FENIAN BLOOD, the Pope in Rome, the illegal Famine Song, the Fascist Billy Boys, a morbid fascination for child abuse and 90 odd minutes of sheer uninterrupted bigotry from the Mount Florida end at Hampden on Sunday – none if this is mentioned in the latest Rangers Supporters Trust Statement issued last night.

Instead the focus is on Celtic’s so-called wrongs – the banner with the H word, the inflatable zombies and monkeys – all allegedly serving the purpose of de-humanising the poor, innocent Rangers support.

Yet even while composing this bigoted, blinkered piece of bile, the RST could not allow themselves to let go of Celtic’s coat-tails. Instead they cling on to the Old Firm tag – desperate for their poor-excuse-of-a football-club to actually mean something.

Well the bad news for the RST is that on Sunday Celtic got the Old Firm monkey off her back once and for all – and the Green Brigade have the inflatable monkeys to prove it!

Of course even these inflatable monkeys were used as an excuse by the RST to attack the Celtic support – the irony in BEARS complaining about MONKEYS is not lost on everyone.

The 50 odd arrests, the horrible bottling of a ten year old wee boy by a so-called Celtic supporter, the trouble in the streets and in the pubs and the domestic violence that this dreadful so-called Old Firm fixture causes all add up to too big a price to pay to watch football.

Celtic supporters placed their own Statement in the Sunday Herald newspaper a week before this mis-match at Hampden. This Statement was cleared by all relevant parties including the Sunday Herald’s legal team, CAP and Police Scotland. One wonders where the RST would get with their statements being subjected to such scrutiny.

In the Statement from Celtic Supporters, it was stated categorically that the supporters no longer wished to be associated with the Old Firm tag. These supporters were heartened by both Celtic manager Ronny Deila and club captain Scott Brown refusing to use the Old Firm tag put before them by the media. Indeed Scott brown corrected one journalist by calling it a Celtic Rangers game. Celtic as a club have also dropped the use of the Old Firm tag – and all you have to do to confirm this for yourself is look at the new issue of the Celtic View which has extensive coverage on the semi final.

So while the RST’s statement fall on deaf ears, the Celtic supporters statement seems to have had an effect – and reached a significantly bigger audience. The Celtic manager and club captain did not use the tag and Celtic themselves have now dropped the term – much to the satisfaction of the Celtic supporters who crowd funded the advertisement in the Sunday Herald.

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