job too long and he has been a failure far too often.


    Your point — He is costing us a fortune well beyond the norms of football.



    Anyway he has to go.

  3. AN-A-TIC on 30TH OCTOBER 2018 12:02 PM


    50 SHADES@11-56



    I have stated on here many times that i think at the highest levels Guardiola’s system is to easy to counter.



    6 seasons of domestic dominance and European failure suggest such.



    But yesterday they were against a good defensive team and had they taken their chances would have won by more.



    They have scored plenty this season which is why they sit top on goal difference.



    No team wins every game by scoring a multitude of goals.




    Look at our 1-0 hammering of the huns earlier in the season as an example.

  4. P67 syas ” but the majority who traipsed out of Hampden on Sunday will consider the matter a forgone conclusion.”



    Hell mend those who are of that mindset. If we want to do something then we have to work hard and spill blood to get it. Nothing will be handed over without a fight.



    Far better Celtic teams than this have come a cropper in League Cup Finals against lesser teams than the current Aberdeen.



    Be warned, there are no such things as forgone conclusions in football.



    Peter Lawells remuneration seems far to high based on size of turnover and performance.


    I think contrary to many on here he is holding us back.

  6. san luis et al



    Sometimes it is better to read Paul’s article before commenting.


    This might be one of them!

  7. Brendan’s record in domestic cup games :



    Played 21



    Won 21



    Goals scored 67



    Goals conceded 7






    HH. ?

  8. SL @ 12.27



    We are in the SLCF — the result is in our own hands.


    Consequently something to look forward to.



    If we turn up it will need a very good Sheep performance to beat us.


    They looked terrible at times on Sunday especially in the second half.



    However their defence held it together and they have a bit of quality up front if NMcG / GMcK-S play to the max. Game on especially as we can improve over the next few weeks.



    Much better to be playing them than the Tribute Act.


    All we need is the Pampers Brigade to leave the flares at home a mug up on a new songbook.



    The Slosh needs to be binned in any of its formats — retro republicanism is not where it is at or we need to be. It is self indulgent, look at me, wee boys on tour tripe.



    Beyond irony that some in the support glorify physical force nationalism / amateur militarism while decrying a national event based on general sacrifice at a global scale.

  9. Carnage / Current — In the dressing room / on the field.


    Carnage / Historical — Emergency rights issue / AMcG pushed out the door / LL Upper emptied.

  10. The issue with the domestic cup record being put forward is that it will invite someone in the Media Ludge posse to knock up a slide focusing on BR’s record in Europe.



    Will not make very good reading.

  11. Not a great fan of boardrooms etc i much prefer a good team on the park therefore could anyone put up a rating of Peter lawells predecessors, McCloud, Cassidy, McDonald & there achievements or non as the case may be & how they faired in the role

  12. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Fear not, Paul – I don’t think there’s ANY chance of Dave changing. And why would he, when he is so popular?


    Don’t forget though that they did win the Petrofac Training Cup.


    Dave must stay!

  13. MM – The Sheep are always more competitive against us than the zombie club are.



    I believe that our players would have preferred to face the new club in the final.



    HH. ?

  14. 16R @ 12.53



    You know more than me.



    If the game had been against the tribute act then the media would have turned the dial up to 11 to make them seem more important and relevant than they really are.



    Plus National Bigotry Week is not a great advert for the country.

  15. DR website, has a story on James Maclean issuing a statement about not wearing a poppy for Stoke City, the picture has him at CP with a young fan with a Celtic strip on ……

  16. MM – Well Callum McGregor at least expressed his disappointment that the zombie club didn’t make it to the final.



    MAH – Liked Allan Mcdonald the best, however Barnes was an unmitigated disaster as we all know.



    HH. ?

  17. 16R @ 12.53 Part 2



    Never forgive, never forget …


    1970 is still too raw without bringing 1990 into it.

  18. Go tell the Spartim on

    Wee Bobby



    do you mean the band, The Sisters of Mercy? i think they would win.



    interesting tweet on PL’s remuneration to date since he started. Does he give value for money would be a more prudent question.




    Well if the media dont mention it,you can always say,you did.


    Never let a day go by without saying something disparaging regards Celtic.


    Next up,PLs wages.Fill your boots.

  20. madmax



    if pl is holding celtic back then our coach will walk at seasons end.



    here we are having a good run of games then boom!!!on come the board bashers.

  21. Here they come.On an article on King,they cant wait to get started on PL.Could be a record number of posts on that.Its just what they do.


    But not from me.

  22. MM – The EC final lose to Feyenoord and the SC final defeat at the hands of the sheep?



    I don’t know what relevance those two games have to me stating that the sheep are tougher opponents than Sevco.



    HH. ?

  23. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ TURKEYBHOY on 30TH OCTOBER 2018 1:17 PM



    Censorship is the order of the day for you TB. Any discussion or critique of the plc or its employees will not be tolerated.

  24. 16R @ 1.27



    1970: SCF vs The Sheep with one of the finest displays of Ludge MIB shenanigans ever witnessed.


    We still owe them big time for that result plus it would annoy our establishment detractors no end.



    1990: The result was just very sore to take.

  25. THE HANDS……………………



    Some people post the same stuff all the time!



    I know from years of reading this site that MM does not love the board.



    Does he need to remind me every time he is on?

  26. I watched the second half again.


    Sometimes you just have to make sacrifices for the team. :-))


    I was struck by the immediate change of pace from the first half.


    We were much sharper in thought and action.


    Levein said that until the “soft” penalty we were getting frustrated and running out of ideas.


    To paraphrase.


    I’d suggest it was the opposite.


    We had threatened before the penalty and were more expansive as the half began.


    Levein’s remarks were surely to cover up the lack of adventure from his own side.


    Park The Bus tactics require an out alternative to relieve the pressure.


    Hearts had none.


    One or two of their central defenders probably woke up Monday feeling like an “Aunt Sally” after the punishment they took particularly late in the game when they were well off our pace and stamina.


    Maybe they had a tiring trip overseas mid week?


    How did we manage to lose to them earlier in the season?


    I’m sure Saturday at Celtic Park will see us reverse the August outcome.

  27. Paul67



    Sevco statements often coincide with juxtaposed defeats on the field.



    The man with no shame should be congratulated by the good guys for still


    being around, he’s been in more courts than Andy Murray.



    Deflection all about the orange strips, reverse Midas touch is right enough


    ‘they can’t even sell the jerseys’



    This stuff writes itself CSC.

  28. How much money has King spent on court cases?


    The legal eagles will be paying out bonuses this Christmas.



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