Our major events venue, Adidas backfire, KR nerves


Despite their mid-season status, KR Reykjavik should offer little genuine challenge to Celtic’s squad of Champions League experienced professionals.  Still, the nerves tingle a little seeing a new management team lead the squad out of Glasgow Airport this morning.

Hopefully we have six qualifying games ahead.  Where we sit right now, chances of qualification are high, but far from assured.  There is a lot of work ahead.

It will be fantastic to see Martin O’Neill back at Celtic Park to lead Ireland against Scotland in the nations’ Euro 2016 qualifier.  Seeing the traditional away side of the stadium covered in green, while Scotland fans occupy the bulk of the stadium, will provide an interesting photo opportunity.  Apart from the ‘doe a dear’ lot, it’s likely to be a wall-to wall Celtic fan event.  Good to see Roy Keane back too.  In the away dug-out.

Hosting Scotland-England a few days later will cement the stadium’s position as a major event venue after a year of unique opportunities.

One of Adidas’ World Cup sponsor properties was to name and present Player and Goalkeeper of the Tournament.  What could go wrong?  Dragging the Adidas-sponsored and clearly embarrassed Lionel Messi up the stairs to receive his award looked contrived.  Despite reaching the final and, at last, building a World Cup goals tally worthy of comment (5 across 3 tournaments), Leo wasn’t even Argentina’s best player.

These awards are subjective, so there are no right or wrong decisions, but this one brought Adidas derision.

Delighted for Germany. The demographics are moving against European football but the continental game has never been as strong.

Many thanks to everyone who bid on the auction or bought a raffle ticket for the signed canvasses last week.  The raffle raised £604 and was won by CQN legend, Kolnbhoy.  Funds from both canvasses are going to Glasgow the Caring City and The Cookie Jar Foundation.

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  1. thomthethim for Oscar OK


    17:02 on


    14 July, 2014





    You really have me flummoxed.



    Al I asked was that The Manager gets the time and space to develop his team and, especially his young players, without moans and groans from the stands and the blogs; no matter how justified any individual feels is his right to express his opinion.



    CQN is big on lists, maybe a list of comments on Celtic which meet your approval would be helpful



    We cant have free expression, no need for anything more to be said right enough

  2. Weeman67 –



    I am not aware of the nature of the repairs that were abandoned, but I suspect they were cosmetic non-essential repairs that revealed the presence of asbestos. I doubt if anyone is in danger or the stadium is going to fall down in the absence of such repairs. It just means the stadium continues to deteriorate as a football venue. In other words, a dump is not necessarily a danger to the patrons.



    GCC is responsible for issuing safety certificates and I don’t believe they would overlook safety issues just because of who it is.

  3. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I have heard we may be in for a wee surprise in tomorrows Celtic team there mayl be a place for big Efe but not a centre back but in right midfield to replace Broonie.I have no idea if it is true but will say it will be an interesting selection if it happens. H.H.

  4. My Dear Heb-Celt….



    Great Tae Meat-N’-Greet…




    Let’s See….Agin’ The Spurs…



    The Main Object Is Tae Gie The Players Tae Face The Iceman….



    A Few Minutes Of A Game…..



    And AVOID Injuries…..



    (Ah See That ——– Has Had Some Recurrence Of His Hip Problems )



    So There Will Be The Opportunity To Bring On Some Young Talent As Subs In The Second Hauf….



    John Herron + Paul McMullan..?




    Startin’ Line-Up : …





    ————-Cumbria Black Puddin’—-












    Oirish Streaky—McKellarWatt–TurkeyTwizzlets…









  5. Oldtim67


    Mine has.





    I am a big fan of Efe and much less so of kayal but I would rather keep the back four as it has so successfully been and play Beram in place of Scott Brown ( who is our most important player. Interesting to see who blooms in the absence of our captain).




  6. Warning:



    Do NOT Click on…



    “Judgement Deila”, ..On Fields of Green ( Weblog) 09.14….which is on Today’s






    This File is Loaded with VIRUSES..



    as Per..



    Miss Mabel…



    Believe Mabel.. she Knows the Biz.. kids..






  7. Jungle Jim.



    Are you in business class.I’m wanting to know if tickets for Business class and lounge pass has been sent out yet,I haven’t had mine yet.

  8. My Dear,dear,dear, Friend.. The Singinig Detective






    Great tae Greet ye.. as usual..



    Ah am A Wee bit..Na.. Check that..



    A Big Bit.. Chary of oor Upcoming encounter wi’ the Icemen.



    “Beware, Beware… fur there be Danger.”



    So sayeth..



    Alyss le Fey..



    Ah believe Alyss.. Fur..as Ye Know..



    Alyss,is Nevah Wrang!



    Nice chatting ,Palomine.. as evah






  9. oldtim67


    No, my normal seat is in 106. Don`t panic 0:-)


    Cheerio for now.




  10. Jungel Jim



    at 18.01



    Pal.. Ah canny agree wi that Claim o’ Yours



    Regarding, Mr. Broonie..



    Ye jis Writ..



    “Who (Broonie) is our Most IMPORTANT PLAYER.”



    Do you Really Believe that?



    Me.. Ah think the Opposite..



    We shall NOT MISS Mr. Broonie..



    Wan Wee Toatie Bit.



    He is the Guy..if ye recall.. who Wrecked oor chances..agin the Italians..






    Man.. Broonie ,is A DRAWBACK..in Europe.. in the S.P.L.. he is No Bad..



    But.. Agin Euro Competition.. He is a Menace tae our Hopes..



    Of.. Course All of the Above is Ma Own Opinion..






  11. Does anyone know what might be going on in the Glasgow area 08-15Sep.


    My Godson is bringing his fathers ashes home and not too many hotels available.


    Ryder Cup is 26-28Sep so don’t think that is the problem..?? TIA

  12. eddieinkirkmichael on




    15:22 on 14 July, 2014



    Safety of stadia in Glasgow is sadly self certified. The clubs carry out their own audit and basically tell the council everything is fine.



    I got a reply from GCC when I asked about the bit of roof that came off the Brooloan stand at a game last season, they said Sevco had assured them everything was fine. I was astonished that GCC didn’t even ask to see the contractors report, someone’s word was good enough.

  13. Tom McLaughlin



    Thanks, I will sleep well tonight in the knowledge that there are no Shennanigans going on down Govan way..??

  14. My Dear Kojo….



    It’s A Two Leg Tie….



    So….As Long As We Dinnae Dae An ‘Artmedia’



    Yon Karagandy-Away Wiz BRUTAL…..




    Ah’m A Bit Worried Aboot The Murrayfield Pitch…



    Especially As We Dinnae Hiv A Chance…



    Tae Play On It Beforehand…



    The Turf Is Conditioned And Optimized….



    For Playin’ The Gentleman’s Game…



    No Fitba…






    How Goes The ‘Great American Re-Set’..?



    Impeach The BUMMER….



    Viva Sara Palin…!



    Long live Chris Torey!

  15. As another tax bill drops through the door, that decision by the FTTT really sickens me. I’ve always been happy to contribute my “share” of the tax burden but it makes my blood boil to think I’m subsidising the public services enjoyed by multi millionaire footballers associated with an erstwhile sectarian establishment holding company.

  16. TSD I asked you a perfectly reasonable couple of questions in a courteous manner if you are unable to respond without writing gibberish just lie or feign ignorance – that should;nt be too hard for you. Hebcelt

  17. Old Tim nothing yey but I believe the tickets are enroute. We have hospitality in the Presidents/presidential lounge. See you there. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  18. oldtim67


    17:57 on


    14 July, 2014





    Has your ticket for the game at Murrayfield been sent to you yet?.

  19. eddieinkirkmichael



    Tom McLaughlin



    Being that you both seem knowlegible about stadia perhaps you can answer this. There has been a lot of debate on here about who actually owns the Bigot Dome.


    Over here in the States if you see a piece of property that you are interested in buying and you don’t know who owns it, you can go to the local taxation office and find out who is paying the Real Estate taxes due, which would most likely be the owner(s).


    Is there not a taxation/rates office in Glasgow or Scotland that one can go to to see who is paying the dues on the Dome…??

  20. Popped on to FF for a wee laugh



    They have just announced price charges for the coming season



    They are furious on FF, the followers on FF getting fleeced again……………………………

  21. South Of Tunis on

    World War One ?



    Those interested in the cluster^^^^ that led to the First World War might find this to be a interesting and informative read ———–



    The Sleepwalkers : How Europe Went To War in 1914 -Christopher Clark.

  22. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    John Collins saying on the evening news Efe trained yesterday and looked sharp and it was good to have him back.. So it is building up nicely for tomorrows game. H.H.

  23. Yep!



    Iki Talks Of The Old Folks Coming Back From The War…..



    Not Talking About The Horrors They Witnessed..



    And Suggests That ‘ They Don’t Want To Talk About The ‘Atrocities’ They Commited(?)….



    Aye….Like The Turkish Genocide Of The Armenian Population..?



    We Need NO Lessons In Morality…



    From THAT Quarter……



    The Enlightened Natives Of These Sceptred Isles…



    Are The FINEST To Have Walked On God’s Green Earth…..!!!!

  24. masty is neil lennon and both of us are supporting wee oscar on



    both miller and boyd are on circa 110k per annum, as is zaluska.

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