On 25 May 1967 Inter were the most formidable team in history


Inter were an incredible side.  They were top of the Italian league and aiming for their fourth title win in five seasons.  The one time they lost was after a play-off.  The European Cup had become as much their domain as the Italian title.  Having won it in 1964 and 1965, they lost the previous season’s semi-final in controversial manner to Real Madrid after some debatable refereeing.  Reigning champions, Real, would suffer retribution, losing home and away to Inter in the ’67 quarter final. No team in European history had been so dominant.  Real won five European Cups in a row but could not combine that with the kind of domestic domination this Inter team enjoyed.

On the morning on 25 May 1967 they were truly the most formidable team in history.

The game has to be seen to be believed.   We won the European Cup, you know that, but HOW we won it is the most startling thing.  I was a teenager when the first ‘video recorded’ arrived in the house.  Soon thereafter a copy of The Celtic Story was purchased.  I knew the legend but nothing prepared me for the onslaught, I’d never seen a football team destroy opponents in this way.

A CQN’er kindly prepared the stats for us:

Total shots – Celtic 45, Inter 3
Shots on target – Celtic 16, Inter 3
Shots off target – Celtic 29 (3 against the woodwork), Inter 0
Possession – Celtic 64%, Inter 36%
Crosses into opponents box – Celtic 40, Inter 4
Corners – Celtic 10, Inter 0
Successful passes – Celtic 310, Inter 224
Misplaced passes – Celtic 49, Inter 79
Passbacks to goalkeeper – Celtic 7, Inter 20
Fouls Committed – Celtic 19, Inter 21
Offsides – Celtic 5, Inter 1

No prizes for guessing the top two passers, Bobby Murdoch (60) and Bertie Auld (51) but it surprised me that John Clark and Jim Craig came joint third with 43 each, considerably higher than Tommy Gemmell (27), next on the list.

Someone suggested to me that the European Champions tournament had been devalued by a team winning by ‘parking the bus’ in front of their own goal.  I disagree.  This is football, spoiling has always been part of the game and the Champions Final is not always pretty, which makes the special times all the more special.

Someone lifts that cup every year, but few have done so with such devastating style as the Lisbon Lions.

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  1. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

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  2. The Token Tim on 25 May, 2012 at 13:51 said:



    I believe ,we will win the big cup again,predict it will be before


    you post the final predictor results.



    Hail hail

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  4. hoops mccann on 25 May, 2012 at 13:43 said:



    Was too young for Lisbon (just) but made Seville. Also saw Steely Dan live!

  5. Gene's a Bhoys name on

    Good afternoon from a scorching North Staffordshire (3 words that don’t normally go together.


    On 25th May 1967 our TV was broke so we watched the game around the corner at my uncle’s – I can still remember ending up on the floor when we scored the winner – but in a way the 26th was just as good – going to work as an apprentice with Celtic scarf proudly worn – welcoming the team back at Parkhead – wonderful memories

  6. Its a pity law & morality cannot be more evenly matched- often what passes as legal is immoral & sometimes even vice versa…but then I might have been in jail long ago!

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Ignore Traynor,he trawls here and enjoys the notoriety .He also lurks for subjects to cover,better grammar and better English.

  8. Gene's a Bhoys name on



    The Vojvodina game still lives in the memory as one of the greatest nights at Parkhead – I was at the Celtic end that night and when Billy scored the winner the atmosphere was incredible – looking back it is probably that game that gave us the belief of going all the way.

  9. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

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  11. O.G.Rafferty on

    Breeny, 13:38


    He’s in Syria for a week but as interested and motivated as ever.


    Of course the more solid information he gets, the more he can do with it. I couldn’t help but think that the first 15 mins of Daly’s programme were like an extended version of one of Thomson’s first pieces and I think he, indirectly, played a part in getting it made in the first place

  12. Maybe in a couple of hundred years from now Aliens from some far flung planet will have to do an Earth citizen test ( like those far right “Britishness” tests you get now)…the technicolour vibrancy of Caesar lifting the big silver Cup in the Sunny Lisbon evening…will be one of the defining images of the 20th C…



    …turn a tap, flush the bog or put your glass of juice down on a table & that fecking rat b*****d dug next door starts…oor big quiet giant saunters across the fence & the hairy vermin starts snarling & spitting…oh for a high powered hose to blast it into oblivion…

  13. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Ok Lads i wish you all a cracking weekend.



    I can hear the beer garten whispering



    “Awe Naw … Awe Naw …… where are you ……. big cold stein waiting for you ….”



    Have a good one boys






    Standing up for Neil Lennon



    Hail Hail

  14. brogan traveno,that was brilliant. 1967 i remember well, was living in london at the time.great story,freddy laker and brazil.we were talking about that goal un the irish club last week,i will add to the story tonight.

  15. Gene’s a Bhoys name



    I was at the game too. It is up there with the Leeds game, 4-1 Scottish Cup Final, 10 Men against the Huns, Seville, Lisbon of course, and the 3-3 game against Kilmarnock this season past.

  16. Prince Albert_Kidd of Hamilton on

    scumbags and maggots, cheap lousy faggots



    to all huns everywhere……………….GIRFUY.




    We won the big cup and we brought it back………….




  17. Gene's a Bhoys name on

    Of course on 25th May 1967 we had an EBT






    Hail Hail


    kitalba on 25 May, 2012 at 12:32 said:


    Bobby I hope you are not down the pub but are paying attenion. Smells


    ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~





    I checked back to see if any other posters had come on with a “BOBBY” moniker-it’s very popular,naturally-but came up blank.



    So,assuming the above is for me,what have I missed?



    BTW,you were right-only you and my Mum can deduce from loadsamiles away that I’ve been in the pub!



    Oh,and anyone else that knows me,as they say on Popmaster…..

  19. Bobby it was in reference to somebody who has a habit of reproducing hun crap on here andwho reminds me of a very sleekit hun. You had a wee exchange recently with the person who reminds me of a very sleekit hun. I just wondered if you spotted the post today.

  20. O.G.



    Thanks, I don’t want my comment to be taken as a criticism at all, in fact I think we are all so appreciative of what he has done and I agree that we may not have had the Mark Daly revelation if it were not for A.T. I just feel that if you swop places with him (South of the Border) he could easily put it in the too hard basket. I guess he is also time resticted in terms of time available with all that he has to cover. I still strongly believe that we need him to keep the other mob honest (well within reason) and perhaps most of all the SPL and SFA. Thanks for your massive contribution to all the fun we have had over the past two or three months. Breeny





    So you plucked up the courage to venture into the dark side?






    I wonder about this guy,and I wonder about David Low.



    But if I was Leggatt,I would be out signing copies of his new book,THE KENNEDY KILL.



    His fans surely expect him to leave his bedsit for the deserved glare of the media spotlight,and so do I.



    i look forward to the new media-luvvie Leggatt,he will look lovely in his trademark white suit.



    He might even be able to afford a new,clean one,you never know……

  22. GLASGOW CELTIC 1966/1967


    I was fortunate to attend all the home games of that illustrious european campaign. Still have the original programmes.


    Also have a programme ( away tie ) Dukla v Celtic which was autographed by all the Celtic players, backroom staff and also Jock Stein….My pride & joy.


    It was given to me by Joe Beltrami ( celtic lawyer ) via my sister who worked in the courts at that time.


    Also have an original Inter v Celtic programme given to meet 28/05/67 by a dear departed friend..



    They will be read and mulled over again tonight


    A malt will be raised to the Lisbon Lions

  23. Ridiculous that a 19 year old league 2 keeper has gone to euros ahead of FF. Ridiculous

  24. Looking forward to this Sunday.



    Sunday, June 10


    Gdansk, Group C: Spain v Italy (1700)


    Poznan, Group C: Republic of Ireland v Croatia (1945)

  25. hoops mccann on

    richie, hooped dreams, tobago street



    good to meet you, enjoyed the trade-offs-you three must be as big fans as I am.



    Watched Lisbon on the telly, but still have vivid memories of that night.



    Went to Seville but had to watch it on the (big) telly there too. Funnily enough, neither me or the thousands of others in the park rioted that night when we couldn’t see the screen, due to the sun shining directly at it. Funny that.



    Seen SD couple of times. Don’t know if you’ve seen some of their stuff on youtube that didn’t make the albums-still worth a listen. You’ll get a link by starting off on any SD song and you’ll eventually get the link.



    Back out to enjoy the sun!

  26. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    I was also fortunate to attend all the home games of the 1966/67 European Cup campaign and have a programme from Lisbon although I couldn’t get there in person.




    My abiding memory apart from the Final itself, is of Caesar rising majestically to bullet home one of his trademark headers in the Vodjvodina game.